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As a firefighter first and foremost, you need to be in peak physical condition to handle the rigors of the job. You will have to pour many of your spare days into studying nursing so you can pass the NCLEX-RN exam. How about sharing what you are good at with those who are not from the comfort of your couch? Many firefighters are excellent writers and use their skills to write articles, blog posts, poetry, or even books. , but it depends on where you land a job and how good you are. You can either get hired as part of a real estate team or work as an independent real estate agent. Ideal if your firefighting schedule leaves your weekend nights open, bartending lets you meet interesting people and always be at the heart of the action in your city or town. Most of the jobs on the list do not require any formal or specific education or degrees. The internet is a vibrant hub of odd jobs (check out Amazon Mechanical Turk) that are ripe for the taking! Not enough! It can be anything, mathematics, reviewing books, geology, you name it. I once got $500 for a video of me putting on . Work as a social media consultant. These days, it seems like everybodys got a side hustle. Though most of these online jobs are not relevant to your job, you can still pursue them and make a full-time income from home without any experience. If so, then carpentry might be a field you want to look into doing outside of firefighting. There is a HUGE demand for contracting services right now and people will pay top dollar for quality and professional work. You can also reach out to businesses and entrepreneurs that you know and ask if they need any help with their administrative tasks. As a safety trainer, your job will be to identify any hazards at the workplace and educate employees on how to prevent or reduce the damage. Have you considered getting your CDL and driving commercial vehicles? But, what benefits does a second job give? Side gigs you can do from home include bookkeeping, digital marketing, teaching, writing, and editing. Few people want to paint their homes or businesses, but its a job that needs to be done. This is a great job if you want to put your stamp on the world! As a Paramedic, you will make an average of $46,303 per year, so even if you work part-time you would still earn quite a bit. Check Out: 35 Best Stay-at-Home Jobs for Dads. You can earn over $50,000 per year, which is a good amount for an off-duty job. Lucrative Side Hustles for Firefighters 2 min. Your blog doesnt necessarily need to be about firefighting, but rather, anything that youre passionate about and interested in. One of the ways to supplement EMT income is to take up side jobs. Perhaps youre useful with your own two hands and some tools. You can also try the jobs below and see if you get one that fits your interests and needs: You dont have to be a server/waiter in the bar if you are interested in exploring the hospitality industry. Key Takeaways. You can earn anywhere between $1,000 to $100,000 a month. Primary duties: A lifeguard is in charge of supervising swimmers in bodies of water like swimming pools, beaches and water parks. When you break down the time that you are required to be on duty, it typically works out to about 56 hours per week. If youre interested, check out these 3 free classes to see if you qualify to become one. If creating beautiful woodwork is in you, this is a profitable business you can dive into. Remember that most tow trucks travel for a long distance, so work out how your side job will not interfere with your shifts. Arson Investigation. First aid training is an essential aspect of fire fighting training because, at times, the paramedics may take time to arrive, putting the patients at more risk. As for touring homes, while your clients will request times to see a property, its ultimately up to you (and the homeowner) when you will show a property. You get to do what you enjoy doing and pocket an extra. If youre a youth referee, then you get to oversee the games, ensuring the kids play fairly while everyone still has a good time. Be it painting a neighbors fence, assembling their furniture, yard cleaning while theyre out of town, or even teaching them how to properly use a fire extinguisher. I actually do private training in people homes. When a fire breaks out in your home or office, all logic can very quickly go out the window, and rightfully so. Therefore they can take on an extra job without affecting their firefighting duties. Without further ado, here are some weekend side jobs that can be both easy and fun. 7. depending on how far you move their possessions and which other services you offer. Do you sometimes wish you could mow the neighbors lawn as well? There is a HUGE exotic plant community out there, surprisingly, and people shell out . Consider delivering food with Doordash and make reliable moneyworking anytime, anywhere. You need to make sure rules are followed, the game is fair, and you pocket $15 per hour. We will talk about firefighters having more than one job, how common it is and if . Use it to earn extra income carrying passengers from one place to their destination during your off-days. 2. Unlike a job as a bartender, youre constantly running around from table to table, taking orders, serving food, bringing empty plates back to the kitchen, and processing customer bills when working as a waiter or waitress. That said, once you are used to these side hustles, they will provide you with passive income day in and day out. And 8 other unique firefighter terms. This is one of the best side hustles if you are looking for a low-commitment gig and have access to a reliable vehicle. . If youre a skilled writer, you could consider freelance writing over Proofreading as a way to way to earn quick cash. Luckily, you wont have to figure it out alone gain access to this FREE