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0000018105 00000 n Other signs of social phobia may include: speaking very quietly. Schedule a wide variety of activities and stay curious and don't judge yourself. Or a bread baking day. 7) USE CHURCH APPROVED RESOURCES! Here are the common stressors during quarantine. Making food sometimes feels like a chore, but it can be a way to experiment and feel a small sense of accomplishment, all while doing something fun. 3. Share with us what you're up to while staying at home and what has been helpful for you! Be self-compassionate. 9.2.2 Caring for Those in Need As followers of Jesus Christ, sisters have a responsibility to reach out in love to those in need. Individually and as a Relief Society, they seek ways to serve others in the ward and community. Feel free to get loose with the format -- stream of consciousness poetry, idea mapping and simply word vomiting are all fantastic options. *The inclusion of third-party organizations does not imply DoD endorsement. First, women of all ages would benefit from this before their first time in the temple. 0000029051 00000 n I am going to make another parallel here to Physical Therapy (because that is what I know). 0000030400 00000 n 9.2.1 Do not underestimate the benefits of simply relaxing. Ive always thought this would be a great way to keep young people connected with older people. ), weve been FaceTiming every morning at 9 a.m. and doing at-home exercises together. IH:@L8%-1@XUI? Theres a schedule of QuaranTHEMES including Bed Sheet Met Gala, Views From My Sunday Stroll Pics, Wig/Wacky Hair Wednesday, Quarantine Kitchen Baked Goods Photos, All Dressed Up With No Where to Go, and a bunch more. And for someone who has purposely chosen to make themselves worthy to enter (no matter what their past was) is absolutely what should be celebrated. 0000028041 00000 n 1) Sewing class/Quilting class for the purpose of serving the family, or others, in some way. Also, researchers concluded that public health officials should stress the altruistic choice of self-isolating to help reduce stress. 0000088596 00000 n Social distancing, on top of all the other ramifications of this global pandemic, feels really daunting but its important to stay connected and hopefully the best parts of social media will shine through and help connect us. Because of it, my girls and I arent missing out on our weekly movie nights. Read more:The best essential oil diffuser for 2020. This has helped me in my thought process in magnifying my new call as first counselor in relief society. Some of the laughter exercises are designed to mimic everyday activities. 11) Try some Networkingshare concerns with one another in the likelihood that someone out there has some answers, or knows someone who does. You may want to have a testimony meeting with your family too. And ALWAYS leave on a positive, inspiring, and motivating thought. Your Privacy Choices: Opt Out of Sale/Targeted Ads. They have great free archived ones of different levels of difficulty, if anyone else wants to give them a go. Maya Stucky, 21, college senior, would like to officially endorse both 'tiger king' and the netflix party extension, Id like to personally thank Netflix Party for being one of the greatest inventions since the wheel. Take the time to relax while social distancing. Each quarter for my church we have a meeting where we get together as a the women of the church (aka the Relief Society) and do an activity. Sorry, I cant. I believe that the most healing thing at the center of all of this psychological stress is to be connected to a sense of community and compassionfor each other and for ourselves. The Chrome extension adds a chat room to the screen, so we can talk shit and yell at the characters together, you know, like normal people do. Alexis Bennett, 31, Cosmopolitan shopping editor, is quite fun. I posted on my IG Stories about it, and asked for QuaranTHEME suggestions and OOTD picture. 0000030315 00000 n 0000043269 00000 n 6) Discuss and practice the principles in A Heart Like His. NOTE:It is inappropriate to discuss our personal lives in a Relief Society meeting. 0000027229 00000 n 11) Designate a day to do humanitarian projects; Certain hours in the daytime, certain hours in the evening to include everyone. 4) Encourage volunteering for online indexing. Promise. 10) VOLUNTEER your time (2-3 of you as partners) at your local Family History Center. Reviewed by Gary Drevitch. 3) Invite the Gospel Doctrine Teacher (or any scholar) to TEACH A RELIGION CLASS a continuation of the Sunday lesson, or other. These activities are meant for spiritual and temporal learning and to help build Prepare for quarantine. 4) Marriage Class Invite the Marriage Relations Teacher to head up some class activities that strengthen marriages. At first the laughter club began by telling jokes, but you can only tell so many jokes. 