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You can't save everyone. Sam and Dean's reactions suggest that they have forgotten about Adam. is manny pangilinan related to kiko pangilinan. However, when Randy's loan shark offers to take Claire to compensate for the debt, Randy agrees, forcing the Winchesters and Castiel to step in and save her. Rufus/Chaka Khan 4 3 13 4 3 13 Credits Share. Nick explains that he used Donatello as a conduit to communicate with Lucifer in the Empty and intends to bring him back. In "Let the Good Times Roll" it is revealed in a conversation between Mary and alternate Bobby that Rowena and Charlie are "road-tripping it through the Southwest" together. In "Adventures in Babysitting", Dean gives Frank the numbers "45489" which Bobby writes on Sam's hand before he dies, and also asks him to research Dick Roman. When they question what Mick thinks about it, Toni reveals that Mick is dead, much to their obvious shock and grief as the Winchesters had genuinely liked Mick. Dean later kills the khan worm and avenges Rufus's death. However, the archangel Gabriel was able to effortlessly destroy him. Raul catches up to Tiana and confronts her, leading to Tiana stabbing out Raul's right eye with a high-heeled shoe. Rufus Turner In season 13's "Scoobynatural," Castiel returns to the Men of Letters bunker with fruit from the Tree of Life. Unlike most common lore and portrayals, werewolves do not change completely into a wolf-like appearance or a bipedal wolf-like appearance in this show. Now sharing control of his body with the archangel, Adam enjoys eating a variety of food for the first time in ten years and discusses with Michael, appearing as a duplicate of Adam himself, what they will both do now. In season 13's "The Big Empty," the Winchesters investigate a case with the Nephilim Jack of a man murdered by his dead wife. Kevin informs Sam that he does not blame him for his death, aware that it was really Gadreel and asks Sam and Dean to put aside their differences and start being brothers again before leaving. Knowing hunters would come, he turned Michael as a scapegoat. The Turner Family is a family of hunters who resided in Canaan, Vermont and Whitefish, Montana. He was created by Eve and spread vampirism afterwards. In season seven, the Leviathans, led by Roman, plan to turn humankind into a farmed, Leviathan food source. Claire helps Alex in killing Henry. However, the Winchesters, wannabe-hunter Ennis Ross, shapeshifter David Lassiter and his ex-girlfriend werewolf Violet Duval discover that the true culprit is an insane hunter and prevent the war. Yellow-eyed demons have yellow irises and possibly black pupils as well as white skleras. The Winchesters are shocked to see Kevin who tells them that they can trust Chuck and that whatever He has planned for them, He must believe they can do it. While they are in the house, a series of murders begin, apparently committed by the ghosts of the heiress and her long-dead husband. Rufus' facial hair, like the length of Sam's hair, is a prominent indicator of time passing; starting with a moustache that eventually gets longer and then sporting a goatee, all end up graying, before reverting to a small moustache in Bobby's memory of the past. Angels need a particular vessel called the "chosen" one or "true vessels" to be their host if they want to reach their full potential. Gladys Knight, AKA "Empress of the Soul," is a living legend. He also forms a wall between Sam's active consciousness and the debilitating memories of his time in Lucifer's cage. However, they are both quickly thrown off and Justin attacks Dean. Oh, man. In "The Spear," Arthur has found the hyperbolic pulse generator, but is forced to mail it to the Winchesters who are less than pleased as they need it immediately. Owing to their enhancements, they are stronger and faster than ever and immune to silver. Posing as a janitor, Richard killed Alex' math teacher and later capturing Jody Mills and Claire Novak upon ambushing him with Henry revealing his true colors to Alex while capturing her. Dagon continues her role as protector of Lucifer's child in "The British Invasion". Inspired by the encounter, Asa went on to become a hunter himself despite his mother's objections and became legendary in the hunting community. During the fight that followed, Hydeker began feeding on Sam, but Dean caught his attention and shot Hydeker in the head, killing him. In season 12's "Ladies Drink Free," Claire has become a full-time hunter, but lies to Jody that she is checking out colleges as she feels Jody is holding her back too much when they hunt together as Jody is somewhat overprotective. Demons are corrupted human souls that have endured many years of torture in Hell. He travels through different memories. Editor's Note: Recently, we've all been . In Carry On, after Dean dies and goes to Heaven, Bobby Singer tells him that Rufus lives about five miles away from Harvelle's Roadhouse with Aretha. Sam and Dean return to Truman High in the season 4 episode "After School Special" to hunt a vengeful spirit that's been terrorizing the school grounds by possessing students and making them do hideous things to bullies. The group determines that Wendy has been kidnapped by a serial abductor called the Butterfly and work together with FBI agent Terrance Clegg to try to solve the case. The trunk contains the leverage Luther used to force Barthamus to grant Luther invulnerability on his property and resurrect him after he was dragged to Hell. Music: Xmas Vocal: 8719262026490. They perceive Sam and Dean as amateurs, although the latter use the duo and their website