workshop, test your skills, get certified, and land high-paying clients in proofreading. You may even take your role one step further, spending more time on medical schooling to become a nurse practitioner, or an advanced practice registered nurse (APRN). If youre feeling really ambitious and you have your ACLS or PALS card you could become an instructor for one of those courses as well. Ensure all the customers get the correct orders( whether they are rude or polite). Businesses that help repair and restore properties from the damages is one of the best ways firefighters can earn extra money. Theres always a need for someone to do odd jobs in ones community. So how about a business that allows you to add a beautiful touch to the already breathtaking environment? You'll need a reliable internet connection and a computer, as well as time to commit to weekly hours. When working as a painter, BLS says youll earn $19.37 an hour, which is $40,280 a year. 1. As a virtual assistant, you can provide administrative support to businesses and entrepreneurs from the comfort of your own home. Besides helping clients buy homes, you can also help them sell their homes. You can open a consulting firm dealing with offices and home inspections. That is why dog walking is an amazing side job for a firefighter. There are countless companies and market researchers that want to know what people think of their products and services. Some work rotating 24-hour shifts followed by 2 or 3 days of resting or a 10 hours shift followed by 14 hours off. from plumbing to electrical and roofing that are in order and thus it is ready for occupation. 1. While real estate is a flexible second job, it does require building a client . I think starting a blog is the very best side job that pays well because once you get it rolling, it runs on autopilot. Make sure your side job won't have a negative impact on your primary employment. BLS says your earnings as an emergency technician will be $17.02 an hour or $35,400 a year. Although firefighting is a fantastic job, the above salary is not as high as one would expect for people who risk their lives to save other peoples lives and properties. This is the big leagues of side jobs for firefighters. Join DoorDash. You get to basically work whenever you want and pick up shifts. Facebook, Instagram, Youtube TikTok, and other sites pay content creators for their creativity and content. Apart from looking for a second job as a firefighter, you can set up your own business, be your boss and live on your own terms. To do so, just create a listing on the Airbnb site while maintaining a clean space and include some photos of your space. Sponsored Become a sponsor. When you can enter the field, BLS says landscape architects make $33.35 an hour or $69,360 a year. Start a blog ($60K/year) 4. Consider becoming a virtual bookkeeper or launching your own digital bookkeeping business! Again, if you have the experience or skills to create successful apps then this could be something you could end up working on as a full-time freelancer. That has you wondering, maybe you could charge for your vehicular expertise? Landscaper or groundskeeper. Remember to select a side hustle which is going to bring you joy, that has affordable start up costs, and that you can do long term in order to keep making consistent income on the side of your full time employment. #6. Uber or Lyft will take their cut, but you earn the rest, as well as a tip if the customer is feeling generous. You need to make sure rules are followed, the game is fair, and you pocket. Perhaps you teach foreign students how to speak English or teach budding musicians to play guitar. As long as you can produce quality content that entices your audience, youll be successful. Just know that some bartending jobs might lead to pretty late nights. Popular and credible online survey sites include: How are your communication skills? However, you need to ensure that your side hustle does not interfere with your firefighting duties. You could drop off pizzas, mechanical parts, medical equipment, or all sorts of things. Additionally, you can also consider selling and installing fire safety equipment in homes, businesses, or schools. You can help clients gain a healthy eating diet, set fitness goals, and work to achieve them. Listening and directing customers, and you get over $30,000 per year. Lucrative Side Hustles for Firefighters. 3. Check out this website to get certified in just 12 weeks. This high-paying flexible side job is also great for those who want to make their own schedule. You can also, As a painter, you will help people give their spaces a brand new look and take home, Make sure you remember all the orders, and apart from pocketing. You, the visitor, should assume that any and all links on this website are affiliate links. This job, if youre lifting heavy cargo especially, is a great way to get exercise and be paid for it. Theyre honest straight-forward and I cant recommend them enough. Once youve got that license, you can begin applying to jobs at bars and restaurants. so even if you work part-time you would still earn quite a bit. Either way, expect to be standing on your feet for the entirety of your shift, which is the only downside. Sadly, this cant always happen, so thats something youll want to keep in mind if you plan on getting into nursing. Games normally happen during the evening or on the weekends, meaning this side hustle is totally college schedule-friendly! You can choose to work in various correctional facilities such as prisons or juvenile detention centers. Then, you have to put your knowledge to the test to earn your bartenders license. Not to mention, Vlogging is a great way to share your experiences as a firefighter with the world. Instead of working out just for yourself, why not show others the benefits of fitness by getting a side gig as a personal trainer? Be it teaching people about fire safety and prevention or something completely off-topic. 