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(29) Just up from the Cultural Centre youll find the hand-carved healing totem pole, topped with its striking Raven. Get useful up-to-date news on Yukon events and activities, customized to your interests. 6. They wanted it built as fast as possible to defend the state through an invasion of Alaska. La Cara offers straight-up Mexican food opposite eye-popping neon art. Thank you. It showcases hand-crafted jewelry and accessories, an upscale cheese boutique, and a yarn store, among others. According to, the monthly cost of living in Winnipeg for a single person is$1,170 and the cost of living for a family of four (excluding rent) is $4,180.06. Bounded by the 60th parallel in the south, the Beaufort Sea in the north, Alaska to the west and the Northwest Territories to the east, it covers an area of 482,443 km, an area slightly larger than California but with a population of just over 42,000, far short of the 39 million elbowing for space in Cali. All with different cultures who, by law, must be consulted for any proposed changes in the city. READ THIS: Unique Places to Stay in Whitehorse. Have you been? It was the only way between the two cities as the highway was only opened in the early 1980s. Thankfully I was partnered with another solo traveller, Maureen, who was a keen canoer and eager to steer. French is the main language spoken in the province, and also in Quebec City. , serving Elk Roulade, Duck Breast, Alaskan Sockeye Salmon and, of course, Bison Bolognese. But opting out of some of these cookies may affect your browsing experience. The Whitehorse Star is the daily newspaper based out of Whitehorse. (25) The Wayfarer is a kinda upmarket, fancy place to eat in Whitehorse. Your email address will not be published. The Port Arthur team lost in the Stanley Cup finals to these guys from Ottawa. Sudbury Fun Facts - Tourism Sudbury Whitehorse started off as a transportation hub during the Klondike Gold Rush in 1898. Canoeing is one of the absolute BEST things to do in Whitehorse! Not a good time to eat them. I eagerly scanned the riverbanks for any wildlife. From a museum filled with innovative modes of transportation to an entire forest made up of international signposts, the Yukon is filled with historical sites that cant be missed. Ive been to Whitehorse three times always on the way to grand outdoor adventures. 3. Its incredible to see just how big they are. It is the largest city in northern Canada. Dress warm, bring binoculars and head about 30 minutes outside Whitehorse to the. Many screenings at ALFF were not packed, meaning last-minute decisions on movies were doable, rarely the case at those big-city festivals. 10. My great uncle Archabald Hall was from Whitehorse. Although Montreal is one the world's five largest French-speaking cities, most residents are bilingual. Yep. Our Wilderness City isnt so much that anymore. Also worth a morning or midday visit is. Come in July, like me, and youll be treated to the Midnight Sun 23 hours of daylight permeating your window blinds. There are 4 distinct seasons, though, with temperatures ranging from 33C in summer (average is 25C) to -25C (average is -10C). It is estimated there are twice as many moose as people in Yukon, Some 80 per cent of visitation to Yukon happens in summer, Most popular summer activities include paddling, hiking, mountain biking, and hiking, Germans comprise the largest contingent of international visitors; a direct flight from Frankfurt to Whitehorse, a.k.a. You can really live up here, and breathe the fresh air and feel the sun on your face. In Whitehorse only 8.4 % of the population is over 65, less than the national average. Somehow Id managed to score an exit seat. If you enter be prepared to paddle 18 hours a day. Performance cookies are used to understand and analyze the key performance indexes of the website which helps in delivering a better user experience for the visitors. The Carcross Desert is affectionately known as the smallest in the world @Lea I visited the Wildlife Preserve when I visited last March. Opened in its current incarnation in 2004, the sprawling outdoor space is home to multiple species including moose, bison, lynx, elk, caribou, arctic fox, mule deer and muskox, most visible to visitors who can book guided hop-on, hop-off tours, hike, or travel via rented kick-sleds. Great food though! terry wogan pancreatic cancer; does vaseline in nose affect covid test; what is the opposite of contract in science; what attracts a pisces man to a taurus