greece and croatia itinerary 10 days

Hotellook: They have more than 250,000 hotels in 205 countries, working with data from more than 10 online booking systems, such as,,, Expedia, and others. ta.queueForLoad : function(f, g){document.addEventListener('DOMContentLoaded', f);})(function(){ta.trackEventOnPage('postLinkInline', 'impression', 'postLinks-59226726', '');}, 'log_autolink_impression');Greece but no way can you see both. The Dubrovnik Walls are one of the citys most famous attractions; you can walk along them and admire the view of the Old Town area, as well as climb Minceta Tower. Days 7: Dubrovnik. Download Brochure View tour View Map. Take in the spectacle from tiny hillside. Day 1: Arrive Athens (sleep in Athens) Day 2: Athens (sleep in Athens) Day 3: Athens (sleep in Athens) Day 4: Boat to Hydra (sleep on Hydra) Day 5: Hydra (sleep on Hydra) Day 6: Boat back to Athens, pick up rental car, drive to Delphi (sleep in Delphi) Day 7: Sightsee Delphi, drive to Olympia (sleep in Olympia) Day 8: Sightsee . You can also head down to Rafina Beach and Kraken Beach bar. For families and groups: White Harmony Suites have 2 bedroom suites or Theoxenia Boutique Hotel have squad rooms and are not far from, dare I say it, McDonalds. Athens is the capital of Greece and home to some of the most iconic and important historical sites and monuments in the world. It is also common for visitors to arrive by sea on both cruise ships and private yachts and charters as well as by train and road. Travel Guard provides 24/7-customer service with a personal touch through its World Service Center. Delphi is the 3rd most visited archaeological site in all of Greece, and an especially popular day trip from Athens! Fight off any after-effects of the night before and catch a morning boat to Delos, the mythological birthplace of Apollo and Artemis. Six of them are still in use today and can be visited by the public, whilst others are popular for sightseeing externally by hikers and photographers. Tiqets: Great site for entrance tickets. Oia Walking Tour & Beach Day. Please rethink and plan either Croatia or Greece but no way can you see both. Today, visitors to Delphia can see the ruins of an ancient theater, the historic Temple of Apollo (where the Oracle of Delphi could be found), and much more. The port town of Parikia is also nice and a little more affordable than Naoussa. Our current outline is an itinerary close to your suggested 10 day Croatia tour, then a quick flight to Santorini, enjoying that island for 3-4 days. If you have 10 days, you can either do the one week Croatia itinerary at a slower pace and add some spectacular extra stops or day trips. A 10-day Croatia itinerary can allow for a more relaxed pace, or more overnight destinations. Posted at 18:05h in Croatia, Greece, Italy, Montenegro by Kelly Smith. Piraeus Port is in fact the largest in Europe and the 2nd largest in the world! Start your two weeks off in Dubrovnik. Subscribe to Lonely Planet newsletters and promotions. This article focuses on a general itinerary that ticks the most number of boxes for the most number of people, and can usually be done for much of the year. Today, the ruins of some of those original venues can be seen, including a stadium where the judges stand and a tunnel that would have led competitors into the arena. Browse the best tours in Croatia and Greece with 30 reviews visiting places like Dubrovnik and Athens. On day 14 of the Balkans itinerary, start from Split to Plitvice National Park and then finally to Zagreb. Then charge south for barely 20 minutes to one of the top ancient sites in a nation of ancient sites. To make planning a trip to Greece and Croatia easier, we included some of our recommended travel resources below. We'll plan a custom itinerary to fit the amount of time you have. Needs a serious rethink! Use the term Nai for Yes and Oxi for No while in Greece. Yes, travel from Greece to Croatia is not simple. 09/23/23. Need help planning a trip and find the best vacation package for your multi-city trip to Europe? The old town and harbor combine the legacies of the Minoans, the ancient Greeks, the Venetians and countless other influences from occupiers and others who just happened to sail by. They have even let me use my room until my 6pm International flight at no extra charge! Day 10: Trogir. Krka National Park is only 20 or so minutes from ibenik. You can see a lot of Greece in under two weeks. Take the quick boat ride to Despotiko, a restored ancient sanctuary, then enjoy a seafood feast in Agios Georgios at a waterfront taverna. Im Sandy, a tragic Grecophile married to a Greek and hoping to help you have the best trip to Greece you possibly can. Other airport transfer options are KiwiTaxi and Viator. 2620 posts. Split, Hvar, Dubrovnik, Athens, Naxos, Santorini. Here's how to make the most of your trip to Greece in 10 days borchee / Getty Images. Dubrovnik Old Port, Croatia. This is enough to get a taster of the city's culture and heritage. 