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Excluded the Heist Auryen from mistakenly being added to museum tours as a guard. Corrected the names of the Magic Effects and Object Effects of Dukaan and Zahkriisos. Feel free to post in the Discord support channels asking help from the community but the developers will offer no support since v5 has been out for over 2 years at the time of this writing. Condensed Dagger racks down to single more visible displays in the east and west armory (REMOVE ALL DAGGERS FROM DISPLAY BEFORE UPDATING), Revised Navmesh in safehouse to be more universal for various room addon mods (use Navcuts to block out impassible objects), Redecorated the east and west armory a bit, Conditioned Auryen's museum display reward greetings so he cannot initiate one during a museum display sort process, Converted all Ancient Tounges weapon replicas to be created at the dragonsoul forge, avoiding the need to travel back and forth to create each replica. Follow instructions. Fixed issue with 9th snow elf chime being missing, Fixed New Spade Relic Activator not linked to the Display Static. (Jesto), Arrow displays (linked to bows being displayed) added, Fixed some deepholme jewelry display asset issues (cushions), Reverted dragon priest mask mesh fixes to vanilla standard and moved the fixes to the Clockwork patch. Retest. (SirJesto, Picky), Fixes#1266 - Fixed Paladin's Bane enchantment from doing nothing at exactly level 35. Fixed #1298 - Argonians can now wear the Ring of the Wind properly. A gold sink for Relic Hunters. If you submit it to us and we review it and find it's something that we feel fits well, I'll give the OK to add the official seal of approval as an officially endorsed mod, if not it can remain as an unofficial mod so long as it's clearly stated that your mod is unofficial and won't get any support through us.Before making any patches to fix general issues, please reach out as we may already have a fix in the works. Legacy of the dragonborn MOD :: The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim General Discussions Content posted in this community may not be appropriate for all ages, or may not be appropriate for viewing at work. If you've read these guidelines, it would really help to indicate that you've done so at the start so we can save a lot of pointless questions you've already looked at. If the problem does happen, use the divide and conquer technique by halving down until you have identified the culprit(s), each time starting a new game. (SirJesto) Fixes #1228, Aetherium crest is Kargas tower can no longer be picked up. Then retest. A unique and impressive version of the Visage of Mzund Dwarven Helmet. Either roll back to before 5.0.27 or console the lost items back in. Fixed #1087 - You can no longer get a weird number of Riften daggers as a Thane reward. ** XX = The XX stands for the load order. Fixed daedric display chest, added missing items and repaired broken display systems. Out of courtesy, please do not ping or DM anyone with a color-tagged role about support issues unless they have asked you to do so. Test again. Fixed #1281 - Removed a random wild edit in a test cell. Added household planner to bedroom desk which will set up furniture for any receipt you have in inventory, notes storage or book returns. - [BUGFIX] Fixed incorrect enable state on a part of the Airship ladder in Falkreath. Added new feature to place orders for categories of supplies from the household planner after talking with Eriana. It is also assumed and expected that you have at least run SSEEdit (xEdit) with the quickautoclean parameter on your mods, one at time, to clean them while you were building your load order. If the problem persists, re-enable all the mods in your test profile (including any flagged earlier) and continue on. Changed the AI package of the Heist version of Auryen to prevent him from moving to locations he shouldn't. Only if it's obvious that you have seen these and tried the fixes and are still having issues will we chime in and try to help. After months of hearing nothing but secondhand information and idle gossip about Rowan and Ben, Vilkas had decided it was time to find out for himself what was going on. (SirJesto) Fixes #1227, Deepholme can only be discovered after Mardas has been recruited to the Explorer's Society. Then you spawn it: player.additem <ID> <optional quantity>. Needed for the Legacy of Dragonborn, LOTD - JK's Blue Palace, and LOTD - JK's Bee and Barb - JK's Pawned Prawn - Riften Docks - Riften Extension patches. Deepholme updated! Lords mail replica can be crafted even after handing it in. Added a secondary array set to the API to prevent users from hitting the 128 limit. Special thanks to all the amazing team members who have been with me for a very long time as well as all the amazing folks who have joined on from the Odyssey team in order to help make Legacy amazing. Legacy of the Dragonborn Patches (Official), (ESL)Auryen Morellus Replacer-from Legacy of the Dragonborn(LOTD), (FR) Inn Soaps Display for Legacy of the Dragonborn, (FR) Legacy of the Dragonborn - Creation Club Patch Hub, (FR) Legacy of the Dragonborn - ESO Skyshards Display Patch, (FR) Legacy of the Dragonborn - The Brotherhood of Old Unofficial Patch, (FR) Legacy of the Dragonborn - The Curators Companion, (FR) Open Cities - Legacy of the Dragonborn Compatibility Patch, (FR) Quest and Reward Delay for Legacy of the Dragonborn, (FR) Temper Replicas for Legacy of the Dragonborn, -DEPRECATED- Blue Palace Terrace - Legacy of the Dragonborn patches, Additional Dev Aveza locations for Legacy of the Dragonborn, Akaviri Katana - Legacy of the Dragonborn Patch, Akaviri Katana Variants - BOS-SPID world integration (vanilla and mods), Alik'r Dragontail - Amren's Sword Replacer, Alternate Skill Books - Better Descriptions and Legacy of the Dragonborn (LOTD) Patch, Amulet of Kings Replacer - Legacy of the Dragonborn (LotD), Ancient Nord Stalhrim Patches (CCOR and Legacy of the Dragonborn Display), Animated Armoury - Legacy of Dragonborn Displays, Animated Armoury - Updated Legacy of Dragonborn Displays, Auryen Goes to The Met - An LOTD Painting Replacer, AutoHarvest SE - Legacy Of The Dragonborn Fate Cards_Shells_Coins_Jewels Support, Balanced Weapons for Legacy of the Dragonborn (LOTD), Bandit Economy - Legacy of the Dragonborn Patch, Better descriptions - Legacy of the Dragonborn (LOTD) Patch, Better Wine Labels - Vanilla and Legacy of the Dragonborn, Cities of the North - Morthal Addon Hjaalmarch My Patches, Cloth Mannequins for Legacy of the Dragonborn, Compatibility Mashup Patch for Solitude Mods, Complete Replica Fixes for Legacy of the Dragonborn, Cozy Taverns and Followers vs Legacy of the Dragonborn Compatibility Patch, Craftable Black Soul Gem for Legacy of the Dragonborn SSE, Daedric Artifact Replacer - Volendrung SSE, Daedric Shrines - All in One - My Patches by Xtudo, Daedric Shrines by Mandragorasprouts - Legacy of the Dragonborn Add-on (LotD), Dark Brotherhood Reborn - Patch Collection, Dlizzio's Mesh Fixes Solitude patches collection, Dragon Claws Auto-Unlock - Script-based Patcher, Dremora Markynaz Armor - My patches and fixes SE, Dwarven Mail Outfits for Dwemer Enthusiasts (SPID), Dwemer Compass Enhanced - Legacy of the Dragonborn, ENB Particle Lights for Alchemy and Enchanting Tables, Enhanced Solitude - LOTD Open Cities Compatability Patch, ESO Styled Trueflame For Legacy of the Dragonborn, Exterieur bien plus visible pour le refuge de L'Heritage de l'Enfant de dragon-Exterior much more visible for the LotD refuge, Extravagant Legacy of the Dragonborn Replacer, Extravagant LotD - Original Stucco for Displays, Fate Cards Remade - Legacy of The Dragonborn, Fea's Solitude Public Bathhouse SSE Patch, Fish Hatchery Addon for Legacy of the Dragonborn, Fort Windpoint SE - Legacy of the Dragonborn SSE Unofficial Improve Patch and Creation Club Patch, FR - Legacy of the Dragonborn Collectors and Vendors, Hall of Insanity - An Unofficial Legacy of the Dragonborn Add-On, Hatred's Heart and Soul Restored in LOTD V5, High Poly NPC Overhaul - Legacy of the Dragonborn (LOTD), Ice's Legacy Museum Rack O Matic - Chinese Translation, Imp's More Complex Needs (IMCN) - Patches, Inn Soaps Display for Legacy of the Dragonborn, Inn Soaps Display for Legacy of the Dragonborn - Deutsch, JK's Skyrim - Dawn of Skyrim Open Cities patches, JS Dragon Claws Legacy of the Dragonborn patch, Keep it Clean recognizes Bathwater in the Legacy of the Dragonborn Safehouse (and other places probably), Keep the Skeleton Key - Deceive Nocturnal (For Legacy of the Dragonborn), Legacy - Guard Armor Replacer - New Legion Patch(Pale Pass Soldiers), Legacy of the Dragonborn - The Curator's Companion, Legacy Of The Dragonborn (LotD) - Banded Iron Armor Display Fix, Legacy of the Dragonborn - Aethernautics unofficial patch, Legacy of the Dragonborn - Alternate Perspective Patch, Legacy of the Dragonborn - Ancient Daedric Armor replacer SE, Legacy of the Dragonborn - Armor of the Crusader Retexture