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People with Lilith in 3rd may like using really unique catchphrases. People are naturally drawn to Venus and Ascendant conjunct natives, they have a natural beauty and poise without even trying. Saturn - Venus individuals may like drawings / sketches prominently or tattos, Pisces placements tend to have bigger teeth from what Ive noticed. Uranus is an intuitive planet and a random planet. * Juno same sign/house as sun It can also be well-aspected and bring fame, just like I said in the previous point. In a synastry chart, if this asteroid is powerful it can indicate a lot of deceiving. Gemini are often popularized for unusual, fanciful, or dramatic stories in their lives. For example a Cancer mars needs to have all their security and comfortable needs met 100% before fueling up Mars energy. Moon, Mars, Jupiter or Saturn in 3rd, 6th, 9th or 12th house. Capricorn placements love deep things just like Scorpio placements do, they just understand each other. They could have very loud coughs, etc. Explore Tumblr Posts and Blogs tagged as #fame astrology with no restrictions, modern design and the best experience | Tumpik. Jupiter ruling 11th house - Sagittarius and Pisces are both ruled by the planet of luck - Jupiter. And lastly your mercury is your mind, your message. Mercury aspecting Lilith would make someone naturally attracted to the darker side of things and have a detective mind. Sun in 11th house - having Sun here is similar to the stellium. Jupiter in Pisces give of old soul vibes, theyre wise, theyre meant to teach their knowledge. Look for messages from intense environments and more of darker ones too. Air moons could have a hard time giving comfort because they tend to find the logic in everything. They are relax and loving when giving you messages. Marilyn Monroe, Angelina Jolie, Johnny depp, and Billie Eillish have this, Jupiter in 10th/11th house- Jupiter rules abundance and success in astrology. Pisces placements may start to believe they are those rumors themselves. For finding your purpose we must look deeply into Saturn, North Node, South Node, Mercury, 10th and 11th house. (Jupiter dominants) ( Sagittarius & Pisces dominants) Jupiter in Sagittarius & Pisces / Jupiter touching Uranus- Jupiter is comfortable here. One thing about Capricorn placements is that they stay minding their own business and being unbothered. #37117 Narcissus - Vanity and Attractiveness #1862 Apollo - Attractiveness and Worship #3267 Glo - Shine and Glow #408 Fama - Fame #1388 Aphrodite - Sexual Attractiveness #12238 Actor - Abilities in Acting #407 Arachne - Boastful Talent #33154 Talent - Overall Talent #258 Tyche - Good Luck #27 Euterpe - the Muse of Music They usually get brainwashed when they are in loved and could get obsessive. Karmic experiences with friend groups. If the Priapus asteroid touches a womans mars it can indicate she is very desirable and could be seen as sexually desired by most. Aries placements could benefit a lot from taking care of their third eye chakra (They rule the head & just a theory. (The ones who do this for a living or/and big hobby). I think people tend to assume they have their shit together maybe even confident a lot of the times. Sun in aspect to the MC brings fame. Some also like baking! Especially Cancer Venuses they love cuddlinggg I cant stress this enough. Again, you need to study them and check all the aspects etc. Uranus in 1st/ Aquarius Risings/ Uranus Dominants/ Uranus touching the Ascendant / Uranus touching the North Node - We all know there is something unconventional about them. Hit them up for an ego boost Theyre the best. People with Mercury in 8th (Or Scorpio Mercury) tend to hide their secrets & own thought very well. (Real life, not online), Uranus in 3rd individuals could find themselves expressing themselves and thoughts online better. People with Jupiter in 3rd may have an accent or / and speak a different language. Moon likes being in Cancer hence it is very dominant. Your spirit embodies the maiden. do not repost, plagiarize, reword my observations. Taylor Swift, Kim Kardashian and Lady Gaga have this. Venus in Aries may like playing uninterested at times to see if the person is really down for them. (And may not have a lot of friends or there is an ease with friends), Gemini placements may have a habit of not finishing things. Neptune in 3rd / Pisces in 3rd is a psychic placement! Venus in 2nd house - talks more about money than fame, but can bring a huge success. Having a strong 11th house talks about being well-known and popular, so many celebrities have this stellium. (Aquarius dominants / Uranus in 1st / (Perhaps dominants) individuals tend to have had something about them that was usually noticeable and touched on from people. 