woman It sits inside the relatively swank Edgewater Hotel. Just not as feasible). Whitehorse is on the Peel River, which has a history of gold mining. A handful of restaurants dominate the core, among them, offering seafood sourced from the Yukon, Alaska, and B.C., as well as locally sourced meats, and game-centric. Turns out Whitehorse is the biggest city in the Yukon, home to over 27,000 people ( of the population of the Yukon). @Billie The Northern Lights would be wonderful to see over Whitehorse. Look for migrating chinook salmon through an underwater window. Its diversity includes French immersion programs and French schools and it has a strong Filipino community, amongst others. @Donna I was in the city for a few days in March 2016 and thought it to be quite delightful.Thanks for taking the time to comment. Whitehorse, Capital of Yukon. Close to 80 per cent remains pristine wilderness. If youre bored or hungry in Whitehorse, youre not trying, even in winter. Because of its location in the valley of the Yukon River, it is relatively mild compared to communities like Yellowknife. (accessed March 4, 2023). @Darlene I hear that comment over and over again from people that have left Whitehorse. I have read and agree to the terms & conditions, Copyright 2023 VickyFlipFlopTravels | Bamboo on Trellis Framework by Mediavine, (26) Welcome to my humble habereno, so said the sign above the door. Whitehorses current mayor is Dan Curtis; he took office on December 10th, 2016. @Susan I think hearing the stories directly from the First Nations people and understanding what each symbol stands for lends so much more to the experience. I really loved my time in Whitehorse, and the Yukon in general. "Whitehorse, Capital of Yukon." Id read that Yukoners liked to live outside of Whitehorse City to get away from the hustle and bustle. But isnt the Yukon Gold Panning Championships in Dawson City? I like to think of myself as both, and so got stuck in to the Whitehorse activities ASAP with my two days in the city. Anyways, I think you need to add this to your list and up it to 27 facts, . @Yuky Actually have been 4 times and this post was written a while ago. [Yukon] is a land rich with dramatic mountain vistas, wild rivers, and crystal-clear lakes. Whitehorse City Council. 30 Interesting Facts About Whitehorse | Isolated Traveller Home - City of Whitehorse Cloud cover can conceal the magnificent hues, which appear because of disturbances in the magnetosphere caused by the solar wind. Previously it was Dawson City. In short: it was brilliant! Whitehorse is the capital of the Yukon Territory. There are 85 kilometres of cross-country ski trails five minutes from downtown. Did hikebiketravel girl actually visit whitehorse or just wiz by on her bike? I went to the Dawson City Music Festival thanks to Destination Canada and Travel Yukon. Whitehorse is located just off the Alaska Highway, on the Yukon River about 105 kilometers (65 miles) north of the British Columbia border. Author of, Get travel tips & outdoor inspiration by signing up for our monthly newsletter. (If youre new to Airbnb,get 25 off your first stay!). Functional cookies help to perform certain functionalities like sharing the content of the website on social media platforms, collect feedbacks, and other third-party features. Now you can visit the historic castle yourself. They always give the best deals, the strongest customer service and after 8 years of travel as my job, theyre the ones Ive found to be the absolute market leaders. 26 Fun & Interesting Facts About Whitehorse | Hike Bike Travel Whitehorse has three sister cities Juneau, Alaska; Ushiku, Japan and Lancieux, France. Well, it helps fish (salmon in this case) to travel upstream and to direct them where to go. Booking.comI love Its currently being built out by the fish ladder. There are a lot of things people dont know about the Yukon. Its also the gateway to the Arctic Ocean. Rib AND salmon. Tomato ketchup was used as medicine for 16 years. The Miles Canyon withcliffs made of basalt and covered with strange lichenis a destination for hikers with a trail system in place. Yukon Facts | Travel Yukon - Yukon, Canada | Official Tourism Website If youre interesting in joining the best thing to do in Whitehorse (IMHO) then check out my post all about my canoeing trip. Everything I mentioned can be found on Google. In other words, it never gets dark! Fun Facts: 9 Things You Might Not Know About Quebec City 26 Fun & Interesting Facts About Whitehorse | Hike Bike Travel For a great orientation of