SE, Legacy of the Dragonborn - Beyond Skyrim Bruma Synergy Patch Chinese Translation, Legacy of the Dragonborn - Blackreach Railroad unofficial patch, Legacy of the Dragonborn - Blended Roads Patch, Legacy of the Dragonborn - Brhuce Hammar unofficial patch 9000, Legacy of The Dragonborn - Cathedral 3D Mountain Flowers Patch, Legacy of the Dragonborn - Cleaner Display Glass, Legacy of the Dragonborn - Cloaks Spinning Wheel patch, Legacy of the Dragonborn - Craftloot Sort and Storage FormList Patches (FLM), Legacy of the Dragonborn - Creation Club Patch - Ver. Updated the plugin description to include the version for better visibility in LOOT. If you cannot reproduce the problem, the issue is with your save and you will most likely need to start over, since your save is already experiencing corruption. Nocturnal's exchange. Install Legacys core package using your mod management program, like MO2 or Vortex. This DLC expansion sized mod adds hundreds of new items, dozens of new quests and hundreds of extra hours of play. Fixed misaligned water puddle in the safehouse cleaning station next to the bed (Reported by Kh47 on Nexus Mods). ucla medical center parking rates. Fixed #1030 - If you exit Latoria's dialogue while she's telling you about the ruined book recovery, she will not repeat that dialogue. "Legacy of the Dragonborn" creates a sizeable addition to your Skyrim game by providing a fully featured museum in Solitude, and with the help of the curator Auryen Morellus, you can store, display and utilize your entire collection as you see fit, all the while being aided and guided by Auryen in between your adventures. You can now have 256 sections. -Animated Airship approach: now when you travel to a new place with the airship, the ship will actually fly in a short distance to dock. You started a new game after installing Legacy. Added "ArmorHeavy" and "PerkFistsOrcish" to the Forgemaster's Fingers replica. Fixed normal map on the 0-9 library sign. When in doubt open the console in game and click on the museum building to see it's reference ID, the first two numbers will be what you enter in place of XX). Copyright 2023 Black Tree Gaming Ltd. All rights reserved. Thoroughly read through this Legacy Full Guide (which should happen before you even download and install the mod) and freshly review the FAQ to ensure your question is not already addressed before posting/commenting. The culmination of your efforts with Auryen, Shattered Legacy takes you all over Skyrim recovering relics of previous Dragonborn of history. That way you can leave your load order and installed mods intact for your regular game. Try stepping back several saves to see if the problem still exists. Remember to reinstall SKSE. As a result the airship will revert back to Solitude when updating to 5.5.0. If you are up-to-date and still having the issue, continue on. Basspainter, who has ported many Skyrim Xbox mods, is going to be curating it and maintaining the version, as well as converting patches moving forward. -"Coward path" option for Haunted Quest: Ikard now has dialog options to allow you to have him complete the quest instead of doing the haunted quest yourself. This mod edits a single record from Legacy of the Dragonborn and is useless without it. If there are still problems with this minimal load order, make sure SKSE is installed correctly, that the game and SKSE version are in synch, and that the USSEP, SkyUI, and LAL files are not corrupt (re-download). - Fixed papyrus log issue with Radiant Relic Script. If directed to re-download the game, do not forget to reinstall any ENBs, Creation Kit and ini files (if you use the CK), and SKSE. 1293. (Ice, SirJesto), Fixes#1252 - Fixed Natural science animal display script / Creating displays from materials in storage. -Fully ESL patch supported: Built in support (self patching) functionality has been retired in favor of more easily updated ESL patches for almost every patch and plugin for Legacy and supported mods. Fixed minor issue with Trial of trinimac ring activator sockets being used more than once. Any time you discover during your testing that you will need to update/add/remove/reorder mods (including patches) during a game, you will need to start a new game from the New button. We're not always around. xx 016e2c: Black Book: Filament and Filigree: A mysterious Black Book attributed to Hermaeus Mora. Added more decor to greenhouse, added precipitation occlusion and removed distance glow, Revamped sands' torch appearance and