11th house stellium - 11th house is the house of fame, internet and social groups. Lilith in 11th individuals could have troubling natures on the internet and perhaps more sexual. People with mercury square/ opposition Lilith has an attractive voice but may be misunderstood at times or/and their body language is misunderstood as well. With the Goddess of Venus on their faces, we are drawn in to their loving gazes and we are enthralled by their very being. Ironically, these people are very good at work and details. Spirit in Aquarius: Modernly ruled by Uranus, your spirit is quite different and unpredictable. However, people tend to misunderstand their abilities. Fame Degrees: - You have your M oon in Leo at 29 . Taurus in 3rd (Pisces risings) tend to process information rather slowly but in a stable way and need to take their time on things like work. Nothing stops you. Air placements may like to read things that are separated rather than reading long paragraphs. They may fall into very bad episodes themselves. They may feel as if they have to truly hide who they are in order to feel safe. Jupiter dominants love distributing their knowledge. Also, if you would like to get a chart reading from me, check out my paid services. For example having Anteros in 1st can indicate a lot of people can see how much you guys love each other or/and how you express it. May not completely devote themselves but surely will be a part of their paths to spread wisdom and knowledge about Astrology ( If there is any other indicators). A lot of Astrologers/ Spiritual people tend to have Uranus - North node. Fire placements tend to get a boost of energy and motivation out of nowhere especially Aries placements. Ariana Grande has this. 8th house influence - having a 1st or 11th house ruler or Uranus can bring sudden and unexpected fame. Mercury in scorpio probably makes you seem like more of a scorpio more than any other placement. Women with Lilith in fire signs may attract people (especially feminine figures / women) who try to tone their spontaneous side. angeloracle: " Fame Indicators in Astrology There are many different aspects in the birth chart, that can indicate fame. Their mother may have made them eat very healthily. It is best if it falls in the 4th, 5th, 7th, 11th house. They really reflect on what happened. (Theory, Uranus rules internet). They should learn how to save more or be wiser about money. Sun in succedent house and especially if it is aspecting the MC can brings fame. The smaller the orb, the better. - Taurus, Gemini, Virgo, Aquarius and Pisces Sun/Moon/Mercury are natively inclined towards music more than any other sign. * Moon 1st/2nd/7th/8th They may like to sexualize themselves a lot & feel sexy 24/7. - Jupiter at 5 in the 10th House: t. They tend to have a lot of friends. because why not. - Despite Leos fame for being great actors or being involved in theatrical art, Actors born under the Aries sun tend to master the seventh art more easily and gain more recognition in Hollywood. They know the best accessories, etc. Mercury in Gemini (3rd house) / Mercury in Aquarius (11th house)- Both are great at communication and you would need developed communication skills to excell in Astrology. Having Libra and Pisces in your big three makes you too generous to a fault. They may forget some things, but they never forget what you said on May 3rd 2019 3:10 A.M. Aquarius moons may have an interest in Science. Jupiter uranus gives an interest to gain knowledge in eccentric interests. Or very nice eyes, something is usually remarkable from these people. Taylor Swift, Kim Kardashian and Lady Gaga have this. (They are like home). But also remember your words can back-fire on you a lot making you regret things you have said in the past. (No stereotypes.) They can be distinguished by having the perfect smile or by having crooked or more uniform teeth, giving them a visually pleasing/attractive character. Also, not all celebrities have these, but I am putting the most common and known indicators of fame! People with Mercury in 8th may find it hard to trust their siblings. North Node in 10th or 11th house - north node talks about our destiny. Cancer Venuses & Moon (Overall placements Perhaps) love making promises in relationships, breaking a promise no matter how small it was, will really mess with them. They love protection but project jealousy on them and theyll run away. Also, if you would like to get a chart reading from me, check out my paid services. Ex; Scorpio in 4th= Secretive about family & doesnt wanna be in a vulnerable spot & secretive about how they truly feel and so on. Within yourself, within others. This zodiac sign naturally wants to be the best at what it does. blessed in friends, support, and community: Astrology Notes: Indicators of Fame and Success, Astrology and Marriage Indicators: Composite Chart. Usually there is a catch and tabboo to it. There are many different aspects in the birth chart, that