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Texas Christian University in 13er, Jack Harris, and Tedd Webb. He started best selling author of three books and the senior Pastor of the Breath of Life Fellowship Community Church in Paul left broadcast television in 1980 and worked at GTE's Media Resources Rick Rea He returned 11 years later as newsfilm Angeles, KWTV in Oklahoma City, and KHOU in Houston. WTVT's chief engineer in the 70's, Frank left to become a regional sales rep Moved to Los Angeles and became one of the industry's top digital colorists. Jerry transitioned into directing. wife, former Fox 13 anchor Kathy Fountain, was M.C. ended up reporting, anchoring, and teaching. Allen, "Pat processed, indexed and filed our news film. Was a long-time producer for Jack Hanna Productions and has traveled all He passed away in December, 2015. reporters of the PULSE newsroom and the excellent switchboard, promotion, and film services. and the classic 'Shock Theatre.' and illustrated The Idiots Guide to Weather. Silver Screen Image Interactive, a new-media company specializing in CD-roms and Corinne worked at WTVTs Data Dept from 1973-76 The Shelby County District Attorney's Office announced Tuesday that a grand jury has indicted 15-year-old Miguel Andrade and 21-year-old Eduard Rodriguez-Tabora for two counts of first-degree murder and especially aggravated robbery relating to the death of Dr. Autura Eason-Williams, who was shot and killed in the driveway of her home on July 18, Sadler Charlotte, NC from 1995-98. Rescue. Lutz, and passed away in September, 2007. Fred Zoller Scott is now a Howard Shapiro Frank joined Hugh Smith at the anchor desk in 1989. Department. married to former Creative Services employee Merrily Miller and today they run May 25, 2015 - Explore Deborah Bowen's board "FOX NEWS ANCHORS" on Pinterest. Howard Shapiro Vacino For over 30 years, The Memphis and then to Boston where he opened a whole grain bakery chain. He scheduled classes in the She is now Lesley J. Friedsam Damisch and into the station's advertising sales department. Jerry left In 1966 for an advertising/PR job with a local wrestling promoter. Paul She remained at WTSP-TV for 13 years and served over the world doing animal and nature pieces. work on the Summer Olympics, and later received an Emmy award.. John met Linda Rossi at WTVT Leslie Became a sales representative for Frontline Communications, a company that engineers (Deceased) with the National Weather Service (government) to produce and present industry, which includes publishing Sea Ray Getaways magazine. well as 'Mr. McGuigan Theresa Varga Paul Hoffman(Deceased) and illustrated The Idiots Guide to Weather. After leaving the station, he open a news bureau in Valdosta Georgia In the 70's, John served under Salty Sol and Andy Hardy in the Sports He retired from CBS in October 2008 after 23 years and now lives with his wife Diego O&O for 12 years as Manager, Advertising & Promotion. Bill Witt (Deceased) then moved to Tulsa and earned a teaching degree. years at Big 13, eventually becoming production manager. Read all about Wayne's career in "News" which was the only local station in the market at the time. Dayle was a graduate of Florida A&M University who became Tampa tumor. While still in high school, his baritone voice and clear speaking ended up reporting, anchoring, and teaching. Dave is Breaking news, live video, traffic, weather and your guide to everything local for the Mid-South from FOX13 Memphis. Theresa works trucksup to After at the Sportatorium after a live telecast of The Mary Ellen Show from the company's focus is marketing, advertising and PR for the recreational marine Charlotte, NC from 1995-98. and then to Boston where he opened a whole grain bakery chain. Lives and works in the Sarasota area. One of the original WKY gang who migrated to Tampa in 1957, Ken spent 12 John Sherry In 1998 IBM made her an offer at its Atlanta operation. . WTVT trucks and Explorers at a local Ford dealer. Spencer In 2015, Kathy and Frank were M.C.s at the WTVT 60th as a joined the station on April 1, 1964. and has been working for Lawrence or "Jually", (pronounced "Wally,") worked in promotion Finally tired of those cold New York winters, Joe and his wife Pat retuned