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. Paddy Padfoot I leave you all my Dad journal from childhood to his auror days. And due to Death being a troll the annoying blonde menace, aka Namikaze Minato, will not leave him be due to some mistake belief that he's lonely and needs some company. The author might also explore different aspects of the characters that havent been shown in canon. Fuck trolls and Draco fucks a very affeminate Harry, tip: buffy gen teen AND "no archive warnings apply", Choose Not To Use Archive Warnings, Underage, Graphic Depictions Of Violence, Major Character Death, Underage, Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings (14), Harry Potter/Original Male Character(s) (3), Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings, Nick Burkhardt & Rosalee Calvert & Monroe (Grimm), Hermione Granger & Harry Potter & Ron Weasley, Sean Renard is also a simp but he keeps it a secret, Those new tags that are included are after that one, Eventual Beauxbatons Student Harry Potter, Marge Dursley/Petunia Evans Dursley/Harry Potter, Petunia Evans Dursley/Draco Malfoy/Harry Potter, Petrificus Totalus | Full Body-Bind Curse (Harry Potter), Alternate Universe - Jennifer's Body (2009) Fusion, Harry Potter is a Member of the House of Black, Harry Potter is the Heir to the House of Black, The Noble and Most Ancient House of Black, heather comes to a few stupid conclusions, Book 5: Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, Harry Potter & Tom Riddle Attend Hogwarts Together, Non-Traditional Alpha/Beta/Omega Dynamics, Harry Potter and lust of the Wizarding world, Established James Potter/Lily Evans Potter - Relationship, Established Sirius Black/Remus Lupin - Relationship, Established Rowena Ravenclaw/Salazar Slytherin, Harry Potter is the Heir to the House of Peverell, Harry Potter is the Heir to the House of Potter, Harry and Teddy's Happy New life (Harry Potter), Alternate Universe - Harry Potter Setting, Rabastan Lestrange/Rodolphus Lestrange/Harry Potter, Harry lecture/lashes at the wizarding world. You would think the twin sister of Lila Potter, the famed "Girl-Who-Lived", would suffer in her famous sister's shadow as || Kain tried to control his body reaction. Can you imagine the surprise of being reborn as a girl and not only that but his own mother's Damon has been hiding a secret from everyone, a secret only the closest person to him knows. An acquaintance has a solution for the problem but is she really ready for what this entails? In the summer after her Fourth Year and the death of Cedric Diggory, strange things start happening to Heather. Sequel to MMM! Almost kidnapped . with this family come on we all know it would fail! My Hero Academia The slightest hint of magic is snuffed out like a weed in the spring bloom. Marvel I think he is not good enough for you. Story: The Last Peverell is the perfect read for fans of Harry Potter who are looking for a well-crafted tale with intriguing characters and an engaging plot. Both inside and outside the walls rumors spread of a rising dark wizard and war. So when she starts becoming renown, she isn't surprised when a Shinobi shows up in front off her tent. She then saw a letter in the blanks and read it. Canon is treated very loosey-goosey at best and completely and utterly discarded at worst. Their meeting will change everything for them. Magic's Call wasn't something just anybody could hear. Harriet escape the wizarding world after her magical inheritance. Story: Follow Harry as she travels back in time to 1942 and meets Tom Riddle a prefect in his fifth year. Barely a year later, they have Shikamaru. There was nothing at all to stop him from finding the perfect witch to court the way all of his ancestors had. Tom Riddle emerges from the diary Horcrux and starts attending Hogwarts as a student. However, he never could have expected that he would be jobless, sitting on a couch, and watching Muggle TV all day. Here Harry is female and goes by name Selene Rosalie Potter-Black nee Evans. While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. What if destiny was broken? I trust your nation to be quiet. The Eclipse Of Death - FemHarry by avnerno1230 226K 8.7K 23 Harriet Lillian Potter suffered her whole life, she was manipulate and abused by people she trusted. So what happens when two alpha's who follow Tom try to take what isn't theirs? She starts dreaming up a knockout handsome Voldemort, she survives a month without sleep or food, and oh! . And it seems the roughish man, Gwaine returns her feelings. I am a Lady and a royalty. This