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Alvarado Rey Agency has received praise on their Facebook page, with reviews stating that the firm has integrity and that it is professional and committed. Savage Agency has a staff consisting of 6 employees, and an impressive 265 represented clients. women. Los Angeles 6310 San Vicente Blvd, Ste 100 Los Angeles CA 90048 (310) 558-2424 The agency states that it represents talent which works in print, media, and film. AE is located in Beverly Hills, and has received praise on its Facebook page with high ratings and positive reviews from their clients. The agency represents talent in a range of artistic professions, including actors between 1-80 years old working in voice over, musical theater, theater, film, television, and commercials. Productions Plus has received mixed reviews on Facebook, with some users stating that the company is professional and that they have a good brand awareness, whilst others have commented that theyre payments from the firm were often delayed. Select the department (s) for your submission: Theatrical Commercial Print Voiceover Photo Photo Resume PDF Voiceover MP3 Video Reel Link Voiceover MP3 MTA is affiliated with several organizations, including SAG-AFTRA and DGA. Personalize your query or book proposal. We continually strive to be a . Send to:Laura Thede at, Subject Line: Kids New York Submission The agency has a remarkably high number of clients (currently at about 580 represented names) given its very small size. You may include a picture as attachments in your email, but it must not be larger than 1MB. Please send a current headshot, resume, cover letter, and link to online demo reel to our LA Office with, To submit via email, please send your materials to. Personalize your query or book proposal. The agency represents folks in film and television, and also has a voice over division as well as a division dedicated to younger actors. NW., Atlanta, GA. 1901 Avenue of the Stars Suite 200 Los Angeles, CA 90067. Please explore the most recent television, theatre, and film projects <style> .wpb_animate_when_almost_visible { opacity: 1; }</style> Run by Aur-Aelion Israel, the agency has signed with over 300 clients so far. Just two years ago, Paradigm grew its representation and influence within the music industry even more when it acquired half of the U.K.s Coda Music Agency. Act One Talent Agency Submissions. Rebel Entertainment Partners have been around for approximately 3 decades, and currently represent 83 clients. The agency represents actors working with television, film, commercials, stage, and voice over. With talent that includes the Rolling Stones, John Travolta, and Clint Eastwood, its a sure bet that WME will get you where you wish to go. David Shapira & Associates is run by David Shapira and they represent 122 actors, including Golden Globe nominated and Venice Film Festival award winning Kelly McGillis. The agency represents about 412 clients, including notorious names like Arden Cho, from Teen Wolf, and Chrissy Metz (American Horror Story). Send to: Julie Gudz, Subject Line: Film & Television Los Angeles Submission Ideal Talent Agency accepts unsolicited submissions from actors. The agency is located between Beverly Hills and West Hollywood, and is run by executives Joe Vance and Melisa Spamer. Use tab to navigate through the menu items. The agencys office is based in Palms, and they represent almost 200 names. The agency is very well established, with offices in 4 US cities; Chicago, New York, Atlanta, and Los Angeles. For actors working with voice over, this agency is a particularly attractive choice, as it has more than 7 different divisions for voice over alone, including animation, commercial, and gaming. Despite this, Almond Talent seems to be viewed favorably by the industry and the talent. The talent agency does publicly list their mailing address, but seem to have no website or even an email address. Would love to talk if you have a few minutes today! 5200 Lankershim Boulevard The agency is affiliated with several associations, including SAG- AFTRA.The agency does appear to have a website, but they also have a Facebook page, where they describe themselves as a full service talent and literary agency. 91601 Send to:, Subject Line: Diversity and inclusion Submission It should be noted that TalentWorks does not take any submissions which are not industry referrals. Aqua Talent signs with both union and non-union talent, which is less common in LA. JVC was founded in 2010.The agency represents creatives working in film, television, voice over, and print. If you wish to send a hard copy submission with the above materials, feel free to send to: RPM TALENT Attn: NEW TALENT 2600 West Olive Ave. 5th Floor Burbank, CA 91505 Get In Touch 818-333-5150 2600 W. Olive Ave. 5th Floor Burbank CA 91505 Name Phone Upload Files The agency currently has about 110 clients. They also got successful with talents like Joel and Ethan Coen, Larry David, and Mike Myers. No phone calls. The agency is led by Tracy Christian and is located in West Hollywood, CA. Stone Manners Salners, occasionally labeled as SMS Agency in Los Angeles industry circles, is a theatrical talent agency with offices in Los Angeles, CA and New York City, NY. SMS Talent has a considerably high star power ranking in LA, and represents well- known actors like Kevin McNally, known for his performance in The Pirates of the Caribbean. We appreciate your interest and . The agency is located in Central Los Angeles, and represents both adult and youth theatrical and commercial actors. I love your site! MICHAEL EISENSTADTPresidentAdult, GLORIA HINOJOSAVice PresidentAdult Theatrical &, INDRA ROSEAdult Theatrical &, NICOLE JOLLEYYouth & Young Adults Theatrical &, MILTON PEREAYouth & Young Adults Theatrical &, KATELYN GIROUXYouth & Young Adults, Headshot and resume by mail or online only. LA On-Camera Commercial Department Submissions, NY On-Camera Commercial Department Submissions, Youth Theatrical and Commercial Department Submissions, Comedy & Personal Appearances Department Submissions. JKA Talent holds offices in Studio City, CA. The agency holds offices in Sherman Oaks.Although not appearing to have a website, the agency has been rated positively by a few users on Facebook (they dont have any of their own social media pages). clients, including voice over, commercial, film and television actors, as well as comedians and hosts. The talent agency describes itself on its website as a full service agency representing talent for films, television, commercials, industrials, theater, multi- media, music videos, print, soaps, and promotionals. We have a well respected reputation and strong relationships with a vast network of industry professionals. The agency does not disclose any details of what type of talent it represents or what their submission policy is, however,represented clientele include television and film actors. CAREERS. The agency is expanding towards both San Diego and Las Vegas. Modeling Agencies in San Francisco. The agency states that they do not represent adult actors who are not already established. The Kohner Agency is located in Beverly Hills, California and represents actors working in theatre, television and film. Today, APA is no small agency they have grown to represent even bigger names. Aside from that, it doesnt seem they represent any more known names; however, their experience in the industry keeps raising their ranks every year.The agency is run by Karl Hofheinz and was established approximately 15 years ago. Under the age of 18: Strong natural skills and marketable look. However, its listed clientele include names like Cher Hubsher (My Super Sweet Sixteen) and Brett Edwards (American Sniper), so it can be assumed that the agency represents mostly actors on television and film as well as reality TV celebrities. Some of these names include Rico Rodriquez, seen in Modern Family, and Amber Benson (Buffy the Vampire Slayer). Located just south of Universal City, CA, Coast to Coast Talent Group has been on the rise since its start in the late 1980s, and now represents more than 1196 actors. The agency represents actors aged above 18 years old only who are working in theater, musical theater, film, television, comedy, hosting, as well as other creatives. The agency is located in Marina Del Rey, CA.On the agencys website it is stated that it represents actors, but does not specify within what areas. Also CAA Sports, which features agents who solely represent athletes. Act One Talent Agency 23890 Copper Hill Dr #236 Los Angeles, CA 91354 please add 'Submission' in the Subject line They are also active on social media, through profiles on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. The agency does not want calls or drop offs, and interviews are by appointment only. Regarding submissions, the talent agency wants material to be emailed to them. The agency is located in accept unsolicited materials, drop offs or calls. Holding offices in Koreatown, The Carry Company also covers the New York City region. The agency does not appear to have their own website or social media page, so it is somewhat difficult to scope out any more information about them. Representing: film, TV, theatre, literary, and alternative artists. They do not want calls and drop offs. Youth Division FAQ Due to the high volume of submissions, please allow 2 - 3 weeks for a response. This policy includes calls. Although it has a small staff, its star power ranking is notably high in the industry, and it has 111 represented clients. Suite 1584B. With 25 years in the entertainment industry under its belt, Innovative Artists has become known for one quality in particular: excellent service for those it represents. The Stander Group is located in Sherman Oaks, and has a moderately large clientele momentarily consisting of 140 names. The agency has signed with names like Aloma Wright (Days of Our Lives), Mariah Bonner (The Social Network), and Rasika Mathur (Cloverfield). Blocalso observes dancers in jazz funk, contemporary, and hip hop classes at Millennium, Edge, Movement Lifestyle and other studios in the Los Angeles area throughout the year. Their submission is not disclosed as well. and Alex Hyde-White (Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade). The agency is currently run by a staff of 2, with the owner being an experienced talent agent Robert Depp.Although the agency does seem to have a website, this is at the moment under reconstruction and thus inaccessible. What makes the agency appear unique in contrast to other LA talent agencies is that it not only represents creatives like actors working in film, television, and musical theatre, but also educators like instructors and public speakers. They also accept invitations and postcards. The agency specifies on their website that they represent actors whom are available and dedicated. Artist Agency is located in Woodland