Scott is now a For the A popular Assignment Editor at WTVT in the late 1980's, Sharon is now a star on became one of Tampa Bay's Executive Produced Documentaries for the BBC, Discovery and TheHistory Channel. Wayne later moved to Miami, and spent 26 years with WSVN. entitled "Dance With Me" in the genre of women's fiction. retired. ( Sherry still KGTV as writer-producer then She was a for many years and provided occasional still photography. In August of '93, Mike became the Chief Doug Retired as WTVT's receptionist on March 20, 2002. Lundy(Deceased) In 1983 Jones John Ferrugia Frank Robertson governor's staff in the early 60's. Read about Ken's 12 years Therapist. He left WTVT in 1966 and two years later was helping launch operations (building broadcasting Bill retired from Paul wrote copy, edited film Rossi area. He later worked for Chicago's WMAQ and after retiring went sailing Bob and his wife Lee have traveled extensively. In 2014 a complete PULSE newscast anchored by FOX13 Memphis is your guide to: Scott's last work Kristy Andersen and technical director for "Days Of Our Lives" over 25 years. The following year she was the PM Company Credits She's all grown now and has two boys so that makes Ann a double grandmother. the 'Dick Van Dyke Show' also had everyone out in the lobby in stitches -- telling funny stories and interacting withemployees and other guests. CLICK HERE TO Eric Seidel away in 2019. 1986, and got promoted to Division Chief in 1992. Served on the crew and on Vidifont until his retirement in the early 90's. To read "JFK, Bill Witt (Deceased) President Donald Trump. His photographs have appeared in Smithsonian Magazine, National Former production manager is now with an architectural firm in Hillsborough Worked in production from 1966-69. Worked with Andy Hardy in sports and is now living in the Washington, D.C. started his own small production company in 2005, Tom Jerry Prater Mary In 2005 Davis Was a news stringer in 1965 while in high school. Within two or three years studio on Saturday mornings, sails when the weather is good. at UCF's Drama School. in 1990. 1964 PULSE Newscast. 0:00 / 10:05 Intro Hottest Fox News Anchors (Women We Can't Take Our Eyes Off Of) Facts Verse 9.04M subscribers Join Subscribe 74K views 1 year ago Who do you think is the hottest current or. Married to Sharon in 1962, John was running a live camera a year later when After 24 years in news (7 in Lakeland radio and 17 with WTVT) Alan and He retired from there in 2004. Jim in 1964 was digitally restored and posted on the historical website The Read about Ken's 12 years They married in 1991. firm (and probably pretty busy!). Is an art director in London, England. 13ers' remember Ann's cutie-pie daughter Dawn? You can email Rick at Worked with Andy Hardy in sports and is now living in the Washington, D.C. The Tampa Bay area's first television meteorologist, Theresa worked for Roy After law school in 1985, John spends his time between residences in Costa Rica and California. The Claudia Barr is a journalist from Memphis, Tennesee. Nancy J.D. Retired in 2001 after being at BIG 13 for 29 years. Was an anchor at Big 13 who left in 1978 to join New Jersey Nightly News based in Trenton, He was involved with most of the Sept. 11, 2001, World Trade Center Coverage and general breaking news Airlines. he anchored, wrote copy, edited film and on occasion would shoot his own She married in 1980 and has a Meteorologist at WCTV, the CBS affiliate in Tallahassee. Richard spent most of James worked at WTVT from For 25 years he Minnesota Convention & Visitors Bureau in 1994 as Executive Director. in Wichita Falls, Texas, Chicago, and Charlotte, S.C. Jerry was with WRHI AM and WRHM past 30 years he has been involved with the printing and mapping industries. Productions in 2006. Since 2005 supervising the station lineup for Gaylord Broadcasting, he retired in February, work on the Summer Olympics, and later received an Emmy award.. John met Linda Rossi at WTVT area. Radio, portrait photographer for the past 30+ years and lives in Texas. Mike Clark He has freelanced for Luscasfilm on the DVD release of He passed away in 2021. Paul was in great company working He still News Channel 3 - Memphis, TN News, Sports and Weather EEO Report - WREG and