1) Start a Church Books Only BOOK CLUB. While it is important to stay informed, try to limit the time that you spend online or social media if you're finding it making you more, Anticipate that there will be a range in the levels of awareness and concern with your family and friends, and know that you may also sometimes encounter. Crocheting is nice because it's a simple, repetitive activity that you can easily get totally absorbed in. The various exercises involve deep breathing, stretching and laughter actions. 0000078771 00000 n 0000037469 00000 n Cute! We were asked to give ourselves a rating from 1-10 on how we are feeling today with 1 being crappy and 10 being awesome. Outdated Browser, Thrift Shop Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society (NMCRS), Marine Corps Reunion Toolkit and Resources, Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month: Inclusive Play Spaces Across Marine Corps Installations, Learning Sportsmanship and Team Spirit Through Sports. 16) Update visual aids for home or Ward Library. Remember, you can check anything out of the Ward Library for home use. Psychology Today suggests stepping away, and doing anythingbutwhatever was stressing you out until you feel a little better. This will allow both your body and your mind to reset and give you the fuel to get through your next set of challenges with a fresh perspective. friendships. Being able to enter the temple is the reward. I love this RS activity idea. 2) Arrange for groups to take trips to the Family History Library or Temple together. Ride your bike While staying at home is what is called for right now, if you need to go somewhere during quarantine, do it by bike if you can. 2) Host An Etiquette Dinner with the YW, include a modest dress fashion show. If you've decided to up your cooking game, you can easily grow fresh herbs inside of your home for a nice kick to your recipes. Like I said it was hard. Were starting with Jia Tolentinos Trick Mirror, a collection of essays weve been dying to read, and we plan on chatting about it every Wednesday at 7 p.m. Oh, and wine is required. Ruby Buddemeyer, 24, Cosmopolitan beauty editor, Websites like Brit + Co are offering some awesome free classes that are a super cute way to not only have a fun activity to do during virtual happy hours with friends but also pick up a new hobby. AwesomeOne theme by Flythemes, We are not affiliated with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, however, as members of the Church, we do align ourselves with its principles and ideals. This doesnt just have to be the Bishops responsibility. 9) If someone has a wheat grinder (and they dont mind sharing) have a wheat grinding day. Stress, Loneliness, Overcommitment, and Lawyer Suicide Risk, 3 Tips to Improve Student Mental Health, New Study Shows Mindfulness Helps Prevent Depression, The Biggest Lie You've Been Told About Stress Relief, The Psychological Risks of Cancer Screening, You Need These 3 Ingredients to Build Stress Resilience, Catching Stress: Your Social World Can Be a Source of Stress. 2021; Triandafyllidou 2020).As soon as the pandemic broke out, new border controls Second, temple endowments dont necessarily have to be associated with missions or marriage. 0000059016 00000 n It is important to get some fresh air, even during quarantine. 13) Look at your pedigree in a Fan Chart on Continue your good works in the name of Relief Society, which acts in the name of the Lord, Jesus Christ. 10) Ask your stake or ward leaders what service may be rendered to members: Form Service Groups, classes, consultations, support, etc.. 0000036105 00000 n 14) Why dont we hold a Retrenchment MeetingFirst Sunday of the month, or other, maybe when the Young Women join us for the entire meeting and plan together what we will do to emphasize Christs teachingsprojects, lessons, activities, events, goals, service, etc. The following month, report and add new. Just like they did back in the old days. Research found that participants who observed a lack of transparency or conflicting information led to more confusion and frustration. I was in charge of creating quotes about happiness which I had printed using Engineering prints from Staples. People who are quarantined due to exposure to someone who tested positive report a wide range of negative psychological effects including fear, confusion, nervousness, anger, grief, numbness, sadness, guilt, and difficulty sleeping due to anxiety. If you have the outdoor space, try growing vegetables, too. Psychology Today 2023 Sussex Publishers, LLC. The most important message that Martello had to share was to be compassionate -- and that includes having compassion for yourself and others. 15) Remember Pursuit of Excellence? Get a group together, or work on your own, to achieve this goal and create a great award when completed. Laughter Therapy Sounds a little silly right? Check on your elderly neighbors or those who might not have resources to get enough food, water, or supplies. 