5 Ways to Turn Coding Into a Side Hustle in 2023. If it works out for you, you will have an extra. Do you have a passion for a certain topic? Showing properties isnt all youll do. . Disclaimer. Pay: $30/hour. Blogging best practices dictate that you add content to your blog at least weekly or every other week. So you can create a Shopify shop for various home supplies and even fire safety equipment. To increase your chances of ranking on the first page of Google search results, you need to follow search engine optimization or SEO rules. As a security guard, its your responsibility to protect information and valuable assets so these dont get into the wrong hands. In a recent survey of 1,000 Americans, researchers found that a full 93% of them had a side hustle in addition to their full-time or part-time job. EMT Side Jobs. EMS work is one of the most popular side jobs for firefighters, as it allows you to use your medical training to help save lives and communicate with doctors about what you have observed. Grade papers and get paid. Make $15-$25/hour with DoorDash. However, that number varies greatly as I know several bloggers who are making thousands (and even tens of thousands) every month from their blog! Or, if youre ambitious, you could even start your own towing service. 14 jobs for retired firefighters. You can earn over $80,000 per year in this side hustle while still fighting fire and saving lives. Youll also need to obtain your commercial drivers license or CDL. Your second job will have you instructing classes of nurses and other medical professionals, showing them the ropes of applying perfect CPR. Youll also need to be well-organized and detail-oriented. If you want to become a well-paid freelance writer on Fiverr, check out this popular course The Ultimate Digital Nomad Crash Course For Making 6-Figures On Fiverr. Interested in becoming a qualified personal trainer? You can use your fitness routine to help clients including seniors to create their own routines. You can earn anywhere between $1,000 to $100,000 a monthfrom your blog in the comfort of your home! Pro Tip: If you are good at content creation, I recommend establishing both a blog and a vlog to amplify your earnings and capitalize on the benefits of both mediums by repurposing the content. Learn how to become a helping hand for seniors looking to stay fit and active in a safe environment. This site is run by a firefighter looking to make more money on the side, and theres no reason you cant do the same as well. Starting your own business doesn't have to take capital, equipment, and time. Pet owners know that dogs need more than food and sleep to stay healthy. Once you find the towing job for you, you could earn $21.76 or $45,260 a year, says BLS. When you land your first job, the thought of retirement is the last thing on your mind. If it works out for you, you will have an extra $35,000 per year or more doing so, depending on the hours you drive the truck. Yes, Firefighting is a full-time job, but firefighters work in shifts. The best part about a home inspector is that you already have the skills to inspect a home and determine whether it meets the safety requirements. Do you have a reliable car that is in perfect condition, and do you enjoy driving? I hope you find what you're looking for. You can search for jobs on freelancing websites like Upwork and Fiverr, or you can apply to work for a virtual assistant company on Flexjobs. If youre a retired firefighter or have some extra time on your hands, consider starting a fire safety business that provides firefighter training services. As per what your blog can be about; you can share your stories, advice, and tips with other firefighters and those interested in the field. If youre looking for a more traditional side job, consider launching a firefighting blog! TaskRabbit is an excellent place to set your own fees and get hired for a short-term project if youre looking to do something on these lines. Another creative side hustle idea: You can tutor people over Skype, no matter where you might live. The job of a carpenter can be a full-time one in and of itself or a side gig that you do to keep money coming into your bank account. Why not take all that extra energy and enthusiasm and put it towards a secondary job? If you live in a quiet area with not a lot of people, your earnings may be more limited compared to someone who calls a bustling city home. You can pass these skills to other people when you are off duty and earn about $35,000 per year. Earning over$31,000 per year is just the bonus. If you by chance cant help, then youll redirect the customer to someone who can. Use keywords throughout your writing, and try to publish content every now and again thats longer, say, 2,500 or 3,000 words or more. Make Money with Doordash. In order to perfect your skills, you can always take short courses offline and online or work as a handyman as you perfect your skills. Not sure how and where to get started? Do you have an awesome ride-on mower that you love to use? Which is why we compiled a list of the best jobs you can do on the side without interfering with your firefighting duties. On the contrary, when . You can make your own schedule and deliver food from local restaurants to customers in your area. You will make at least $20 an hour for dog walking and up to $40 per night for pet sitting, plus tips if your customers are satisfied. Fiverr found that graphic design is still one of the highest paid side hustles on its platform, with services selling for $100 to $3,000. That means you probably spend a lot of time in a gym, be that at a facility or even your own home gym. Taking on a side gig is a great way to help you achieve your financial goals faster, whether you want to pay off debt, build an