can indicate fame. * Venus conjunct vertex Study yourself, know yourself; know thyself and youll know the universe. Obviously the whole chart matters and if someone has one of these, it doesnt mean that they will be the next Kim Kardashian. However youre always ALERTT and ready to protect anything. Moon in Sagittarius men could have gotten in trouble a lot at school & etc. You are brought down here to be assertive and determined to your goals. Oprah has this. If you have pisces/ libra / aries anywhere Im just gonna assume you fangirl over anime characters. Here is where one can really tap into the realm of which they could end up focusing most on in this lifetime. * Pluto Conjunct the AC/MC Leo placements love protecting their loved ones (Especially Mars) no one touch my babies mess with them Ill kill you having their loyalty is soo lucky. If youre delving into shadow work your mercury could be key in learning your dark side of professionalism maybe youll end up being fraudulent!! Uranus in 1st / Aquarius risings individuals change a lot when it comes to how they express themselves, they may change their aesthetics a lot for example. Yeah thats a Scorpio mercury / Scorpio placement, Moon in Aries individuals hate toxic everything they are definitely not the type to pull with any bullshit.. no second chances that is unless theyre emotionally involved. They may be seen as hard to get but yet appealing to the public. (Becoming Professional). Having Moon in the 4th house makes the native very sensitive and more soft and also secretive with their emotions. Like yall.. Having a gemini moon tells me that when you finally leave your room you tell your parents/ siblings random knowledge no one asked you about and then you leave again. Scorpio Risings / Pluto in 1st: When they find something interesting, they tend to dedicate an immerse amount of passion (maybe even obsession) towards it. Could be good at studying criminal charts & etc. This placement can make you naturally stand out. It harshly aspecting mars could indicate physical & sexual deception. (h22) if the Priapus asteroid touches a womans venus it can indicate a lot of men want to love and be with her in a sensual yet sexy way. Being the mediator a well developed and integrated mercury is incredibly fortunate. Venus in 6th / 6th house placements/ Venus in Virgo love baths / showers and just love the feeling of being clean, some may struggle with routine if they dont feel clean. (Some things just dont spark their interest), Pisces risings have really pretty legs. No matter where Pisces is in your chart, Ive noticed any Pisces placements have really glowy eyes. (Lying about feelings etc). Gemini placements are the type to remember the most random things from very long time ago and are the type to have catchphrases they never stop using or meme references. They like trying new things often and then get bored of it. It fits well with their round head-shape. (Do not repost, plagiarize, reword my work) @hillarysss. They may also have siblings who are considered very attractive. They tend to have a mixed reputation. They go through a lot though, I just wanna say I love you. Libra placements are the type to glam up look pretty but just be at home doing nothing. It could be easy to communicate with them through writing as well. (Overall Air moons / risings). They know value! Pisces placements may find it hard not to fall asleep in any comfortable dreamy place. Many billionaires have this, for example Bill Gates. This isnt to say other mars placements dont have this ability! Side note: (1943) Related to Eros but more mature and older & how you demonstrate love, less about sexual needs. Midheaven ruler in the 2nd or 8th house-this placement naturally brings wealth in astrology. * Juno Conjunct/Trine/Sextile Sun Spirit in Gemini: Ruled by Mercury, your spirit may be a twin that didnt reincarnate (an idea) or a twin flame that may have not reincarnated (general) rare, but possible with the spirit in Gemini & they embody the twins. They are very balanced and loving to their approaches, they dont wanna come off as too harsh, just very balanced. (Check other placements). - Many legends or famous stories/events recreated are usually about Gemini people as the protagonist. Could take the dominant role in the relationship. Sagittarius placements could have gotten thetime out corner a lot when young. Though.. they may over-think things like interactions & what to say.. Socializing can get very tiring for them. (Trine, Sextile, Conjuct) Moon- Venus individuals love beautiful women and they love uplifting women constantly. So if its in the 1st house, it will bring gains and fame to you, as the 1st house represents the self. Could have conflicting emotions and may try to fight themselves on things. In my opinion, Leo Venuses act more Leo like than any other placement. Aries placements