spellbinding novel is full of suspense, mystery, and magic. She raised the baby as her own, but when Jennette was poisoned the nobles blamed Athanasia. FemHarry explores the Harry Potter universe as if Harry was in fact a female. Aly Potter begins her fourth year at Hogwarts with the summer events weighting on her shoulders. With strong characterization and an engaging plot, this book is sure to please. Bottom Harry. Wizarding Royalty (Harry Potter) Sirius Black is called to fulfill an ancient duty of House Black assigned by Magic itself, and Harry Potter makes a startling discovery on a visit to Gringotts in the summer before his third year. Peter creates a magical kingdom for Harriet to rule. The pureblood leader of Cross Academy. A collection of Plot Bunnies that have either run away to the point I can't catch them, or have been buried underneath the 100+ other rabbits in my head. I also leave you Lilac Castle and my properties in france and 3 vacation house you want. This results in a very different story where Harry is forced to survive on her own and learn how to defend herself from the very beginning. by "That person right there? Kain started unbuttoning his uniform. Don't read this if you're a big stickler for canon. After rescuing Gwaine the roguish man who had helped them in the tavern fight. That's King Lucian, he's quite literally the oldest, most powerful wizard in this room right now," Ron was bouncing slightly in his seat, it reminded Harry of when he saw Victor Krum at the World Cup. With the war looming, will she be strong? 9.5K subscribers. Heavily dives into my own interpretation of Wizarding nobility and the function of the Ancient and Noble Houses, with some elements borrowed from other fics/fanon elements but nothing is explicitly copied, these are my own ideas that carry influences from the rest of fanon. (2023).18 Mountain Cur Puppies For Sale Featured Listings Default Sorting Brady Mountain Cur Marshfield, MO Male, Born on 11/21/2022 - 9 weeks old $300 Candy Mountain Cur Watertown, TN Female, Born on 12/28/2022 . Scaring the fat little boy away from the other child, the dog takes his reward by eating out the now exposed boypussy of Harry. Villains. Alpha Tom Marvolo Riddle and omega Harry James Potter are the power couple every inhabitant of magical Britain looks up to. "I'm hungry. One thing to note is that in fanfiction, it is not necessary for the author to use an existing character as their main protagonist. Responsible-Bar9683 2 days ago. It can be written by fans as a tribute to their favorite books or television series; it can also be written as an alternate version where events happen differently from how they do in canon. I won't submit to anyone. I mean it. Harry is excited to attend his first Yule ball. Rhaegar/FemHarry. Our Character gets a chance at life again and he promises himself to grab the opportunities like never before but uh-uh where or most importantly when is he? She tells him not to trust the wizards and so he leaves for a shrine in Tokyo Japan. "So he doesn't want me in his territory? Bukan Pangeran Kegelapan dengan dendam, bukan Kepala Sekolah dengan ramalan dan tentu saja bukan Keluarga Mafia paling berpengaruh di dunia Dorea adalah seorang Black seperti Potter dan dia tidak akan membiarkan siapa pun berjalan melewatinya! Crossovers Based on s2 of MerlinWhat would've happened if Merlin was a girl? She ran over into the bushes and found the baby in a bundle of blanks. I asume that he is alright about my transfer?" After joini Harriet potter was always neglected by her parents because they think her twin brother Harry Potter is the boy who lived, when in reality the real saviour is Harriet. I know it. I don't own Harry potter it belongs to J.K.Rowling Lockheart is a predator, Female Harry fights acromantulas that attack the school grounds, and I think she eventually tells her . georgeweasley sevressnape femharrypotter +20 more # 13 Holly Potter and the Midlife Crisi. Based on s4 of MerlinWhat would've happened if Merlin was a girl? it's not exactly dysphoria but arthur is struggling with ideas of nature vs nurture re: gender, zooms thru season 1 and starts to rlly diverge from season 2, this is quite a beast of a fic so buckle in for a long read, Arthur Knows About Merlin's Magic (Merlin), Episode: s02e01 The Curse of Cornelius Sigan, Episode: s02e02 The Once and Future Queen, Episode: s03e01 The Tears of Uther Pendragon (Part I), Episode: s03e02 The Tears of Uther Pendragon (Part II), Arthur Knows About Morgana's Magic (Merlin), Alternate Universe - Always a Different Sex. . To my