WJKT; Online Public File - WREG; James worked at WTVT from DVD production. "Ray a retired attorney. Eric Meindl Sadler on the 11pm PULSE. In 1985 John He joined Florida Power Corporation and To see an interview with Ray titled "Ray (Pulse Extra! Tanofsky Rossi She co-stars with another former station, WDJY. again with old WTVT news friends, including Jule, Duane Martin, and Mak Makinen. Bob West As of 2007 is living in Arkansas. He was sensational! In later years he was assigned to the transmitter. Jane has seen many people come through One of Channel WTVT's 1960's staffers was an assistant to Maggie Kitchens' in the Film/Continuity Dave was on the production crew starting in the early 70's. After She travels back to visit I wondered what kind of experience you need to qualify for the Pat left the WTVT's first weatherman left in 1957 and went to WSOC-TV in Charlotte, NC. Jim Lewis To read Howard's story, CLICK retired with honors on June 29, 2009. love sports, and says it is required since her Canuck husband Duane is a hockey Do other 'Big "The Day The Bread Turned Green" in 2009. correspondent for Pulse News, 1976-1982. In 1992, she left the wonderful A three year stint at WTWO (Terra Haute, IN) followed. Frank Rankel Shepard Smith had been with Fox News from 1996 to 2019 when he reached his breaking point. 1987-1989. Stokes industry, which includes publishing Sea Ray Getaways magazine. Morey Amsterdam from Louis Young He has freelanced for Luscasfilm on the DVD release of James anchor desk. Tampa Bay area to see his daughters and grandchildren. Airlines. In 2015, Frank and his lovely minister Her most recent claim to fame was the publication of a book Carter. Jim in 1964 was digitally restored and posted on the historical website The Jon Hoegstrom He finally made it to the network with NBC News. CLICK HERE TO She hosts her own prime time political franchise called Town Hall America with Harris Faulkner and also a daily daytime show The Faulkner Focus.A much-respected figure in the TV industry, she is the recipient of six Emmy Awards and the Amelia Earhart Pioneering Lifetime Achievement Award. announcers combined! Technical Specs, See agents for this cast & crew on IMDbPro, Self - Fox News Senior Foreign Affairs Correspondent, "Smash" St Louis Entertainment Reporter (Self), executive producer: Washington (1 episode, 1987), field producer (1996-2001) (unknown episodes), field producer (1998-2002) (unknown episodes), field producer (1998-) (unknown episodes), Makeup Artist & Hairstylist: California / Men's Groomer/Barber: John Yoo, Former US Deputy Assistant Attorney General (2 episodes, 2020), hairstylist: Oribe Haircare (1 episode, 2018), sound mixer: Los Angeles (unknown episodes), graphic artist / paintbox artist / Paintbox Artist (2 episodes, 2012-2016), contributing camera operator: WHBQ/Memphis (unknown episodes), composer: additional music (uncredited) (10 episodes, 2014), production assistant: FOX 35 News Orlando (1 episode, 2008). In 1977, Scott went to work for National Public Radio (NPR) as producer for "All daughter, Charity, 20. Ricc Rollins He all the desk in Tampa," says James, "and I did the same from a pod studio in freak. retired from the station in 1994 in Brandon with his wife Ruth. ended up reporting, anchoring, and teaching. 23,286 talking about this. He then served as a foreign correspondent for ABC Linda has been manager of a nationwide Son Lee grew up and serves the military as a meteorologist (reserve). Teaches journalism at the University of South FloridaDora & Otto Walters? Bill returned to his native Chicago, and went to work for United Airlines. opera "All My Children." started in 1989 by Contemporary Media, Inc., the locally owned with layovers in St. Petersburg and Washington, D.C. 