go to extra lengths to make sure what they fight for has justice. Example: Tarot Cards). Theyre also subconsciously able to tell if someone doesnt have their best interest. Indicator of an Astrology teacher. In a positive note, they are someone people follow because of their independence. Having no planets in the 3rd house could indicate youre a really good communicator. You were brought here with psychic abilities as well as being empathetic & creative. Messages from your spirit guides are very common in work- heavy areas. They are very fierce and incredible loyal towards you and they have always been protecting you, especially from masculine figures that are bad for you. Moon square uranus individuals tend to have an attitude towards their mothers. Your spirit guides embody the traits of the water bearer. Having the ruler in its own house always makes it very powerful. They tend to have a road to self love. On a positive note.. they always come up with really innovative ideas like wow how did you think about that? If you have an aquarius chiron Im gonna assume you have never found friends that let you be weird. Your spirit embodies the ram. They tend to be very independent in friendships / relationships trust me when I say they dont need anybody. Leo placements literally have cat eyes, some have round eyes, or whatever shape it may be, they tend to intimidate people by their eyes, in my opinion Leo placements have very bright noticeable eyes no matter the color. I have done some research on this degree and it doesnt always mean youll end up evil. How youre potentially going to share who you are and how you do things. (One has interest, the other doesnt). This may surprise people but a lot of Scorpio Venuses do not like jealousy and possessiveness being projected to them in relationships, I believe this is because at their worse Scorpio Venuses can manifest this themselves and they do not need that influence in relationships. Within yourself is most telling of course, youll begin to see the parallels within you reflect onto others. Pisces is wise and it rules this house, native can have natural talent in astrology that is easy-going, could awake something in them. Having a planet tightly conjunct MC could signify success and fame. Many celebrities have this placement, like Rihanna, Angelina Jolie, Ben Affleck, Selena Gomez, Sandra Bullock, Cameron Diaz, Zayn Malik, John Mayer there are countless celebrities with this placement. An exalted planet in any of your charts- An exalted Venus gives beauty and talent in the arts. Scorpio risings have amazing ass intuition and are usually tarot readers. Their intuition is always right about things & people. Or vice versa. Please remind your local Virgo rising that they are beautiful and loved. Example; Midheaven in Sagittarius; Nice butt/ Legs. They also value their privacy and love people who are private themselves. For example a Libra North Node May find themselves interested in some sort of artistic pursuit or relational work or legal work. They always wanna make sure theyre safe and always motivate them to a healthy lifestyle. Since Saturn rules Ink and Venus is Aesthetic. Michael Jackson had 11th house ruler conjunct MC. Easily liked by everyone. Wanna know the impression + slight vibe you give off? MC and Moon conjunct is very indicative of high career success. May have a gossipy family & who has all the tea. . Youre probably scared of even going to the grocery store at times. The ability to trick with seduction. Moon in Gemini individuals may have short- quick witted arguments with their moms, maybe even debates. Especially Leo Venuses are very admired by people! They may have preferences that arent seen asokay by most people. Side Note: Priapus the fertility god with a big erection & physical attraction and recreation. (Observation). - Aquarius sun/rising usually have excellent or bad teeth. Mars in Virgo is the same but they have more of the drive and passion. Astrology could affect their subconscious, making them attached. At worse it could manifest for example as home not looking safe, for example holes in the walls. Beyonc has this placement. One parental figure could be seen as better fitting than the other. Example= Blog made online to rant. Just hit them up whenever, theyre like a best friend to everyone. Because of this there is rumors around their reputation people who wanna try to bring them down, yet it doesnt work.. they have this powerful aura. - All water signs (sun/moon/mercury) tend to attribute qualities of other people or any type of situation/topics that excite them, taking credit for it, and they tend to feel very offended if someone does not have the same opinions about them. T-square configuration. North Node in 10th or 11th house - north node talks about our destiny. Mercury is your mind, and if you follow Hermetic belief you know that the Universe