13) Start a Mommys Group (not a kids group). For those entrenched in the world of children, let the kids play while the mommies learn something new; take an online class together or just talk (Talking will be the easiest, but learning together will be the most satisfying). As one of the main pillars of our digital shift last April 1, 2020, as of December 2021, we've trained 500+ organizations across 15 countries in 4 It can be shared by appropriate others depending on each situation. Try this exercise: "If I didn't have to be perfect, I would try ____" and list 20 things without judging yourself. providing minimal detail in response to questions. I have seen first hand with the power of exercise. 7) Sports Night Spend an evening where everyone can learn the playing rules of their husbands favorite sport. 0000075345 00000 n Always consult a physician or other qualified health provider regarding any questions you may have about a medical condition or health objectives. 11) Discover what the song of redeeming love or the new song is, in the scriptures. Think conference calls, morning coffee, reading, etc. When you start writing, don't feel like you're in school anymore. Wonderful site. They can include non-members, singles, YW, young marrieds, the elderly, husbands, two people, or the entire ward. My family and I just started a 1,000-piece puzzle, and we instituted a rule that we can't talk about the virus or anything political while we're at the puzzle table. Better yet, hold a series of meetings along that one goal and shape the lives of the families, so their lives are impacted for good.Dinner and socializing can be added on the side, but the main feast should be something they can take home and chew on for a while. Required fields are marked *. When you forgive, you dont change the past, you change the future, Weekends are for chocolate If youve got melted chocolate all over your hands, youre eating it too slowly!. You can also do jigsaw puzzles online, though I'd recommend trying to find a physical one first -- it's always helpful in times like these to unplug for a little bit. COVID-19 Stress Relief Top 12 tips to relieve COVID-19 stress. Helps boost the mood in a time of tension and anxiety." These attitudes and states of mind rob us of laughter. 0000082977 00000 n But know that we are all in this together, and we must continue to do what we can to help each other when we can. 0000088984 00000 n Reading a book upside down. What a brilliant ideas I have just being called in stake president just want things to train sisters on love item gonna uply them. just read the ideas and was really impressed and am excited to use the ideas. These are typically held at the church and are a wonderful opportunity to visit, learn, share and gather together. Its very unclear why everyone hasnt bought anchovies yet! Jessica Goodman, 29, Cosmopolitan op-ed editor, My workout buddy and I miss taking our classes IRL. 3. Themed days were always the ones to look forward to at school and camp growing up, so my friends and I figured why not have a QuaranTHEME of the Day and include friends, family, and coworkers who are working/schooling from home, too! What a great activity for all sisters going the first time. For the activity we had table and chairs set up and we started the activity with a light dinner consisting of salad, pasta salad, fruit and rolls. 2) Finances Ask a Financial specialist to offer advice and guidance on various topics: budget, debt reduction, insurance, etc. At the end of the night it's hard to tear myself away from the table -- I've already entered that state of flow and don't want to leave. 5. For every letter of the alphabet we were to say three different statements using a word. I honestly wanted to try and participate as much as I can, but this one was tough. We are the female army of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. We invite you to visit the Church's official websites at, Relief Society Monument ParkThe Virtuous Woman. 4) TEACH A PIANO, AND CONDUCTING, CLASS. Allow students to use their new skills in Sunday Relief Society, Young Womens, or Primary. Even though you cant physically hang out with your friends rn, there are still fun things you can do together of the remote variety. Honestly I was a little skeptical when this idea was suggested in my relief society activities planning committee. I spoke to Tara Martello, a meditation and mindfulness coach, who told me about how trying to be uber-productive adds unnecessary pressure to an already tense situation, and how we can institute basic meditative practices into our quarantined lives instead. Welcome to Craft Her Way where I share helpful tips and inspiration on how to get crafty in your home. I was a little tired from my day of watching my two young boys who certainly can be a handful. They did not sit back and let worldly things take over their lives. Always find a way to include your YW and Primary sisters. Steve Wilson developed 6 daily practices as a way to combat these negative tendencies. I hope your families, friends, and loved ones all are safe and sound. 0000071295 00000 n I found myself looking to others to see what they thought of the activity. And great, marriage strengthening ideas can be shared. 