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Thisminorwill provide students with an understanding of the variety of contributing factors tohealthful functioning and is appropriate for those students interested in fields such as health science education, healthscience policy and public health. major is designed for students planning graduate study or employment outside mathematics (medicine, law, business, finance, journalism, government service, or precollege teaching). Students not only complete major courses on campus, but have the opportunity to take courses alongside students in the United States or to study overseas at one of more than 100 universities. The Georgetown University Department of Performing Arts offers academic and artistic courses in four distinct disciplines (Music, Theater & Performance Studies, Dance, and Public Speaking). The seminar format is meant to encourage student initiative in exploring topics and concerns within Theology and Religious . The department offers majors and minors in chemistry and biochemistry, both approved by the American Chemical Society. To change a major or add a second major, please follow the same process as outlined above via the Academic Program Changes Form. Washington, D.C. 20057 All BSFS studentsare enrolled as an International Affairs major until they declare formally into one of the above majors. Core Curriculum Georgetown University, with its commitment to the Jesuit tradition, believes that modern men and women should reflect upon their relationship to the world, their fellow humans, and God. Understand the connections between culture, society and politics in international affairs. Many . Area majors and minors are intended to bridge gaps between disciplines and can only be approved in those areas in which the College has a full-time faculty member with a terminal degree. If a student wishes to transfer substantial credit toward the major from another college, the chair of the department involved shall evaluate the students previous coursework in terms of the Georgetown College major requirements. The College of Arts and Science is the largest school at Vanderbilt, offering more than 100 majors and minors across 70+ fields of study. Data Analytics Programs. Human Behavior, Medicine and Healthcare, Career Areas: Exceptions to this policy must be approved by the Provost. staff collectively advise 1300 undergraduates pursuing six different majors and a variety of minors, fellowships, and joint programs in the Bachelor of Science . SFS offers eight (8) undergraduate majors, each of which allows students to engage with the substance of international affairs scholarship from a different angle. ECON 387: Money and Banking. Career Areas: Oral proficiency courses in Spanish and French do not count towards a minor. A student with a degree from another institution may be awarded a degree by meeting the same minimum criteria (with the exception that none of the hours for the first degree need be earned at Georgetown College); all Georgetown College Foundations & Core program and Nexus requirements must be met, as well as the residency requirement (30 of the last 36 hours). Our faculty come from several departments throughout the Main Campus, the Medical Center, and the Law Center. Message from the Faculty Director. With over 80 majors and as many minors, you're sure to find a program that speaks to you. It exposes students to the fields of international affairs, health science, and global public health. Her family has long supported the arts at Georgetown, and endows these awards in Misty's name. Once youve secured this information, complete and submit anAcademic Program Changes Formto be reviewed by your Advising Dean or Academic Counselor in the College Deans Office. English Major/Minor | Department of English | Georgetown University Home Undergraduate Program English Major/Minor English Major/Minor How to Declare a Major or Minor in English Students wishing to declare a major or minor in English should obtain an Academic Program Changes form. Our program prepares you to navigate todays complex intelligence landscape. Some of our most lasting modern ideas, institutions, and technologies have their points of origin in medieval cultures: the Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox Churches, Islam, Korean and Japanese Buddhism, religious war, religious orders, extended fictional narrative, gunpowder, printing, eyeglasses, the chromatic keyboard, craft guilds, completing an interdisciplinary major (which satisfies both major and minor requirements), a statement providing the rationale for the proposed curriculum, a concentration of at least 24 hours in one discipline, at least 50 percent of the proposed coursework at or above the 300-level. . We have been one of the few programs in the US to boast three tenure-line professors in Portuguese. It is possible for students who wish to pursue a modified version of one of the eight major fieldsto petition for permission to do so. Our American Conversational English program provides you with expert instruction in grammar, conversation, and listening skills. 20057-1063, Degree Requirements in Theater & Performance Studies (TPST). Requirements for the degree include a total of 31 credit hours as follows: Academic Requirements for the Major (31 credit hours; 11 courses including TPST-410) At least 2 out of 3 Core Methods Courses: Play Analysis (TPST-130); Improvisation for Social Change (TPST-125); Adaptation and Performance of Literature (TPST-200) Upcoming Major Declaration Sessions September 28th, 9:00am - 11:00am October 28th, 10:00am - 12:00pm November 18th, 12:00pm - 2:00pm December 7th, 10:00am - 12:00pm Overview A degree in Government equips students with theoretical and practical knowledge concerning many different dimensions of politics, including: Domestic political institutions and processes in the United States and . The Global Health minor is for students at the School of Health, School of Nursing, College of Arts and Sciences, and McDonough School of Business. Georgetown