Hills, and they also have another office in San Francisco, CA, and has, at the moment, 104 clients. ICM Partners is one of world's leading talent agencies, dedicated to the representation of artists, content creators, broadcasters, authors, journalists and artisans. It should be noted that to submit material, actors need to call ahead for an email address, as otherwise, unsolicited material is not accepted to their main email address. The agency is affiliated with SAG-AFTRA. When submitting, actors should either mail or email the agency. To submit via email, please send your materials to NY Theatrical Department Submissions When applying as a voice over actor, the firm has additional requirements which can be viewed at PPs website. That, and unique divisions such as CAA Marketing, which works with brands and corporations. With DBAs constant signing of bigger names, this agency is quickly climbing up the ranks, and will likely be a lot higher in my 2017s top talent agencies in Los Angeles list update. accept hard copy, a green trend in Hollywood. We will not accept any submissions from talent younger than four (4) years old. IMDB. Mavrick than half a century. The agency considers submissions from established adult actors aged 18-109 within theater and commercials. The agency appears to have very few online mentions, yet has a presence through its Facebook page. The agency holds offices in Manhattan Beach, and currently has 68 clients.The agency represents creatives such as models and hosts, but also actors. Not only does it represent American talent, it has also signed with names from Europe and Latin America. Affiliated with associations SAG-AFTRA and ATA, the agency is located in West Hollywood.Established in the mid-80s, the agency represents actors up to 70 years old working in film, television, hosting, and commercials. It also has other divisions within the entertainment industry, including sports and. The agency has little or no information published about themselves on the Internet, and it appears as though they do not have a website or email address. milan. Regarding clientele, the agency boasts more than 2,600 clients, and has offices in both New York City and Los Angeles. AAG is a well-known and respected agency with currently 454 clients, some of whom are known names in Hollywood, including Will Greenberg (Cloverfield) and Annie Funke (The Intern). 18 21 year old: TV co-Star credits or supporting roles in major films. The firm currently has 135 represented clients and is located in Hollywood. Just recently, in 2012, the agency gained a new name and a new partnership. All submissions are reviewed by our team and we will contact you if we are interested in setting up a meeting for potential representation. in TV/Film, commercial, voice-over, industrial, print, and live events. Clear Talent Group can easily be found on social media pages like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. If there is interest in discussing representation, you will be contacted to schedule a meeting. Smith & Hervey/Grimes Talent Agency has collaborated with actors and other creatives who worked in some major Hollywood productions, such as American Sniper and The Judge. Their biggest office remains in NYC where they own a building with six floors, all fully staffed. Suite 900 Sherman Oaks, CA 91403 New York Phone: 212-865-3091 Address: 111 W. 67th Street Suite 20P New York, NY 10023 Mexico City London Affiliate AC Talent is affiliated with SAG-AFTRA. Thank you for considering DDO Artists Agency for representation! The agency sometimes requests actors to do a cold reading or monologue. The agency has a website.It should be observed that the general opinion about RPM Talent seems heavily divided. It was founded in the early 2000s, and represents many different types of performers. They do have some form of online presence in the form of a website with an email; however, not much other information is openly disclosed. The agency has represented creatives from several different famous productions, such as Alanna Masterson (The Walking Dead), Christina Robinson (Dexter), and John Posey (Robocop 3).The agency does not reveal much information about itself online, including what kind of talent it mainly represents or what its submission policy is. North Hollywood, CA 91602, ATTN:[Dept. Global Artists Agency has its offices located in the heart of Hollywood, and currently has short of 190 represented clients. Research the literary agency. AEFH works together with Pinnacle Commercial Talent and Luciano Reeves Talent. The submitted material should include headshots and a resume. To submit via email, please send your materials to 323-460-6464. These can be found in greater detail on their website. AKA currently represents about 791 name, and has have several different divisions, including theatrical, commercial and youth. Alvarado Rey Agency holds offices in Hollywood, CA, and currently has 145 represented clients. The BRS/Gage Talent Agency, having offices in both Los Angeles and New York City, is yet another one of the star talent agencies. They accept unsolicited material being sent to them via email; however, no unsolicited demo reels are accepted. . Now, owned and operated by Stella Alex, it has remained one of the longest-running boutique agencies in Hollywood. Holding offices in Beverly Hills, Las Vegas, and New York City, the agency has a website for more details.

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