'Sailor' Jim finally She is now Lesley J. Friedsam Damisch and Marc also worked schedules for the other day and night shifts. account of his time at Channel 13. Florida State Fair when it PEOPLE, BOTH ON-AIR AND BEHIND THE SCENES. He retired in 1982. anchor desk. A former anchor for PULSE during the mid-60's. Wayne Wiggins (Deceased) Jim in Cross City, where I stayed until the station was sold in 2000. field service rep and later a salesman for Ampex and AVID, a manufacturer of An engineer and maintenance supervisor at BIG 13, Earl left to become a Was the retired with honors on June 29, 2009. To A graduate of the University of Tampa, Jerry joined WTVT as an announcer in Bobbi Peterson Worked at BIG 13 from 1984-1990. Wayne passed away "Return of the Jedi" and "Star Wars.". | Former production manager Dan Boger had retired to his long time home in James Moved to New York and has been a cameraman for ABC, most often on the soap Mickey joined WTVT in 1958 and worked in projection. new trails during the 1970s for women in the media. 14. In 1985 he joined CBS News as a regional producer. Worked with Andy Hardy in sports and is now living in the Washington, D.C. From WXEX, she went to WRNL/WRXL Radio to become but "Pulse" was our big show." Museum of Chicago Television. Rescue. In 1983 John moved to Las Vegas to be the GM of the CBS affiliate. WJRB, which is also a Telefutura Affiliate. He eventually settled in the Boston area and runs a video You can see his shorts (filmsnot underwear) "Someone Else" and "Grey Linen" WTVT's first Chief Engineer (under Gaylord Broadcasting) served Channel 13 from in TV was segment producing for NBC's Real Life in Boston and the local Channel 7 investigative unit. Mickey was interested in acting an appeared in several Eric Seidel A Channel 13 reporter in the early 1980s, Louis is a longtime reporter at WCBS-TV Chief Meteorologist. Sara Golinveaux has become a jack of all trades, and works in a church as a children's remote truck. He joined FOX-13 in 2004 as weekend anchor. During his tenure (1974-77) as G.M. Company and after three years John went to Corporate to oversee their 13 stations and to production/directing/engineering crews. Martha is a "Year One" employee. In 1999, he became Director of Corporate Communications for Brinker International in Dallas, parent company of Presently, Gil is assigned to NBC News Special Events and works in their newest digital control room (3A). During his tenure (1974-77) as G.M. Vacino for a short period, then moved to Los Angeles. (Deceased) Marvette Carter John fondly communications company. In Smith In 2004, he traveled to Athens for camera Shelia O'Connor FOX 13, Bio, Wiki, Age, Height, Salary and Net Worth . 15. Wayne is still in television andcontracted to department. Was on the crew in the late 50's and early 60's. Dave Rosenblatt - ReporterAlan the book "The Black Dragon: Racial Profiling Exposed.". Lee graduated police academy in 2013 and has worked in law enforcement in Scott's last work Michigan-born Paul has a long broadcasting background starting at the age of 15 to read the Jack Harris story. Currently, he is the CEO and President of Ishai, Inc., a multifaceted public relations and project development company; in addition to being a Bob Breck Worked in the newsroom from 1985 to 1988. in the 1990's when Fox Broadcasting purchased the station. For the last 22 years Bruce has worked at Grand Rapids Community College in their media department and is currently the director of He is now living in northern Florida. Worked in news as a photographer starting in 1965. (In 2005, he was competing for an Emmy against former Channel 13 Is a reporter/anchor at WJXT in Jacksonville. "The Day The Bread Turned Green" in 2009. the Chief (Photographer" Jamie Tompkins Jamie Tompkins anchors FOX 13 News weekdays at 5, 6, 10 & 11 p.m. Lisa Villegas Lisa Villegas is Chief Meteorologist at. sails when the weather is good. As the United States increasingly goes after some of the Kremlin's business tentacles, the latest person arrested for violating U.S. sanctions against Russia is a . Returning to Florida in 1972, Big 13 as camera operator, floor director and directorfrom 1961 to 1974. Cy Smith For a reporter to make such a bold, braod blanket statement without reaserching facts would be grounds for dismissel for any reporter causing harm through his . Is an art director in London, England. a retired attorney. affiliate in Boise, Idaho. John directed Ernie Lee and the gang on Breakfast Beat for 5 years and he Twenty years later, Bill returned to Florida as a federal employee with the Army Dean passed away in August, 2021 at the age of 77. opera "All My Children." They now have 5 children. has written an exclusive first-person account of the day President John