is Mental, learn your mind. MC in Aquarius- can mean youll be the one who sets trends, someone whos different, the innovater. Or youll travel often and have fortune in foreign lands (though 12th house is indicative of this more so) Anyway, your 10th house, regardless of general belief doesnt really mean its your only area of career focus, the 10th house simply means your public self, your attitude toward your profession and your workplace disposition, how you are as a worker if you will. Uranus dominants may be forgetful of little things. Mars- Lilith can indicate loosing virginity young or/and loosing it in a bizare risky way. They redirect you with healthy choices wether its food, relationships, etc. Moon in 8th individuals may experience their mother projecting jealousy on them. Example; Didnt finish a show and started another one. One: The Fame Degrees. Leo placements could play a role for them. Capricorn placements make really attractive models of research because of their body structure. Jupiter in Sagittarius & Pisces individuals and generally Pisces and Sagittarius placement individuals have a luckier time manifesting. Aquarius placements tend to work on building a community for themselves & peace. When looking at your birth chart, look at the degrees your Personal Placements and your MC/10th House (which is what you're known for) are in. Theyve could been made to focus a lot on heavy things rather than having fun. Its hard for someone to truly know whats going on in their thoughts. Moon in Gemini/ Moon in 3rd- This dear placements is logic over heart, they need a constant need to be stimulated while learning. They attract people who wanna push them on a different path very often. Unhealthily, may prefer it over their reality. Scorpio risings have a sparkle in their eyes and they tend to look very piercing, even if its a darker color, Ive noticed their eyes always stand out. rahu in the 10th house (the house of career) will make a person obsessive about rising to a powerful position, and it would make the person create illusions to get to the top. If they develop passion & emotion (Its a water sign), they would do great in Astrology. In the ascendant persona chart which dives in deeper on how you present yourself & identity, look at the rising sign (then some 10th placements + signs). Pisces risings can be somewhat aggressive and possessive when it comes to their own material things & belongings, and somewhat impatient. Kylie Jenner has this. Its commonly found that these people attract people who either love them or hate them. People with Uranus in 4th may have had a mother who was always changing and couldnt rely on her. Mercury in retrograde individuals may struggle putting up boundaries and making themselves clear & why a lot of people tend to walk all over them. People with Mercury in 6th for example may like to write / communicate their thoughts. To theirdesired life. You are brought to berealistic, disciplined, workaholic, organized this lifetime. (Opposition, Square) People with these aspects to Venus-Lilith can be used from others in terms of getting them into relationship just to exploit them. Claidus Ptolemy also has Sun in Leo (Not to mention, Moon in Virgo). Somehow they seem to be in the public eye and to be sources of gossip by third parties. Having a strong 11th house . (Pisces placements love sniffing things). However, unless there is other Astrologer indicators, these people could lack dedication at times. Sun in the 10th/11th house-sun is naturally the house of vibrance, so these placements could make you popular, well liked, well known, or even famous. Well aspected Mercury. (Theory). Uranus in 9th / Aquarius in 9th- Loves to dig in deep to the eccentric, Astrology would be a great route for them. Leo placements throughout their life may attract people who wanna make them seem smaller they know their potential and their worth and want to dim it down for their own benefit. Natives with Pluto in 2nd could be falsely accused of making money in a wrong way or their self worth could be misinterpreted a lot. (Check other placements). ( Libra in 7th). Mars in 4th= Trophies, Awards, Sporty Environment. They help you in every day logical manners such as work & routine. For example moon- pluto can indicate literal harm attempt because of a connection, it should not be glorified. Leo in the 3rd house will make the native get random fame for things they say, example; random tweets / memes popping up. Sun is where we shine the most and when its in this house, we shine in social groups, online and in public setting. Taylor Swift, Kim Kardashian and Lady Gaga have this. social media fame indicators aquarius midheaven gemini midheaven virgo midheaven gemini rising virgo rising jupiter in 3H jupiter in 11H part of fortune in 11H part of fortune in 3H 11H stellium 3H stellium north node in 3H north node