dearest nephew Leone Blaze Malfoy Zabini, accept 30 million galleon, Green manor, 3 town house at your choosing, scholarship to any school, Slytherin right to vote, and a trust fund to be used for food, toys, clothes and things that has 10 million galleon and 20 thousand galleon per month until he reach 17. He absolutely cannot! Dimensional/Time Travel. Thunderstorm is by far the best fanfic that pairs Harry with a female Voldemort, or more precisely female Tom Riddle, of all I've read. Cassy felt her heart pang unpleasantly at that reality. The most common name for Harry in FemHarry stories is Harriet!, Fanfiction.net has over 5000 Female Harry Potter stories written by devoted storytellers!, All female Harry Potter stories must take place in an alternate universe and can never be considered canonical no matter how close they are to the original books by JKR!. Diana sat on her couch, covered in silk and laces. A siren princess left her home in search of her mate that she once met, but was young to even realize it. FemHarry was kidnapped at age fourteen. The Duke of Nuremguard and supposed General of the Dark; a mysterious man of unknown lineage and insurmountable power; he is cold, ruthless, powerful wizard and master strategist. With the shadow of her past following her, Rosella endures trials and tribulations as a girl, a princess, a witch. ----Harry Potter, boy who lived, soon-to-be savior of the wizarding world, was currently on the brink of death by starvation. This erupts into a relationship with Harry accepting the role of a sissy wife. Kain look at the pureblood Princess pout. LGBTQ So I say. This character can also be found burrowing her way into the good graces/heart/mind of one of the Big Three [ Kirk, Spock, and McCoy ], if not all three at once. But the dog won't leave Harry, snatching him from the yard and dragging him to the woods.Sirius Black has been living as his animagus for years, hunting down his godson, his mate, and now that he has found him he will never let him go and plans to take full advantage of their bond and have his way with the toddler. To royalty failure was never an option, so if neither could live while the other survived, then what had to be done about that was really quite simple: 'Lord' Voldemort would have to perish, because Hel refused to. Five extraordinarily skilled MACUSA Aurors with experience fighting dark wizards and wars around the Wizarding Globe join the Original Order of the Phoenix to help defeat Voldemort. Fem!Harry. So why was there a little black-haired, green-eyed woman in front of him in what looked like pyjamas with was that colour-changing, moving wolves? Know that my magic will protect you and your future siblings. But Lady Narcissa Malfoy and Heir Draco Malfoy meet Lady Holly Potter in Madame Malkin's Robes For All Occasion's, and realize she is something far more precious than just t Morgana Potter got betrayed. ", " I want half of the vaults given to the war orphans. Astromelia Lily Potter dej el mundo mgico hace tiempo, ser protegida por tres hombres parece un mal chiste, las cosas son ms interesantes cuando se da cuenta que desea a uno de ello. The minister and his omega husband, the minister that is loved, hated and most of all envied. How one choice could change the course of wizarding history. tip: "uchiha sasuke/uzumaki naruto" angst kudos>10, Graphic Depictions Of Violence, Major Character Death, A Song of Ice and Fire - George R. R. Martin, Jon Snow is Jaehaerys Targaryen - Character, Jon Snow and Female Harry Potter are twins, Rhaegar never annulled his marriage to Elia, Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings, eventual Jon Snow/Daenerys Targaryen - Relationship, Sirius Black/Original Female Character(s), Daemon Targaryen(OC Character)/Lyanna Stark, Daemon Targaryen - Original Targaryen Character, Hermione Granger as Doran & Elia & Oberyn's Sister, Female Harry Potter is not Lily and James' Potter daughter, Gemma Arterton as Hermione Granger (Princess Tamina Style), Hermione Granger & Harry Potter Friendship, Hermione born in August 1980 instead of September 1979, Rhaella Targaryen doesn't have a miscarriage in 263 AC, Rhaella Targaryen gives birth to another Targaryen Prince in 263 AC, The Rebellion still happens but things turn out differently, History tends to repeat itself - or at least some things just happen, Still a wolf and a dragon that sparks the rebellion, Goblin-made Steel is the same as Valyrian Steel, Khal Drogo/Female Harry Potter as Daenerys Targaryen, Background Quentyn Martell/Rhaenys Targaryen, Female Harry Potter as Daenerys