effect, edited journal, Carried forward cell height data outside museum to prevent excessive dragon spawns, Changed excavation site exhausted message into notification instead of message box, Fixes #1317 - Banded Iron shield not displaying properly, Fixes #1308 - Added new keywords for seashells, Fixes #1307 - Removed draw knife in Karagas Tower, Fixes #1306 - Female ground model for Crusaders shield, Loremaster Skin brightness fixed. Adjusted Much Ado About Snow Elves staff turn in, so staves cannot be re-bought from Calcelmo (which breaks the quest), Fixed Natural science display script issue, Adjusted goat, horker and mammoth display script "build from storage" option, linked display pedestal of Bloodstone chalice in hall of secrets to the chalice (so it's not empty if you do dawnguard side), Changed furniture receipts to set up when READ rather than when picked up. Fixes #1313 - DyndoLOD will no longer moan about irrelevant meshes. - [BUGFIX] Removed temper recipes for the Ancient Tongues Weapons that shouldn't have been there. Fixed enchantment to open one of the crusader chests, Fixed the ladder activator not disabling after the haunted museum quest (thanks Arthmoor!). Fixed #1285 - Frostbite Venom is no longer considered a potion. Legacy of the Dragonborn (Dragonborn Gallery) is a mod created by icecreamasassin for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Numerous fixes to Shattered Legacy involving the Guardian arc, herald fly off bug and Lord's Mail acquisition. If the problem does happen, or you made changes from the preceding steps, sort with LOOT, rebuild the bashed patch and test again. Gives the Dwarven Mail Armor to Madras. -Expanded NPC audio: additional lines have been added for all explorer characters and Auryen for combat and follower based dialog and idles. Legacy of the Dragonborn: Walkthrough guide Quest Progression Legacy begins when you enter the museum for the first time and meet Auryen Morellus, the Altmer curator of the museum. Patches to fix general model defects like UV mapping, texture resolution, partitioning models for better light usage is all perfectly fine and appreciated, but any modification to style, building layout, etc including architecture is generally frowned upon. Added a swanky new retexture of the Explorer's Guild charter, Fixed several papyrus errors related to updated scripts in 5.4.0, Fixed Oghma Infinium display to accept replica, Fixed display mesh for Naaslaarum and Voslaarum display, Fixed AI package on Penitus Oculatus messenger, made adjustments to factions and mood ratings on museum guards, made adjustments to faction settings on heist version of Auryen, Fixed some innocuous texture path truncation issues, adjusted Auryen Shattered Legacy dialog conditions to close a loophole in the lord's mail conversation. If you are no longer having the problem, and did not add any new patches (only updated existing ones), you are done and can return to your game. Fixed #1023 - DA07 Exhibit was enabled parent linked to the Dagon page display. If the issue is visual, have one or two screenshots handy. Upon review and approval the author will be given official 3rd party addon endorsement along with a graphic to display on their page indicating such. Be polite. -New museum delivery system: Activated through the MCM or in the curator's office, three groups of shipment crates can be enabled across the world which allow the player to ship items back to the museum office with ease. Prevented "Shadows of ones past" and "Night at the museum" quest from launching at the same time. This may later conflict with an official patch provided by the Legacy Team that uses the same space. DO NOT use any Legacy patch provided from another mod page unless it explicitly says it has been updated for V5 use. Ahzidal's armor set: if you have a game in progress and/or the armor doesn't display correctly, exit the cell and return again. If the problem happens with Legacy not active, then there is a problem with the mod(s) which you will need to fix or delete. Fixed #1312 Removed Vokun mask mesh, fixed display alignment on vanilla mask. Removed the jewellery sort script from the haunted museum instance as this would cause undesired issues with your display count. Please do not use the console on your regular game unless directed to by a Dev. Do NOT unzip the archive to install it; either drag it into the manager or use the File menu option "Install From File" and navigate to where you downloaded the zip file. Fixed Stalhrim spoon