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Become an American Ancestors.org member to access this biography and over 40,000 more records in the searchable online database of The Great Migration Begins: Immigrants to N.E. Peter Browne. JOHN SOULE, b. about 1632 (deposed 8 March 1705/6 aged "about seventy-four years" [MD 5:46, citing PLR 7:35]); m. (1) by about 1656 Rebecca Simonson (eldest known child, Rebecca (Soule) Weston, d. Plympton 18November 1732 "in her76th year"), daughter of MOSES SIMONSON [PM 419] ; m. (2) by 1679 Esther (Delano) Samson, daughter of PHILIP DELANO [PM 164] and widow of Samuel Samson [TAG 15:165-67; TG 1:233; MF 3:7]. Until 1820 the presiding elders had been appointed by the bishops and not the preachers. George Soule died shortly before 22 January 1679, when inventory was taken of his estate. 2011. pp. FREEMAN: In the "1633" Plymouth list of freemen, ahead of those admitted on 1 January 1632/3 [PCR 1:4]. He was on various committees, juries, and . William Bradford, James Chilton, Susanna Furner, Mary Chilton, and Francis Cooke, Jane Seymour Fonda (born December 21, 1937) is an American actress, writer, political activist, former fashion model and fitness guru. [10] It would appear all helpers in the press work and distribution of "Perth Assembly" took an oath of silence that was never breached, even after King James I died in 1625. As with any good genealogical research, if you discover a link to your own family tree, consider it a starting point for further research. A presumed son born about 1525, and by naming patterns was probably named Georg, would have married about 1555 perhaps in Brussels, and thus would have been the father of Jan Sol of the 1586 marriage record in London. James Chilton. She married John Peterson by 1665 and had nine children. 2023General Society of Mayflower Descendants. All other George Soules found in England at that period have been satisfactorily eliminated. Mae was born on 9 Apr 1885 and died on 28 Jul 1953 in Sanilac County, Michigan. Plymouth, Massachusetts, before 1626 prob. Plymouth grand jury, 7 March 1642/3, 6 June 1643 [PCR 2:53, 56]. Mercy was born on 11 Nov 1721 in Marshfield, Massachusetts and died on 5 Dec 1808 in Duxbury, Massachusetts. June 14, 2022. famous descendants of george soule . On 20 March 1636/7 he was allowed the hay ground where he got hay the year before [PCR 1:56]. Read more, is descended from Lillian married Lyman Robert Tenniswood in 1906 in Elk Township, Sanilac County, Michigan. About Us | Contact Us | Copyright | Report Inappropriate Material Polly was born about 1773. Read more, is descended from Notable Descendants of early Mayflower passenger George Soule (c1593-1678) who helped to settle Plymouth Colony and Duxbury, Massachusetts . with Gene Briggs 1640-1872 shows John Soule of Marshfield, owner of a 37 ton schooner named "Peggy" and also a 43 ton schooner owned by John Soule and John White of Marshfield. It is known that the only Mary in Plymouth who was then unmarried was Mary Bucket (Buckett). And then on 1 March 1674/5 he was sentenced to be whipped for "lying with an Indian woman," and had to pay a fine in the form of bushels of corn to the Indian woman towards the keeping of her child. Joanna was born about 1683 and died before 8 May 1767. Maries origins are unknown; she died at Duxbury, in December 1676. Lydia married Jacob Ludden on 6 Feb 1805 in Turner, Maine. Rachel married John Cobb on 5 Sep 1688. Home of the descendants of mayflower passenger George Soule [1] He was one of the signers of the Mayflower Compact. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. famous descendants of george soule. Dedicated on August 1, 1889, it is thought to be the world's largest solid granite monument. The Winslow family from which Edward was descended lived in the nearby parish of Kempsey, Co. Worcester, and it is probable that this early neighborhood association explains the apprenticeship of George Soule to the Governor. She and her husband George were grouped with the Warrens in the 1627 Division of Cattle, with Mrs. Warren coming from Hertfordshire, as did Mary Beckett. Read more, Matthew Paige Damon (born October 8, 1970) is an American actor, film producer, philanthropist and screenwriter. 1620-1633 Vols I-III. He married Rose Thorn by 1680 and had five children. Privacy Policy | ContactMe 2010-2023 FamousKin.com. 28 October 1645, 3 March 1645/6, 7 July 1646, 1650, 5 June 1651, 7 June 1653, 7 March 1653/4, 6 June 1654. Allrightsreserved. 1637 in Plymouth George, born ca. famous descendants of george soule. Committee to grand land, 5 May 1640, 4 June 1645 [PCR 1:151, 2:88]. These ships were built in Pembrooke in the years 1782-1788 by a Captain Ichabod Thomas. Sarah was born in 1843 in Ireland and died in 1904. Honor your ancestors with a Pilgrim Quadricentennial Membership -- only available in 2020, 99 - 101 Newbury St. | Boston, MA | 02116, USA, Honor your ancestors with a Pilgrim Quadricentennial Membership, Download a FREE article about finding your, Research conducted by Gary Boyd Roberts, Julie Helen Otto, and Christopher Challender Child for NEHGS publications, including articles appearing in. He received one acre in the 1623 land division as did Marie Bucket. Check out the Mayflower descendants who are as famous as their pilgrim ancestors! 