Targaryen, Female Harry Potter reborn as Daenerys Targaryen, More Daenerys Targaryen with Harry Potter's memories (and some magic) than Harry as Daenerys, Mix of Book and Show (though more show than books), Part 1 of my series Female Harry Potter as Daenerys Targaryen, Jonerys in the sequel to this story 'The Dragon Queen', Arya and Daenerys' relationship how it should have been, Female Harry Potter as Daenerys Targaryen/Jon Snow, Jon Snow & Arya Stark & Daenerys Targaryen, Harry Potter reborn as Daenerys Targaryen, She gets things done even if her own advisors thinks she's a little mad for her ideas, Part 2 of Female Harry Potter as Daenerys Targaryen series, Daenerys is used to get things done her way, A little reckless Daenerys (because Harry is reckless - and Daenerys herself), Mentions of underage sex (13 years old like book canon), It'll ignore season8 almost completely because it's a total mess, A little Telltale Game (but not really - only Asher), Mix of Book!Jon and Show!Jon (excluding season8), Jon Snow has magic (eventually hell be able to use it). Cedric enters his creature inheritance early at the age of 15 when he catches Harry during the match and struggles to control his vampiric urges during the summer. There's naturally a lot of friction and drama between them because of the forced nature of it. Grandpa knows how to make people wet their pants! Six years have passed, wooden sticks became lethal weapons, brooms became means of escape, and books were precious mines of jeweled intelligence. Ice Cream by Andrius When Harry Met Tom4. So, basically Merlin goes to Camelot, disguised as a dude to try and become a knight. Once Harry is thrust into the Triwizard Tournament alongside Viktor Krum, Fleur Delacour, and Cedric Diggory. ah never mind but if he ever hurt you he'll know why Voldemort is afraid of me. Heroes (Koi No Yokan: Es la sensacin que se tiene cuando, cuando dos personas se conocen, ambos saben que van a enamorarse irremediablemente). The Marauders know that in a time of war, outsiders should not be trusted. In some cases, authors may write fanfiction for practice before writing their own original fiction because there are few professional opportunities available for new writers to learn their craft. Hey there! Minister's son, Fleamont Potter is a bit of a disappointment in that department. Work Search: This is a story I wrote some time ago, and has been published on Fanfiction.net and Wattpad. When Harry Met Tom is an enthralling and imaginative read that whisks you away to a different time and place. She never expected after dying at the age of 16 that she would wake up inside the world of Harry Potter. ", " Take it from Emerys Vault number 35. Almost kidnapped . with this family come on we all know it would fail! If anything is to be said about Nara Shikaku in the Daimy's court, then it's that he was unfazed by the events that brought him to the Fire Country's capital, and made him sit in seiza before the Fire Daimy and the Fire's only princess, Senhime. They were focused on one point, one person. Mindwiped of all memories and trained as a soldier and assassin.clad in a dark uniform, she's now the Shadaloo Doll Agent Iuli. She had a life to remember, Merlyn. Kain tried to hide a grimaced. When itty witty, three year old Harry tries to escape the mean bullying of his cousin by running into the backyard, a giant black dogs becomes his unlikely hero. The Wizarding world is about to discover just how blind they have been. - Daniel J. Boorstin.Choices make change. Short after Jennette was introduce at the debut ball, Athanasia found a baby in the Ruby palace's garden, a FEMALE Harry Potter. Merlyn's mother dies the day she's born. Warnings! Some of the things you can expect from a good female Harry Potter Fanfiction are a well-written story, strong characters, and an interesting plot. If you love Harry Potter and magical adventures, then give one of these fictions a try today. I don't know if you've noticed, but every man you meet turns to look at you. Finding her mate in the arms of another, irk her so much. "Regulus felt a pull on the tethers of his soul. You can experience the Triwizard Tournament like never before with The Videus Charm! "Lady Le Fay the plain will land any minute now." Ongoing. But too soon the two have to break apart, less they both get in trouble. "Of course Hime sama.". A spinoff of my ongoing Merlin rewrite The Forgotten Tale. He'd been at their house for dinner, had food cooked for him by Death. ", Harriet emerald eyes gleam amusedly. The greatest obstacle to discovery is not ignorance - it is the illusion of knowledge. Killing Fenrir in the Final Battle, Hermione returns home to the Realm Eternal, her task completed. Al antiguo trio Ino-Shika-Cho se le da la misin de proteger a una problemtica princesa. I know you care for my birthfather. Minato thought he knew seals - he was good at them, a prodigy; hell, he'd won the Third War with them.So calling on the Shinigami to seal the Kyuubi into his son - well, it was a seal he'd been working on and he'd been trying to figure out how to circumvent calling on Death to make the seal virtually unbreakable, but he hadn't figured it out yet.But, well, calling on Death shouldn't have been the confusing part. Your good in business, used it. Please consider turning it on! Gender swap However, the good stories in fanfiction can be really good. A post war journey of forgiveness & impossible goodbyes. Dearest don't be submissive to him just because you don't have your inheritance. after being killed by vernon in a fit of rage, harry is sent back to 1944. where everything is what it isnt supposed to be. That snapped him out of it and ask who she was and why she called the girl her mother. It was just like before when they were still naive children prancing around with wooden sticks, playing with brooms, and reading books filled with fairy tales. For I shall have no son. Emerald glow into the color of killing curse. If you do use one of these ideas please let me know, I'm curious what others will do with the crazy critters. I don Who made me a princess x fairy tail crossover. Who knows what she's going to find Nara Shikaku/Fem!Harry Potter. While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. What to Expect from Fem Harry Potter Fanfiction, The 8 Best Female Harry Potter Fanfiction Stories, Harry Potter and the Master of Explosives - Fanfiction Audiobook, The 11 Best RWBY Fanfiction Stories You Probably Havent Read, 10 Best Daenerys Targaryen Fanfiction Stories, 11 Best Sasuke x Naruto Fanfiction Stories. With awesome characters and a fast-paced plot, this book is impossible to put down. All rights reserved I do not give permission for this story to be anywhere but Wattpad. This feature-length novel takes readers on an exciting adventure as they follow the story of Master of Death Harriet Potter and her struggle to save magical Europe from inbreeding its way to extinction. So first year .. neh let's speed this along. Harry never expected a handsome and famous author named Akihiko Usami to rescue him from the streets of Japan after his uncle abandoned him there during a business trip. And a King to remember, Arthur. Harriet smiled innocently at him saying "My name is Harriet Potter and Mommy is mommy because she found me in the Ruby palace gardens as a baby, and we haven't stepped foot out side of it once!" The day they failed to killed her she run towards gringgots making a will. Legendary War Mage, the Grand Vizier of the Light stands at the side lines planning and plotting for a final victory against the sinister Dark Sorcerer and his hordes of evil. Es solo un esquema de una idea, que puedo o no escribir.Si alguien ms est interesado en este concepto, solo pido que me avisen para poder leerlo.Ya que est pareja me encanta. A lady of noble birth, the hidden ace of the Light may be their only chance. I care not about them. Was he hallucinating?And how could she not be certain if she was here on behalf of Death? All her life, she had wished to hide and live a normal life but this - this was the opposite of normal. ss ), Arcturus Black III | Sirius Black's Grandfather, Draco Malfoy/Original Female Character(s), Harry Potter/Original Female Character(s), Wizarding World of the United States of America, Hermione Granger & Harry Potter & Ron Weasley, Original Black Family Characters (Harry Potter), Harry Potter is the Heir to the House of Potter, Harry is removed from the care of the Dursley's, Abandoned Work - Unfinished and Discontinued, now updated with a fic outline and link to my notes, Harry Potter and the Traditions of the Magical World, Sirius Black & Remus Lupin & Peter Pettigrew & James Potter, James Potter & Original Female Character(s), Sirius Black & Original Female Character(s), Alice Longbottom & Mary Macdonald & Marlene McKinnon & Dorcas Meadowes & Lily Evans Potter, Lily Evans Potter & Original Female Character(s), Marlene McKinnon & Original Female Character(s), The Noble and Most Ancient House of Black, no focus focus on romantic relationships yet they are children your honor, Gentle Shadows in the Blinding Light ~Samhain~, Godric Gryffindor & Helga Hufflepuff & Rowena Ravenclaw & Salazar Slytherin, Harry Potter & Helena Ravenclaw | The Grey Lady, Original Malfoy Characters (Harry Potter), Noctis Maledictionem - The Prince of Darkness, Romantic Relationships To Be Decided - Freeform, Belphegor (Katekyou Hitman Reborn! A Harry Potter Various x fem! Kain knew that the new Hime will bring too many trouble that would surely give him lots of headache. Fem Harry Potter. Harriet sigh. She said, "I know that Goblin Nation has a main branch in Japan. After being missing for 12 years, Princess Rosella Ravenclaw was presumed dead. They can create their own characters and worlds if they so choose. I know that your mate is rich but please accept it and use it for your childrens future. They both didn't know what a rabbit hole it would become. Published: 2015-10-17. This is not a story based on Hogwarts Legacy or in any way related to it right now. I'm a man! Vampire Princess Harriet Potter - Chapter I - Wattpad Vampire Princess Harriet Potter Fanfiction Harriet escape the wizarding world after her magical inheritance. She's raised in a castle by her noble father. Holly Potter is done, after defeating Voldemort she decides that it's her time and greets death like an old friend, only he has a different idea. A forced alliance places her directly at the centre of the Duke's dark world as she tries to find out the missing piece of a long lost puzzle which can end this war. ), The main character is technically fem!Harry but she's bascially an OC at this point, The Ministry of Magic is Incompetent (Harry Potter), The Ministry of Magic is Corrupt (Harry Potter), Hogwarts Is Slowly Brought Up To Standard, Neville Longbottom & Luna Lovegood & Ginny Weasley, Hermione Granger & Harry Potter & Ginny Weasley & Ron Weasley, MACUSA | Magical Congress of the United States of America, Draco Malfoy & Original Female Character(s), Anya | Anastasia Romanov (Anastasia 1997 & Broadway), Anastasia Nikolaevna Romanova (1901-1918), Canon Divergence - Post-Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, Towards Greatness (Harry potter Wizarding world), Sirius Black I | Phineas Nigellus Black's Brother, Cygnus Black I | Phineas Nigellus Black's Father, An AU from my current AU Parlay in Reverse, Or Hermione inadvertently steals the crown princess' heart, Fleur is not about to be dissuaded from her heart's desires. You and your best friend Draco started school at Hogwarts the most prestigious school of Witchcraft and Wizardry, you get sorted in Slytherin but that is no surprise, but another annoying wizard does too Aemond Targaryen. The party is on her birthday and little FemHarry gets a present she never expected. From there, she would make friendships, find new love, and discover her true destiny in the world. tip: "sherlock (tv)" m/m NOT "sherlock holmes/john watson". M/C'a love interests include; Harry Potter, Cedric Diggory, Luna Lovegood and Hermione Granger. Its an AU of my Au Parlay in Reverse. But, no matter who you asked, magical or not, it would describe it as a war cry. Don't you dare tell me no. If youre looking for something new to read, and maybe engage with a story that is a break from the norm, Female Harry Potter Fanfic is for you. Choose from the list Ragnok will give you. In this creative and witty fan fiction, Harry is female and goes by the name Selene Rosalie Potter-Black nee Evans. A place to remember, Camelot. Harry is rescued by the weasley's (Ron and the twins) and is immediately adopted by their mother who takes him to st Mungos and he sees the real wizarding world. Pandemic took away his life but not his spirit. Medieval Europe has become a boiling cauldron of utter anarchy, doddering dangerously at the precipice of a nuclear implosion as the forces of Darkness and Light clash in battle resulting in a recurring bloodbath. Widening her mouth she bit gently. so to her, death was the only choice. Some may be continued eventually depending on the interest I get (if any), but I wanted to get them out here so please enjoy! His lord reacted violently. Teddy Lupin was aided through life only by his Godfather Harry, finally understands his feelings. Finding her mate in the arms of another, irk her so much. Due to the usual Potter luck Harry is sent to an entirely different Dimension. Ron grinned at Harry and Hermione. WARNING: UNDER REWRITING AND HEAVY EDITING After all no mother would want to be separated from her child. COVER IMAGE CREDIT GOES TO ME. To overcome this 'paradox', she will be reborn in another world: the World of Ice and Fire.

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