emergency fund or grow your retirement nest egg. There are a number of different ways that you can make money as a virtual assistant. You will earn an extra income of more than. 1. About 28,000 openings for firefighters are projected each year, on average, over the decade. Glassdoor says you may be able to earn upwards of $40,089 a year as a youth league coach. If you enjoy driving, delivering parcels is a great business. Baggage handling is simple. Being a voice-over actor can be a very financially lucrative side hustle, and you can do it from home if you have a microphone, mic suspension, headphones, and good acoustics. You can make over $50,000 per year but be ready to use your skills and creativity. You can offer security services and work as a bouncer in a bar. Ive also a written articles for FireRescue1 and Fire Chief. Being an emergency tow driver for vehicles during storms or other emergencies can be a very lucrative side job! For better or for worse, the gig economy is here to stay. As an EMT(emergency medical technician), your job will be to offer medical services like. However, you must be willing to put in the hours and market yourself. I imagine a firefighter get popular among crews rather quickly, if they had a bar as a side hustle. Does your firefighting schedule have you working one day on and then off for two or three days? 6. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to make $500 a week or more as a DoorDash Delivery Driver, companies that offer online proofreading services, Heres how to set up a blog and work from home, Check out this channel to drive inspiration, platforms where you could get paid per article, The Ultimate Digital Nomad Crash Course For Making 6-Figures On Fiverr, Learn how to become a helping hand for seniors. Dont own a home yet? And, thankfully, you dont have to be an expert writer too! Its an easy and relatively inexpensive way to give life to old or outdated properties. "They're constantly looking for new designs and all you need is a computer.". 1. Job Outlook. This amount is decent but cannot be compared to their work of risking their lives to save people, animals, and property. Similarly, with the bartender job a lot of bars and nightclubs are always looking for security. The 24 best side hustles for 2023. "I used to sell pictures of my feet." "I know it sounds weird, but there are a lot of people who are willing to pay ridiculous amounts for them. If youre reading this blog my guess is you are interested in the fire service. A side job gives you a chance to gain and improve skills that may come in handy as a firefighter or in your day-to-day life. Part-time jobs offer you the chance to earn extra dollars and still have time to rest well before working in the fire truck. Proceed here to find jobs that might interest you the most. Advertise online through social media or through your personal or professional networks. Alternatively, you can check out freelancing sites like Upwork and Freelancer, or other platforms where you could get paid per article or by the hour. The fact that you can work as an EMT/paramedic on the side is one of several reasons I urge aspiring firefighters to go to paramedic school rather than get a fire science degree! Overall, your role in customer service is important in inspiring customer satisfaction and loyalty to whatever company you represent. Make sure you market your services and set up the fitness center in a good location. Here's FlexJobs' list of high-paying side jobs you may want to consider, listed from the lowest hourly . Indeed says the average national salary for a driver role like this is $30,513, but it all depends on how much you feel like driving each day. Fun Side Jobs for Nurses. As a coach, you get to inspire teams of kids to work together, learn their skills and values, achieve victory, and understand whats important about defeat. That is why most firefighters take on second jobs to supplement their income. Why not put it to work as a driver for popular taxing services Uber or Lyft? The biggest advantage of online tutoring is the convenience involved. The first (and in my opinion the best) side hustle you can take on is blogging. If driving long distances sounds like a road trip for you, you can drive tow trucks as a side job. Also, who couldnt use more money? Yes, firefighters are permitted to have a second job! A lifeguard supervises people in water bodies such as swimming pools and beaches. Per Glassdoor data, you can earn $42,579 a year teaching, which should surely supplement your firefighting income nicely. That is a very stressful way to live. The training gear may be expensive, but you will realize it is a good investment when the clients start flowing. as a home inspector. 8. Here is a list of 17 top-paying side hustle ideas that are categorized based on their hourly wage and earning potential: 1. Your job will be to teach campers new skills and help them enjoy their camping trip to the fullest. You get to pocket at least $13 per hour, so you can earn over $130 in ten hours and go rest before reporting back on duty. If youre worried about spending money on a domain, you dont necessarily have to. There are also a number of different types of tasks that you can perform as a virtual assistant. Whenever you choose the side jobs being a firefighter, it is important for you to pick the right strategies that suit the business . However, its not uncommon (at least in my area) to work with several agents who make well north of $100k every year. So, what are the best side jobs for firefighters? 