puzzle so Auryen can't nab it. All rights reserved. For purposes of brevity, DynDOLOD will refer to DynDOLOD and/or SSELODGen. - [BUGFIX] Fixed a couple Temper recipes. Please do not contact the author for support questions unless asked to in the comments by the author or another support person. You must download these if you use any CC content.WryeBash - core modding tool, used to create the bashed patchSSEdit - core modding tool, used for conflict resolutionLOOT - core modding tool, used to sort load ordersMore Informative Console - tool used in conjunction with the console to gather information on things in the gameModwat.ch - website used to allow users to share load order lists. -New item models: Almost every single remaining unique displayable item which lacked a unique model has had that rectified with new and in many cases, completely custom models. Removed "Say Once" flag. Legacy V5 is a complete rebuild of the mod more or less from the ground up and such requires a brand new game in order to utilize (even from the beta version to final release). (DBM_GuidebookAuryenAlias). If directed to start a new (non-test) game, take the time to do the things you would do before any new play-through: check for updates, remove mods (and their patches) you no longer desire, add mods (and their patches) you had flagged for the next game, generate your bashed patch, check for errors in xEdit and do conflict resolution, etc. ), Replica weapon material and sound fixes from SirJesto, Fixed #1194 - Updated strings on dragon displays. Legacy of the Dragonborn is one of the most acclaimed expansion sized mods for Skyrim which offers without equal; the most versatile, most expansive and most extensive display space for artifacts the Elder Scrolls series has ever seen! -Additional support patches added: Project AHO, Clockwork, Jaysus' swords among others have been added. Fixed an error in the ESM which would cause Auryen to "lose" your item when handing it in for Finders Keepers. sydney to dubbo train timetable . Much improved dig sites. Included a missing update to the haunted museum quest script which may cause some parts of the quest to fail. Not strictly necessary for this mod, just the most prominent application. Direct all questions to the CC patches Nexus comment page. (Instances will be labeled as XX893A85 for example where XX is the load index of Legacy. Dont forget to reinstall SKSE. Fixed Shield of Solitude and Winterhold Helm disappearing display issue (*see script cleaning notes below). Cleaned up duplicate vanilla textures. Enter the name of the script or the form ID for the script instance needing to be cleaned into the top left box. (Jesto), Fixed Ghosthelm on mantle not able to be taken. Fixed replica recipes for Mehrunes Razor, Savior's Hide, White Phail, Dwemer Compass and Skull of Corruption (SirJesto), Added replica for Shalidor's Stone (SirJesto), Fixed vampire model for Qahnaarin's Grasp. - [BUGFIX] Fixed a gap in a wall of the Hall of Secrets. (Jesto), Fixed strange characters in Micmou's journal text. Knapsack by Aleksey's key location changed to a unique pack with explorer loot, Fixed last door in Engleman's rest to only be locked during "Shadows of one's past", Reworded Ghost helm ability text for clarification, Added a door button on inside of deepholme secret tunnel. If there it still exists? If the problem does not occur on either profile, you are finished and can return to your game. Replaces the Ancient Daedric Armor with the awesome model made by 4thUnknown. If the issue is still happening, continue on. (SirJesto), Fixes#1273 - Removed Stormbrand's Idle equip sound as it was persisting after being unequipped. - Updated SUT Handler to disable duplicates if Legacy is loaded into a save where SUT is already setup. Craftloot (Global) now supports Hearthfires Crafting Tables. -New Artifacts: New items like Shalidor's Stone are now available to be found and used/displayed. Console usage here is for testing purposes only. A nice lore-friendly replacer for the Ahzidal Armor set. -New Explorer Relics! Thanks for your understanding. Added MCM toggle for the animated airship approach. Fixed #1200. Fixes to the furniture system in the safehouse. If no issues occurred on this minimal load order at all, re-enable all your mods on the test profile and continue on. Fixed Nettlebane display - you can now place both the replica and the original item, by default the original item will not auto-sort.

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