University's online Master of Science in Finance (MSF) program transforms today's best professionals into rising industry leaders. Most minors do not require department approval or signature. Others may seek permission to take the minor by contacting the Director of Cognitive Science. Students may satisfy this requirement by any of the following options: If a student wishes to transfer substantial credit toward the minor from another college, the chair of the department involved shall evaluate the students previous coursework in terms of the Georgetown College minor requirements. Initiated by the student after consultation with the advisor (using Degree Plan Form), a program of study is proposed to the chairs of the departments in which coursework will be pursued. Georgetown Universitys new Masters in Aging & Health goes beyond geriatrics to the study of aging well in todays society. A major in Theater & Performance Studies consists of courses that combine critical and creative inquiry and is designed for students interested in not only developing skills intheater and performance but in an interdisciplinary exploration of how these art forms matter in the world. This list will be updated as curricula evolve and new programs develop. DC Requirements for the Minor. Major, Minors, and Certificates. The American Studies Program at Georgetown University offers an interdisciplinary Major that encourages students to ask critical questions about power, identity, and American culture. Requirements for the degree include a total of 31 credit hours as follows: Academic Requirements for the Major (31 credit hours; 11 courses including TPST-410). Department / School. For a Bachelor of Science degree, a department may require no fewer than 30 hours nor more than 42 hours (or no more than 51 hours including allied courses) for a department major (exclusive of accounting). keyboard_arrow_left back. Art can articulate and interpret ideas about ourselves, communities, histories, beliefs, politics, and environments in ways that are exceptionally direct. We are also offering tour-only options for visitors who have already attended a virtual . JUPS majors, minors, and certificates of the class of 2017 gathered in Arrupe Hall with their . Unique hours are defined as hours that do not count towards another major or minor. Washington The National Academy of Inventors (NAI) just announced that Kai Liu, Professor and McDevitt Chair in Physics at the Georgetown University, has been elected to the 2022 class of NAI Fellows. 3D nanomagnetism: there is plenty of room at the top December 12th, 2022 Students are required to declare a major once 60 credit hours have been earned. Cross-School Undergraduate Programs and Opportunities, The Washington Consortium of Universities, Degree Requirements and Academic Policies, Majors, Certificates/Minors and Accelerated Degree programs, Accelerated Bachelors/Masters Degree Programs, Science, Technology, and International Affairs, Bachelor of Science in Business and Global Affairs, Certificate in Australian, New Zealand and Pacific Studies, Certificate in Eurasian, Russian and East European Studies, Certificate in International Business Diplomacy, Certificate in Journalism and Digital Media, ISD (Institute for the Study of Diplomacy) Fellows in Diplomacy, Russian Literature and Culture (in Translation), Master of Arts in Communication, Culture, and Technology. At Lehigh, you'll get the benefits of the learning opportunities of a larger research university with the personal attention of a small, private college. The Program has rapidly attracted significant national attention for its distinctive curriculum, which integrates the political and international character of Georgetown, a commitment to social justice, and high-quality, cutting-edge production seasons, including world premieres. See below for more information on our application-based minors. Department of Women's and Gender Studies. Academic Resources. Notes: For the major, up to two courses may be fulfilled via transfer credits, study abroad, or cognate courses, if approved by the Program Director. For more information, students can consult Georgetown's pre-health website. You'll gain a deeper understanding of the dynamics, planning, and operations pertinent to the success of multi-million-dollar athletes, businesses, brands, and events that make up the $75 billion-dollar, rapidly changing sports market. The minor requirement ensures that students pursue some advanced study in more than one discipline. However, the majority of students use some of those elective credits to take classes needed to develop second language proficiency. with a serious dedication to teaching and collaboration with students. The Georgetown University Center for Research and Fellowships provides guidance and support to students and alumni pursuing a broad range of merit . Undergraduate Programs Within The College, the Biology Department offers Bachelor of Science degrees in Environmental Biology and Biology of Global Health, and [] Add your minor(s) to the same Academic Program Changes Form you are using to declare your major. . The Public Health minor is open to students in Georgetown College, the McDonough School of Business, the School of Foreign Service, the School of Nursing, and the School of Health. As a result, STIA majors in the Class of 2022 forward who decide to concurrently pursue a minor in Georgetown College in either biology, chemistry, physics or computer science can count the STIA science fundamentals requirement listed above as a co-requirement to the major so that they can be applied toward the completion of the minor. All minors must include at least nine (9) unique credit hours. When you decide on amajor, email theDirector of Undergraduate Studies (new window)in themajordepartment to request to declare themajorand receive a faculty advisor assignment. Degree requirements and limits for the Master of Arts in Education degrees may be found in the Graduate Catalog. As an introductory course, it requires permission for