Whitehorse when you arrive Id recommend (4) joining a tour with Who What Where Tours. [13] Though the word "hippopotamus" means "river horse," a hippo is actually more closely related to the pig than the horse. Kwanlin Dun First Nation is a mix-match of various local natives that prefer to live in Whitehorse rather than their traditional lands. When my husband and I were visiting our son last fall, we toured the beautiful Kwanlin Dun Cultural Centre and were able to see a totem pole being created by a First Nations group. The median after-tax salary is $3,568, which is enough to cover living expenses for 2.1 months. Covering 1,000 miles (1,600 km) between Whitehorse, Yukon and Fairbanks, Alaska during the depths of winter, the Yukon Quest is known for excellence in canine care and fostering the traditions of northern travel by dog sled, its site notes. Glassblowing? Whitehorses strong coffee and craft beer culture the city boasts five breweries! @Katrina Glad you mentioned them. There are around 70,000 moose in the territory and about 40,000 people. Every summer, canoers and kayakers race through the rapids of the Yukon River Quest. 1. Glad you enjoyed a piece of heaven. Experience nature of course! (19) In Whitehorse you can actually WALK from the airport to town. Robert Service, a very famous poet, wrote one of his best known poems the cremation of Sam McGee in the Yukon ( I believe Dawson but could be wrong) and referenced being on the marge of lake Laberge, which is a lake about 40 minutes outside of Whitehorse. The White Pass doesnt go to Whitehorse it stops at Carcross which is about one hour and a half outside of Whitehorse. Great list of facts and fun items related to Whitehorse. Your email address will not be published. , excellent for morning and midday meals. The record low temperature in Whitehorse was -52.2 C set on January 31, 1947. Which is a surprisingly exciting place to be. HeyMondo offer 24/7 worldwide assistance with travel cancellation and interruption cover. And in 1911, they officially started calling it Whitehorse.. I Really Like Dis Article, I Hope To Go To Uconn Some Day! Think you know all there is to know about the United States? This cookie is set by GDPR Cookie Consent plugin. The record high temperature in Whitehorse was 34.4 C set on June 14, 1969. The capital of Yukon and largest city in northern Canada (population around 32,000) may be notoriously cold and dark in winter, and endlessly day-lit in summer. All you need to know about your next epic vacation destination. I got it for free. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. gathers a diverse and approachable group of artists and sculptors from across Canada to lead guests through the process of creating beautiful (sometimes wonky) objects made of multicoloured glass heated in ovens at 1,200 degrees. Its also one of the top Whitehorse attractions on the big list. fun facts about whitehorse Whitehorse, the capital city of the Yukon Territory of Canada, is a major northern hub. . Whitehorse's name was also changed from White Horse to Whitehorse. It is a decommissioned DC3 (registration CF-CPY) on a swivel and faces into the wind, just like all aircraft. Miles Canyon - Yukon Territory Information Buy Now! Hoping to get some information. This cookie is set by GDPR Cookie Consent plugin. 12 of 15 A Horse's Resting Respiratory Rate Is About 8-14 Breaths per Minute Alina Solovyova-Vincent / Getty Images It's important to know the resting pulse and respiration rate of your horse. 11 cool things to know about Charlottetown as the city turns 163 You dont know what you have missed out!! Whitehorse Fishway on the Yukon River at the Whitehorse dam is the longest wooden fish ladder in the world at 366 meters (1,200 feet) long. It's actually closer to Anchorage in Alaska, a mere 700 miles away and 13.5 hour drive west. The animal-roaming areas are open-air and very large, though sometimes surrounded by electrified fencing to keep out would-be predators seeking a free meal. Whitehorse apartments is a beautiful complex located on the famous Route 66. NetflightsAfter Skyscanner I go and check Netflights to see what they come up with. A note on the dark winters, we are going into our 42nd winter the cold is not bad since it is dry here and everything is white with snow so quite bright over all. History, Fun Facts & FAQs about Victoria BC |Tourism Victoria Whitehorses average high temperature in July is 21C (70F), and it has an average low temperature of -19C (-2.6F).

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