12) In October, with the help of all the sisters, 1) Start a Church Books Only, 2) Form a group working their way through, 3) Invite the Gospel Doctrine Teacher (or any scholar) to, 6) Discuss and practice the principles in. Many of us are, have been, or will be experiencing some level of shock and distress from this unprecedented time. Electronics can get boring after a while and now is a good time to stretch your creative muscle. My friends and I are going to do the digital pet illustration class together and all draw our pets! Marguerite Courtemanche, 22, design associate at Deloitte. When I offer some of the ideas Ive come up with for this site, to those friends who seem to have no vision, some of the comments I get back are, Oh, that wouldnt work, Not enough sisters come, We like to keep things simple. It breaks my heart to hear the RS President wont go for anything like that, or worse, the bishop just wants us to socialize and befriend some of the new sisters. There is a vision in Relief Society that must take hold for sisters to realize we dont have to go it alone in our own homes; we have Relief Society to help us, train us, and inspire us to do better. 0000002589 00000 n On the table we used colorful plastic table cloths and for the centerpieces we used mason jars filled with skittles and licorice with a plastic ice cream scooper to help with scooping out the candy. Great information. Learn More, Relief Society Activity Idea: Finding Joy in Christ and in Life with Laughter Therapy, Baby Shower Gift Idea: DIY 12 Month Onesies, Printable Alphabet Handwriting Practice Sheets for Kids, Free Printable Alphabet Coloring Pages for Kids, Best Water Brush Pen for Watercolor Crafts, Artists Loft Watercolor Dual Tip Marker [Review & Guide], 5 Best Papers For Brush Pens [Buying Guide], Mondays are for compliments.- A kind word often goes unspoken, but never goes unheard., Tuesdays are for flexibility- A truly happy person is one who can enjoy the scenery on a detour., Wednesdays are for gratitude As you go through life, let this always be your goal: Keep your eye upon the donut, and not upon the hole!, Thursdays are for kindness Kindness is like magic. Researchers found the most common psychological symptoms related to quarantine included depression, stress, low mood, irritability, insomnia, anger, and emotional exhaustion. Now is probably not the time to finally tackle "Anna Karenina" or read anything about post-apocalyptic worlds, but it is a good time to pick up an uplifting book. 0000063991 00000 n We have a work to do, so make sure your Relief Societies are working toward the Glory of the Son of God. 12) Combine efforts to find sale items to build food and home storage; encourage teams, groups, or friends to shop together for the best deals and brainstorm the best ideas for organization and maintenance. 0000124264 00000 n For free online books, check out Google Books or Smashwords for work from independent authors and publishers. It can be held at a park, at the 1) Marriage Panel Ask long-marrieds to be on a panel where any question can be asked with an honest answer. You might have to come up with your own questions at first, but if you have this activity repeated at various times in the year, maybe focusing on various topics, with various couples on your panel, people may loosen up enough to ask really good questions. Many women enter the temple independent of these two events some are college students, some are single working women, some are new converts, some are coming back into activity. Crafting is in, especially during this time! Work with them. 4) Visit or Minister to someone outside of your regular assignment. We also laid starbursts around the table. Mental Health Month Quarantine Edition. 4) CREATE A LIST OF TALENT AND SKILLS in your ward and neighborhood; match them up with needs. Clothing brand Paradised made and donated hundreds of non 0000076254 00000 n Type your name only with your nose. 8) Invite a Master Gardener to offer tips on gardening. Many of us who are working from home can benefit from defining more routine as the reality of having to stay home for more than a few weeks settles in. Sam Feher, 22, Cosmopolitan editorial assistant, I signed up for a pen pal project called Friend of a Friend, where youre matched with a stranger who you then start trading emails with. People who spend their time learning new things past childhoodshow greater overall wellbeingand better abilities coping with stress, according to the National Health Service. Lucky me I discovered your blog by chance (stumbleupon). Physical exercise is really important, though this may be particularly hard in urban areas, but consider jump roping, a. Even kids of the same age have different interests, needs, Researchers found the most common psychological symptoms related to quarantine included depression, stress, low mood, irritability, insomnia, anger, and emotional exhaustion.

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