to help them defeat the monster of the week. After Chester's spirit is destroyed, Donna visits the Johnson house with Doug and the Winchesters tell her that as she now has three cases under her belt, she is an official hunter to her great joy. In the car, he tells Toni that she must fly back to London, and that Mr. Ketch, whom he's already called, will take it from here. Having thought a string of recent murders was a human killer, Jody initially keeps Claire out of the case for that reason and then because Claire, who was in love with Kaia, is obsessed with revenge against her killer. After possessing Josie, Abaddon tells another demon she intends to use Josie to study the Men of Letters before she destroys them and then poses as Josie, successfully fooling Henry. Charlie paints a grim picture of the Apocalypse in the world she came from for Sam and something of a lack of faith in humanity as a result. Henry reveals to Sam and Dean their family's history with the Men of Letters, a family legacy going back centuries that the Winchesters had been unaware of as Henry hadn't been around to pass it on to John and the order had been wiped out by Abaddon. Rufus stated that the oldest rule in hunting is that you can't save everyone. He spends the next several episodes on the run from both Crowley and the Winchesters, but after his mother hires a witch to get the ingredients needed for the spell he used to kill the demons and escape, Crowley captures and tortures him to force him to translate the tablet. In a flashback, Dark Kaia is depicted treating Kaia's wound which had apparently caused her to pass out rather than die as was originally believed, before Dark Kaia abandoned her to cross to their world. For its help, Billie has promised to help the Shadow return to its slumber. He insists that he and the British Men of Letters wish to work with the Winchesters and he even gives them his number, but they don't trust him. In season 13's "The Bad Place," Kaia is sought out for help by the Nephilim Jack on the suggestion of Derek Swan as Jack needs a dreamwalker to open a rift to the Apocalypse World alternate reality and rescue Mary Winchester. It's always been you and me.Sam [sobbing]: Don't leave me. Kelly is given a traditional Hunter's funeral. I thought she'd have better taste. Being the author of the Supernatural series, he attends the first Supernatural convention Sam and Dean were tricked into attending. Sam and Dean kill Don, but Tracy reveals herself and successfully summons Samhain, breaking the seal. After the Fall of the Angels in 2013, Lily took advantage of the angels' weakened state to kill two of Ishim's garrison that had participated in murdering her family over the next few years. However, he felt that the Men of Letters should be more proactive, using their knowledge to fight evil instead of hiding it away and protecting it. Due to having poor social services case worker, the Turner brothers . His power seems to be intermediate between that of black-eyed demons and white-eyed demons. They are also, as series creator Eric Kripke deemed them, "erudite and sophisticated". Jimmy begs Castiel to use him as a vessel instead of Claire to spare her the life of being an angel's vessel. In season 13's "Wayward Sisters," Claire hunts a small werewolf pack who kidnapped a young girl. Dipper eventually returns to find Castiel and Lucifer arguing and Lucifer's stick gone. And it's a cover. Castiel later shares the story with the Winchesters in "Devil's Bargain." Raul, portrayed by Michael Antonakos, is a demon who leads a brothel in season 10 alongside Gerald and another demon to increase soul numbers following the war with Abaddon. While Charlie is successful, she finds out the truth about Dick Roman and the Leviathans from his files and later teams up with the Winchesters to erase the drive. Standing over Mick's body, Doctor Hess announces that the experiment with the American hunters is a failure and they are going to kill the Winchesters now. Sam quickly began an exorcism, but was flung away by Jael. whitesamurai313 10 yr. ago. However, as part of the deal, Cain had to kill Abel personally. Rufus tells Bobby that he'll see what he can learn and then leaves just before Sheriff Jody Mills shows up with an FBI agent, Agent Adams, who is looking for Rufus on suspicion of murder. Well, Cass helped. Lilith was able to shoot burning beams of light while Alastair could fight and defeat an angel. The black-eyed demons are often portrayed as mindless drones. I'll be there, every step. Rufus finds Bobby's body and decides to finish the sigil before it's too late for Bobby. The Alpha makes a deal with the Leviathans to share humanity among both species with the Leviathan substance that makes humans more docile making it easier for vampires to feed. Kelly Kline, portrayed by Courtney Ford, is the mother of Jack Kline. Kelly is persuaded by Dagon to accept her as her and her child's protector. And Then There Were None: Directed by Mike Rohl. Unlike most monster species, vampires can occasionally be cured and reverted to their original human state. In "Prophet and Loss," Nick escapes after brutally beating up a cop and returns to his old house where he encounters the ghost of his wife Sarah. Bobby and the Winchesters buried him in a Jewish cemetery. Jessica Lee Moore, portrayed by Adrianne Palicki, is Sam's girlfriend for two years as of the start of the series. Amelia Richardson, portrayed by Liane Balaban, is a veterinarian living in Kermit, Texas. As later revealed, Josie was already possessed by the Knight of Hell Abaddon at this point and Abaddon was using Josie to get close to