1. Bouncer. tbzep. This will be your job as a real estate agent; you can choose to do it as a freelancer and determine when you will do that. 6. . BLS says that real estate brokers and sales agents on average earn $24.39 per hour or $50,730 a year. working on a construction site, such as pouring cement and mixing it with other materials, cleaning the area, and helping the construction engineers with other tasks. These days people prefer to stay indoors and buy goods online. "I have some rare and rare-ish plants that that even a single unrooted cutting can sell for a pretty penny. You can find so many things to do that can rake in a few dollars, like writing product or . Become a Dasher & Get paid right after every dash. Life does not end when you retire. If you dont feel confident in your skills, work as an apprentice before promoting your services. Freelance bookkeepers help business owners record and manage daily financial transactions. This is another excellent job for a retired firefighter. Youll have to learn the names and ingredients of hundreds of different cocktails and drinks. 25. The best part is you dont even need a car, a motorbike or bicycle will do! You can set up a professional website in minutes these days and make extra money on the side. Though not my favorite, you can still make money taking surveys or doing simple tasks in your spare time. For example, FirefighterFurnace is one such place that was designed by firefighters for firefighters all around the world to stay fit and healthy. 1. If youd prefer to work from home, you dont only have to be a blogger. Luckily, you wont have to figure it out alone , You can quickly set up a blog without having to spend a fortune. Or make around $20k a year devoting just 10 hours per week. Fitness trainers can work outside and meet clients in a park, at public nature areas, or in their own backyard. Take surveys. that firefighters have a flexible schedule and several beneficial characteristics make it possible for them to have a lucrative side job. Most CPR instructors are part of the American Red Cross, the American Heart Association, or other medical centers, so start there when applying for jobs. Vlogging is yet another perfect work-from-home side job for a firefighter. Once you learn a few tips about writing content that will rank well on search engines, the next thing is to post consistently and watch your readers grow. You might also enjoy: So get ready, roll up your sleeves, paintbrush in hand, and get to work. You may either provide carpentry services, sell your crafts on Etsy, or. You also have to screen those coming in and going out and go through security footage. It allows you to build a personal brand while owning your own asset. Though, some jobs restrict you from having a second job, such as when you are active in the army. A firefighter's second job cannot interfere with their work as a firefighter. That means the second job must fit around the shift schedule, which can reduce a firefighter's options for a second job. Freelance. First, youll need to have strong written and verbal communication skills. Youve perhaps even used the skill a time or two before when on the job. Its not as easy because you need to learn the names and how to make hundreds of cocktails, but once you have your bartender license, it will make it worth your time. A firefighter must be fit because the job is demanding, and thus you need to be strong, flexible, and healthy. Websites like Branded Surveys, Swagbucks, and Survey Junkie have a ton of surveys you can get paid to take. To become a carpenter, you only need a high school diploma and some formal schooling through an apprenticeship program. In your free time, you can offer your consulting services in these places to teach them how to prevent fire and safety measures they should put in place in case it breaks out. Second, you need to be able to work with hot metal. Absolutely! Many firefighters already know what a great side job this can be. Therefore if there is a fight, it is your job to separate those fighting and escort them out of the premises. It might seem a little bit tricky at first but once your business gathers momentum the money will start . from content creation, and this income will keep growing as more people discover your content. Though the definition of a lot of money may be different for each person, generally, a lucrative side hustle can help you earn between $500 and $1,000 in extra pay per month. Hey Folks, thanks for stopping by my blog! By having a second job, you can set aside a certain percentage that you will use from the side income for debt payments. Start a Blog. Thus they should make sure that they work off duty and report on time when its time for their shifts. Once a buyer finds a home they love, youll guide them through the buying process from start to finish. The answer is a resounding yes, and weve done the research for you! Tocci knew the necklaces would be a hit for people like her salon customers, who already . You can create content on various topics regarding firefighting or other skills/hobbies you have and post it on these sites. As a carpenter, you will approve sketches and blueprints that come your way, measure out supplies for projects, shape and cut the materials, and then assemble. Yes, a Firefighter can make extra money by taking a side job to supplement the regular income. Do Virtual Odd Jobs. Youll also issue preventive maintenance, including changing out filters, balancing the wheels, rotating tires, changing oil, and tuning up the engine. 21 Best Online Side Jobs. ; therefore, you can make good money during your off days away from the fire truck. Median Pay 2020: $19.48 per hour. As a Bungii driver, youll also have to help with the loading & unloading of heavy goods. Thank you for such a good initiative to provide opportunities to all of us. Sell unwanted tech. Another great side job for firefighters is working as a youth league coach or referee. Check out this channel to drive inspiration. Drive for a delivery service. 10. A photographer taking a photo of cupcakes . How much do you practice communication and socializing skills as a social worker?

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