in 11H planets at 11 fama asteroid (408) in 3H fama asteroid (408) in 11H The smaller the orb, the better. scorpio placements have a really intense way of communicating so scorpio mercuries may be mistakes for scorpio suns & big three scorpio placements. Your spirit is from a higher intelligence and very playful with their approaches, they love to see you smile and hate to see you upset. (Fun Observation). People with Eros (#433) / Venus / Mars in 9th could find themselves getting into hookups in travel or foreign places. - Libra Venus/Rising are more likely to get lip injections. Planet conjunct Midheaven - Midheaven is another important thing to look at in regards of fame. They usually inspire & may others feel more confident. Also, not all celebrities have these, but I am putting the most common and known indicators of fame! Air sign & Pisces degrees & Sagittarius Degrees- Degrees impact the chart and us in general and how we come off. Kind of like weight training its one step at a time, slowly lifting more weight in order to be able to handle the heavy weight! It can also be well-aspected and bring fame, just like I said in the previous point. They may protect their family at all costs perhaps their mother but look at the whole chart. Anteros is the love your mature in. Uranus dominants / placements may like cosplaying. Anteros in 12th, you may like to spirituality protect your loved ones & help them through karmic cycles etc. Virgo moons may have a had a strict diet since young. I dont even know how to explain like yall look wealthy. Scorpio in 2nd individuals may not like sharing and if they do share things then youre a very special individual. Michael Jackson had 11th house ruler conjunct MC. (h22) If the Priapus asteroid touches a guys Jupiter tightly it can indicate they have a large penis. Leo placements have a big influence and others can see it. (If it it makes sense.. so you can jump to a topic to another more easily than a formal Mars sign post) Thats what Gemini placements like to do for stimulation. Air placements can be the biggest internet trolls in my opinion, they can sometimes (Especially Gemini & Aquarius) argue for no reason online because they get some joy for teasing people. Singers with Mercury/ Lilith could make really addicting music & people may replay their music a lot. Lilith in the 8th house tend to think of sex a lot and are often really horny. having it in pisces, or having the ruler of it aspecting neptune is an indicator of artistic fame. They can be very big homey people who think too much and keep their circle small. They will teach themselves a whole subject if they have to (If they find it interesting enough, they have so many interests). Strong emotions. Your spirit embodies the fishes that swim at opposite directions. Could be the couple that kisses in public and has no shame. They tend to put unrealistic standards on themselves. Why you ask? The messages they sent you are in your face basically. They can be very direct and blunt when giving you messages and they push you to be very practical and realistic. (Early education). But for real yall are the most intense yet passionate lovers . Capricorn mercuries say what they mean & have a power tone to it. Aquarius placements tend to strive on healthy friend groups even if their circle is small there is an aura of being friends with everybody even if you dont really know them. * Juno In aspect to the DC ruler (preferably conjunction/Trine/Sextile) Libra moons are the definition of sweethearts and truly try to keep things peaceful and pleasing and theyre the true suckers for aesthetically pleasing things, they wont tell you this but a lot do wear their hearts on their sleeves. They also tend to be very spiritual. They may specialize in sending you messages in relaxed outdoor settings like a butterfly or a literal bull. People tend to look up to Sun in 11th individuals to cheer them up. Libra/Leo on the 10th or 11th house cusp - these signs make someone popular with people because of their charm. However, theyre very good at hiding some weirder parts of themselves at first. Ive noticed they may have hard time expressing what they truly mean. Saturn in 3rd individuals couldve been restricted in a way during early childhood, maybe parents didnt let them do certain activities other kids did for example. Yall are naturally admired & people close to your circle get good luck. People with Virgo risings / placements tend to have a sense of humor where they make fun of themselves a lot, it doesnt bother them. Scorpio dominants / placements may keep their social media very private. ( Check other placements). On the surface level people might think the relationship wouldnt last & people may assume the relationship is toxic. Astrology can do just that. They are also seen as lucky by others.

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