0. Schedule a free 30-minute call with one of our travel experts to discuss your travel needs today! Agoda: Search thousands of destinations around the world & quickly compare prices to find amazing deals on the best flights. Our favourites are Ambelas, Faragas, Punda and Tango Mar ( mentioned above). Take in the spectacle from tiny hillside Oia, which offers a choice of tavernas serving deeply traditional Greek fare (expect grilled meats, creamy tzatziki and more). Check out ourmarketplacefor customizable pre-designed packages available right now for many amazing destinations. Day 5: Enjoying the Roman Split. Weve put together a detailed ten-day itinerary to show you the best Greece has to offer. Try Milos instead. Doupiani Hotel, Kastraki great for all types of travellers and one of the closet hotels to the Monasteries as well as having incredible views of them. This 10 days in Croatia itinerary will show you a huge variety of the country, from the charming capital of Zagreb to the unbelievably beautiful waters near Hvar to Croatia's famous waterfalls to, of course, the endlessly popular and beautiful Dubrovnik. Parts of the island qualify as sleepy, and theres an unhurried vibe across its narrow, windy roads. After talking to freinds and seeing your replies, we have decided to go to Spain instead. To use our mobile site, please enable JavaScript. I am beginning an exchange in prague in late september and I had a few days off before so I was wondering what people thought about my plan and any extra tips or help people had. Meals. If youre feeling sporty, join the windsurfers taking advantage of some of the most reliable winds in Greece. With its polychromatic cliffs soaring above its drowned caldera, is the definition of a Greek island for many. Not too small nor too big, with something for everyone. Day 7: Visiting Krka NP and arriving in Zadar. Head uphill to Zagreb Old Town and see the colorfully-tiled roof of St. Mark's Church. SAVE a FULL 10% off the price of your trip on ALL departures after 6/1/23 when you reserve by 3/31/23. This is your last stop on your trip before heading home so make sure you take advantage of everything Mykonos has to offer. Created by a user from Brazil. Finish your day at sublime Elafonisi Beach, where the sand has a pinkish hue in a certain light, and the swimming is superb. And come join our private Facebook Group where you can ask questions and get advice from real travelers! Dinner: It is hard to choose between legendary places like Seirines or Kaouria to Asimaki aand Palia Rafina and A are excellent too. Eat cheap 4 gyros at Obelix in Firostefani and Pitogyros in Oia. , including how to visit each Monastery and what they each represent. Refrain from posing with statues as the Greeks consider this to be disrespectful. If the main reason you're heading to Croatia and Greece is to walk in the footsteps of their historical figures and see ancient ruins, this two-week itinerary is what you're looking for. We will have 12 days in Spain and although it's still small, we will focus on 4 cities there. The top 5 festivals in Greece. If you are a resident of another country or region, please select the appropriate version of Tripadvisor for your country or region in the drop-down menu. You will take in stunning vistas, fascinating historical sites and information, hang out at beautiful beaches, visit medieval Greek villages and monastaries and world class wineries. 3 days in Santorini a complete itinerary. Flower-draped tavernas in the port town of Parikia make great post-ferry lunch spots. Then get lost in Hora until you stumble upon the perfect seafood dinner. Drinks: if youre wanting to kick on after dinner, Agosta bar in Naoussa or any of its immediate neighbours, are the place to be. Return to Athens from Meteora either on your overnight tour, by driving or by train. There are 18 UNESCOWorld Heritage Siteswith another 16 under consideration. Departure Comparison. You can also arrive by Ferry from some towns in Turkey, Albania, Italy and Croatia. 10 of the Best Places to Visit in Turkey: Turkeys Most Amazing Destinations Youll Love! From Sibenik to Dubrovnik driving briefly takes you into Bosnia and Herzegovina. Athens International Airport Eleftherios Venizelos, commonly initialised as AIA, is the largest international airport in Greece. Otherwise Our Corner in Fira and La Scala on Oia are great choices. 10 of the Best Places to Visit in the UK Youll Love! Day 7: get lost in Greeces best palace at Knossos, is so big that it almost feels like its own country. Also check out the nearby beachside suburbs ofArtemida,Porto RaftiandVravrona. . Solo: Kivotos in Imerovigli for a splurge or Abelonas Retreat on a tight budget. 10-Day Italy and Croatia Itinerary. Its also very close to theArchaeological Site and Museum of Brauron(pictured below) which includes the Temple of Artemis and is rather extraordinary. We especially like the charmingSeasabelle Hotelnear Artemida which have stylish beachfront rooms that can sleep up to 4, and at a very reasonable price point too. One night gives you a hotel room experience. This 15-day itinerary across Greece and Croatia features UNESCO World Heritage Sites, beautiful beaches, hidden gems, historic sites, and endless natural beauty. The water is warm, there are blue skies every day and a fun holiday atmosphere. More information is available here. You can search and find the best flights, transportation options, hotels to stay in, tours/activities, and things you can do in each destination during your trip to Greece and Croatia, and other European cities. Each of these three travel guides is designed for a particular type of traveler so whether youre visiting for the first time, looking for outdoor adventure, or are hoping for a vacation that focuses on history, youll find something that appeals to you here. Go from Hania to Elafonisi: Driving direct will take about two hours, but, as always, detours and myriad excuses to pause and enjoy the scenery will extend that greatly.

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