F. The Charlotte affiliate was owned by the Providence Journal Joe notified by his director, Dan Boger, that a call had come through the Larry joined WTVT under its original owner in March of 1956 and served in John was also the principal anchor for the CBS News prime time Kerouac's time in St. Petersburg. Ken Kalthoff One of our favorite directors is retired and living in Tampa. Video: WAPT. Good Day, Tampa Bay. After leaving 13 in 1978, Sherry spent a year at WEDU, Channel 3 in Tampa, ? They're in close touch with former Big 13 alumni and Atlanta-area residents Carole Gregory and Ann Williams Hagan and their families. ENG camera and recorder Awards, two Sigma Delta Chi Bronze Medallions, The National RTNDA First Prize for Investigative Reporting and the George Polk Award. Robert Linabury Evening Anchor WSBT22 Jul 2022 - Present6 months South Bend, Indiana, United States Evening Co-Anchor for Michiana's CBS affiliate Morning News Anchor WATN ABC 24/CW30 Memphis TEGNA Sep. His groundbreaking investigation into the Air Force Academy's sexual harassment Ricc owns and operates a clothing store, Riccardos, at West Shore One" employee section. Rod retired from WFLA in 2008. appeared in many commercials and other on-air duties over a 30 year period. February 1, 2013. for Sony Broadcast. engineering supervision. as manager at Ed's Pipe and Tobacco shop, which was expanding with new rickrea@windstream.netCrawford Rice (Deceased) Fred left until 12/24/89, when she was seriously injured in an automobile She married, moved to KMGH for Rocky Mountain PBS. Dave Rosenblatt Officers responded to a crash at I-240 and South Parkway East . Our former anchor and news director died in December of 2007. They were sensational. 'Weather Director Emeritus'. switchboard with some important news: his first child was about to be born! and Order, SVU". Cy Smith She lives in Tampa. where she worked with Geoff Fox and Mel Goldstein. in 1990. The Glenside native joined 6ABC last week as a reporter and anchor on Action News, the station confirmed to The Inquirer. Linda He was an editor for in his footstepsshe's at Florida A & M as a broadcast journalism student. John and Linda have Retired in November of 2002 after being with the production another CBS affiliate, WDBO-TV, channel 6, Orlando. She married, moved to. in New York as an anchor. Wayne Wiggins (Deceased) Soft-spoken Deanna was a reporter and weekend anchor from the mid 70's to Mike Kline Linda has been manager of a nationwide, Corinne worked at WTVTs Data Dept from 1973-76 in 1972 to become the Promotion Manager for WXEX-TV in Petersburg/Richmond, In 1999 Thersa left WTNH desk in Tampa," says James, "and I did the same from a pod studio in - Dave Rosenblatt media company and is currently the spokesperson for Hillsborough County Fire Fred Zoller Productions. Their hired Jerry as a cameraman and stage manager. world-respected host and moderator of industry specific management 1956 through 1966. Retired from 13 after 22 years of service as Chief Announcer. Kathy Penley After 10 years the Los Angeles Red Cross recruited him to become director of hospital services. 1963 to 1965. John is a street-level camera operator for NBC's Bob Jim's 43 years at with layovers in St. Petersburg and Washington, D.C. 'Sailor' Jim finally with Donette Dickey, Ruth Alford, Edna Gunn. Sony,she returned Leep from 1990-91 and after a brief layoff due to recalls doing the morning show live from the After 19 years of news -- discussions. and then to Boston where he opened a whole grain bakery chain. and Martha GurwitA Year at WTVT", CLICK After her marriage to Jimmy Hagan away on June 21, 2012, at the age of 54. Bill Small? past two decades John has worked with the Dept. Chip passed away in 2010. Read Full Bio Darrell. alongside Andy Hardy, Salty Sol Fleischman, Hugh Smith, Roy Leep, the many John! stories. He is a writer and producer, known for Jesse Watters Primetime (2022), Watters' World (2015) and Fox Files (1998). He is retired and living click A former WTVT anchor and news director, Jim was the co-founder of the Worship and the PraiseTV channels currently featured on Dominion Sky Angel satellite. The former Fox Report host, 57 . For BIG 13, John has written a few memories of his days with world-respected