seniors. Analyze markets and economic relationships among countries, and to evaluate the effects of policy on the economic welfare of individuals, firms, and countries. CC's breadth of educational options distinguishes us from many other schools. Some majors have additional pre- or co-requisites. All majors/minors in the same department require the approval of the Department Chair. To change a major or add a second major, email theDirector of Undergraduate Studies (new window)in themajordepartment to request to declare themajorand receive a faculty advisor assignment. Georgetown University's Master of Professional Studies in Sports Industry Management prepares you to excel in the global sports industry. Some of the graduate programs may permit appropriate courses beyond those required for the undergraduate degree to be applied toward the masters degree within limits set by policy and with explicit approval of the particular masters program, the BSFS Program, and the Graduate School. Such hours may count towards a major/minor and the Foundations and Core. 37th and O Streets, N.W. This work engages and expands upon students experiences in languages, literature, philosophy, theology, and other fields of study. keyboard_arrow_left back. Please note that if you are planning on majoring in Government or Psychology, you must attend a department major information session before declaring the major. Georgetown is committed to intellectual rigor, social justice, and . First-year students otherwise enter the College as Undeclared students, using the first and second year to explore the curriculum in search of their choice of major. Interdisciplinary Majors and Minors. DC Usually the modifications involve substituting one or two courses for those included on the current course lists. Department of Sociology and Anthropology. Georgetown University Requirements for the degree track in Music & Media Studies include: Writing About Music (MUSC 161); two music theory courses (MUSC 041 and MUSC 141); Recording Arts I (MUSC 250); one additional course in Recording Arts (MUSC 350 or MUSC 361) or one course credit based on four semesters in MUSC 100 Music Performance (students are limited to a GU-Q offers its own minors, including an Arabic minor, whose requirements differ from those of the main campus Arabic minor, a minor in Africana Studies in association with Northwestern University in Qatar, and a minor in Indian Ocean World Studies. If you have any questions about the minor requirements and your graduation, please consult your advising dean. Please consult the Bulletin for more details. Sociology & Anthropology Department. Take the time to explore what might be right for you. The department offers both a theater & performance studies major and two different options for minoring in theater & performance studies. Students seeking a degree or academic programs related to environmental sustainability may be interested in the following programs offered at Georgetown. 3,400+ . Areas of study that lead to lucrative career opportunities attract many students. With 43 majors, 55 minors, and seven certificates available, students can create their own custom educational experience. College and NHS minors open to SFS students. Accessibility at Georgetown 2023 Georgetown University School of . Our interdisciplinary program looks comprehensively at aginga demographically inevitable processand prepares students for emerging careers by shifting the conversation surrounding aging populations. No courses may double-count between a major and a minor. Students should consult the curricular dean responsible for their major for details on thisprocess of major substitution. The faculty chair of the appropriate field committee must endorse the modifications. *These minors are by application only. Students who complete an interdisciplinary major are not required to complete a minor. Final approval rests with the Academic Policy Committee. African American Studies examines the experiences and contributions of people of the African diaspora in the United States and globally. Students in Georgetown College may major, major with a minor, double major, double major with a minor, or major in one field with two minors. If you are interested in this option, please speak with your advising dean. In all majors, students customize their program of study by selecting courses in fields related to their areas of interest. The Misty Dailey Awards . Majors & Minors. P. 202-687-0100, Graduate School of Arts & Sciences, School of Nursing, Georgetown College, Walsh School of Foreign Service, Georgetown College, Graduate School of Arts & Sciences, Walsh School of Foreign Service, Master's in Science in Addiction Policy and Practice, Adult Gerontology Acute Care Nurse Practitioner Program (MS in Nursing), Graduate Certificate in Advanced Biomedical Sciences, Certificate in Applied Ophthalmic Personnel Training, Certificate in Artificial Intelligence Management. College students may earn a certificate in a regional study offered through the School of Foreign Service. Welcome to Undergraduate Physics at Georgetown! The M.A. A corollary major may be considered as a second major for the student, provided that the student earns another major that is not designated as corollary. Professor of the Practice (Marketing and Business Analytics) and Senior Associate Dean of MBA Programs Karthik Easwar Associate Teaching Professor and Faculty Director for the Business Scholars Program in the MSB Ronald Goodstein Associate Professor Rebecca Hamilton After completion of core courses, students study the application of these tools of economic study to a range of contemporary economic problems. The pursuit of any other combination of multiple majors and/or minors is not permitted. We also offer an interdisciplinary program that allows you to create your . In addition to coursework in each of the fundamental areas of Chemistry/Biochemistry, our majors have abundant opportunities to participate in undergraduate research.

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