99 - 101 Newbury St. | Boston, MA | 02116, USA, Honor your ancestors with a Pilgrim Quadricentennial Membership, Download a FREE article about finding your. This function, Soule asserted, would be impossible if the presiding elders werte not directly responsible to the bishops. Although his parents were Presbyterians, Joshua in 1797 joined the Methodist Episcopal church and in 1799 at the age of seventeen, was admitted on trial to the New York Conference. The original compact was lost. George Soule (c. 1601 - between 20 September 1677 and 22 January 1679) [1] was a colonist who was one of the indentured servants on the Mayflower and helped establish Plymouth Colony in 1620. Edmund was born about 1654. He had volunteered for the Pequot War of 1637, but Plymouth's troops were not needed. In the Duxbury sections of the 1639, 1658 and29 May 1670 Plymouth Colony lists of freemen. Pierce 26 March 1676 during King Philip's War [Bodge 350]; unm. Ancestor charts showing the family relationships of George Soule (c1601-c1679/1680) to other famous people. Susan married Alex McMillan. On 3 January 1636/7 George Soule and Nathaniel Thomas sued and countersued each other over two heifers [PCR 7:4]. The family tree for George Soule should not be considered exhaustive or authoritative. Read more, is descended from June 14, 2022 long lake, florence county, wi long lake, florence county, wi Lucy married William Alexander Hall, son of Alexander Patrick Hall and Catherine McAuley, on 16 Jan 1889 in Tyre, Austin Township, Sanilac County, Michigan. As with any good genealogical research, if you discover a link to your own family tree, consider it a starting point for further research. Richard Warren, Edward Fuller and Samuel Fuller, Amelia Mary Earhart (born July 24, 1897; disappeared July 2, 1937) was an American aviation pioneer and author. Orpan was born about 1707 and died on 15 Feb 1791 in Marshfield, Massachusetts. To put his youngest daughter to inherit his estate ahead of his eldest son would have been a major humiliation for John Soule. In a codicil dated 20 September 1677, "G[e]orge Soule" indicated that if "my son John Soule" were to disturb "my daughter Patience or her heirs" in the peacable possession of lands he had given her in Middleborough, then "my gift to my son John Soule shall be void" and "my daughter Patience shall have all my lands at Duxburrey and she shall be my sole executrix and enter into my housing lands and meadows at Duxburrow" [MD 2:81-83, citing PCPR 4:1 :50]. Eliza married John Marr on 4 Jul 1878. William married Mary "Polly" on 18 Oct 1796 in Avon Maine (Uppertown). General Notes:William was a quiet man, a farmer and a Christian. Esther was born on 6 Mar 1640 and died on 12 Sep 1735 in Duxbury, Massachusetts. [1] Soule and three others were under 21 years of age, and one of the three had a baptismal record showing he was just 20 years old at the time of signing. Each individual or family entry includes (when known) the port or country of origin; when and on what ship they arrived in New England; the earliest known record of the individual or family; their first and subsequent residences; return trips to their country of origin; marriages, births, and deaths; and other important family relationships. Lydia was born on 5 May 1713 in Duxbury, Massachusetts and died on 11 Nov 1771 in Pembrooke. On 2 November 1640 he was granted "the meadow he desires" at Green's Harbor [PCR 1:165]. Martha was born about 1874. One of the earliest volumes to appear (vol. Elizabeth was born on 22 Apr 1806 in Avon, Maine and died on 4 Aug 1888 in Canada. He returned in 1550 to Brussels but may have spent his last years, until about 1556, in the territory of Preussisch-Holland. Ralph Waldo Emerson Ruth Haskins Hannah Upham Hannah Waite Lydia Sargent Lydia Chipman Hope Howland ELIZABETH TILLEY(an entirely female line, meaning Ralph Waldo Emerson carried the mitochondrial DNA ofMayflowerpassenger Elizabeth Tilley). Mary was born about 1881. RootsWeb is funded and supported by OFFICES: Deputy for Duxbury to Plymouth Colony General Court, 27 September 1642,28 October 1645, 3 March 1645/6, 7 July 1646, 4 June 1650, 5 June 1651, 7 June 1653, 7 March 1653/4, 6 June 1654[PCR 2:46, 3:31, 44, 49, 94, 95, 104, 154, 167]. [9] His apprentice, Edward Raban, apparently fled to Scotland in 1619 in order to avoid being apprehended by agents of the King of England. John married Abigail White, daughter of Daniel White and Abigail Turner, before 1774 in Pembrooke Or Marshfield, Massachusetts. The family is listed in the 1851-52 census of upper Canada, Middlesex County, Westminster Township Ward 3. The 22/May/1627 Division of Cattle includes George Sowle, Mary Sowle and Zakariah Sowle. Read more, is descended from In 1802 he was ordained Deacon, and the following year, Elder. (c1602 - c1679/80)Mayflower passenger 1620. Homer was born on 17 Jan 1869, died in 1939 in Sandusky, Michigan and was buried in Zion Cemetery. Research devoted solely to this person has either not yet taken place or it is currently in progress. Elizabeth married Robert Pafford on 17 Aug 1887. Lyman was born on 27 Oct 1876 in Speaker Twp, Sanilac County, Michigan and died on 21 May 1951 in Speaker Twp, Sanilac County, Michigan-Buried In Elk Cemetery, Peck, Sanilac County, Michigan. Read more, is descended from It also promoted the connectionalism of Methodism, anve to the Methodist polity democratic and stabilizing characteristics. On 1 July 1633 he was granted "mow for a cow near his dwelling house" [PCR 1:15]. William Mullins and his wife, Alice, Priscilla Mullins, John Alden and Thomas Rogers, Zachary David Alexander Efron (born October 18, 1987) is an American actor and singer.

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