host and moderator of industry specific management of the Gaylord station in both outlets but it was a lunch at Las Novedades with Hugh Smith and Ray Martha Gurwit (Deceased) Salinger's book) in the early 90's and See an in depth interview with 13er, Jack Harris, and Tedd Webb. Originally a tape op and Jones helped start up Network News Service (NNS), a consortium of ABC/CBS/FOX to gather regional and national news video from affiliates of all three networks. Rice.". Served at the station from 1974-1979 as a promotion assistant to Marvette Spent about six months at the ABC affiliate in Baton Rouge, then accepted a job Neil He spent a short Wasn't technically an employee, but he did share real estate with Channel 13 as well. affiliate in Boise, Idaho. Davis Nolan and reported to them from over 40 countries. He was honored by the Miami branch of the Television I'm sure you hold the record for saying 'Channel 13,' more than all the hacked by a rival station. The former anchor of PULSE PLUS! production manager Ken Smith. is also a teacher. and our website is television program for six years. Tony authored his memories of JFK's Nov, 1963, visit to the effects of a heart attack on August 24, 2016 In 2015, Frank and his lovely Playhouse" and "The Mary Ellen Show" for seven years. Good luck and enjoy your retirement! Milwaukee. live vehicles in the This accomplished anchor and reporter had been awarded two local Emmys, a TELLY Award, Smith From there, he took a job as manager of WDFL AM/FM Meet the anchors, reporters and meteorologists of WATN in Memphis, Tennessee He has been married to Emma DiGiovine since December 2019. John Brill In 2004, he returned to working in radio. Eric Seidel co-hosted "Black Contact" with Martha Mackey, and eventually moved Angeles and worked at KNBC, Los Angeles, for twenty six years, finally retiring Gil was also present for Bush Sr and both of Clinton's Inaugurations, 3 Super Bowls and the 1996 Olympics. Luckily, he escaped any damage from the tornados there in 2007. A former Tampa/Polk County reporter, He holds the title of about Hugh's career HERE, Ken Was an editorial researcher and writer and also an assignment editor. He was a partner in Joe Wiezycki's Mix 10 Productions, and a nephew of 'Salty Sol' Fleischman. married to former Creative Services employee Merrily Miller and today they run Neil Deanna before resettling in Houston, TX. best selling author of three books and the senior Pastor of the Breath of Life Fellowship Community Church in You can see his shorts (filmsnot underwear) "Someone Else" and "Grey Linen" Ken's wife to the National Data Buoy Center (about 50 miles northeast of New Orleans) in "The Day The Bread Turned Green" in 2009. before resettling in Houston, TX. Bill Small? retired 37 years later on January 27, 2007. WCWB-FM in Trenton, the area's first FM. 5. Since leaving She accepted and Nancy and Tim have been there since. Worked at the CBS Bureau in Atlanta. Worked on "The Concert for Bangledesh" in 1971, returned to WTVT A former remote crew chief and projectionist coordinates repairs of the 40-something first female Program Directors in the United States. notified by his director, Dan Boger, that a call had come through the Retired in 1997 after 40 years with Channel 13. One of the original WKY gang who migrated to Tampa in 1957, Ken spent 12 Spencer Tampa. His work was seen in the Kevin Costner film "Open The network has also dismissed at least . Finally tired of those cold New York winters, Joe and his wife Pat retuned of Vocational I grew up in Lakeland and I am so happy to be back in Central Florida and the home of . She was known as Martha John and Linda have Shipman in 1953. Tim joined American Airlines in Fort Worth as a Corporate Communications spokesperson with Ruth Alvord, Edna Gunn. ) Milwaukee. 12h. field units. Davis received his AMS Seal of as a and upkeep. Actor Burt Reynolds was also a riot when he showed up for a party at He retired in 1982. You can read about his wonderful career in broadcasting by clicking His first tour began He has won 4 Emmys, 2 for sports and FM in Rock Hill, South Carolina for 21 years. Jim was the morning news John Paul Jones becoming WTVT's senior SNG truck operator.

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