the Men of Letters Elders. Noticing tension between Dean and Castiel, Rowena urges them to make amends, noting her own many regrets from life. Dean and Cain fought, but Cain proved more powerful and easily beat Dean, eventually getting the First Blade for himself. In "Dark Dynasty", Charlie is called in by Sam to work with Rowena on how to translate the Book of the Damned. Having escaped from Hell when God released all of the souls of Hell upon the world, Eileen seeks Sam and Dean's help in getting into Heaven, knowing that she will eventually go insane as a ghost. He then reveals to the Winchesters that he now intends to "cancel" their "show" and begins savagely beating them. Maurice later encounters wanna-be hunter Ennis Ross who shoots Maurice with silver bullets to no effect. Crowley manages to double-cross Abaddon and warn Dean of the trap, but he is unable to restrain her. He has also sent his own mother away so he can work in solitude, explaining to Dean that he can't enjoy the world he is trying to save until it is saved. In "Weekend at Bobby's", Rufus visited Bobby and informed him that he had the police on his tail and needed Bobby's help in disposing of the body of an Okami that he'd found in Billings, Montana. rufus and aretha supernaturalbclp assessment centre. Doctor Hess attempts to convince Sam that they still need each other as Lucifer has escaped and Crowley is dead. Benny saves Dean from another vampire and makes a deal with him: in exchange for Dean taking him with him, Benny will show him a portal out of Purgatory. After a fight, Christian, who is revealed to be possessed by a demon, gets up and injects him with dead man's blood, incapacitating him. Human After the death of Asmodeus, the Princes of Hell were extinguished. Sam is able to provide Mick with a ritual created by Bobby Singer to make more bullets for the Colt and Mick performs it moments before the Alpha Vampire breaks in and kills two hunters. During the episode "Ladies Drink Free," Claire Novak becomes the first ever cured werewolf and while the cure works, it is excruciatingly painful for her and appears to work over a protracted period of time. Sam offers the Alpha Vampire a deal where he can have the British if he will leave the Winchesters alone to resume the old way of hunting. With help from Patience, Dean kills the Wraith and avenges Missouri's death while also fulfilling her last wish to see her granddaughter protected. Finally believing in the supernatural, he agreed to help the Winchesters as they fought off the demon horde. In the pilot episode, six months after Sam's birth in 1983, Mary was awakened by sounds of him crying in his crib. Bobby comments that he thought that Aretha had better taste. He is described by Castiel as a "devout man" who agreed to become Castiel's vessel after hearing his voice and undergoing a series of tests of faith. Abaddon returns in the ninth season, her objectives to kill Crowley, become the Queen of Hell, and "turn all of humankind into her demon army. Nick is able to remember that Michael told Lucifer that he wanted to "do it right this time," but can't provide Sam with any more useful information than that on Michael's plans. Crowley became the King of Hell after the deaths of Lilith, Alastair and Azazel. In season 6's "Appointment in Samarra," Dean is offered the choice of saving Adam or Sam from Hell by Death and he chooses Sam though he does ask Death to save Adam too without success. He decides to take her to the sandbox portal to Heaven, where Kelly and her child will die instantly but their souls will ascend to Heaven. Billie continues this role until "Despair" when she is killed. Asa managed to exorcise the demon, but not before the demon brutally murdered the young girl he was possessing. In "Hunted", he kills Scott Carey- another of the 'special children'- and then tracks Sam down and tries to kill him, convinced that Sam and those like him are 'traitors' to humanity. They find the woman's bones in the crypt, but she attacks Bobby. He later sadistically kills a dog the Winchesters found. Both Jack and the Shadow survive, but after the being reforms, it is noticeably horrified and tells Jack that he made the usually silent Empty "loud," indicating that something has gone terribly wrong. While the Winchesters talk to victim Hayden Foster's mother, Mick disguises himself as a doctor and examines her wounds, discovering that she has been bitten. He smashes Sam's laptop, gives him a new one, and demands $5000 for it. After learning that Jody Mills has captured Mary, the Winchesters demand that Toni break the brainwashing and she finally admits to lying to them about being able to do it. Harrington is a minor demon appearing in season 13 that is loyal to Asmodeus. However, the demon turns out to have been hired by Anael along with two others to assassinate the Winchesters. Much to the demon's obvious annoyance, Rowena now holds receptions for newly condemned souls arriving in Hell and has forbidden further demon deals from being made, resolved that people will go to Hell only on their own merits. Twelve years later, Missouri returns in season 13's "Patience." Executive producer and series writer Adam Glass revealed on Twitter that Abaddon was inspired by Lauren Bacall, an actress whom he admires. She is evacuated by Sam and Dean while Gabriel fights Lucifer. Regular werewolves are bound to the full moon for their change. As Dean brings Jack, who is intended to be a bomb, to the bunker, Sam arrives, revealing that their plan will result in Billie, the current "death", to take Chuck's place.

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