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For something deliciously salty and fleshy with a fruity aftertaste, try Bouzigues oysters, which are farmed in a saltwater lake called the Etang de Thau. Although the French eat oysters all year round, in winter you simply can't avoid them because they are everywhere. If so, get in touch with now. Our unique culinary tours will take you on gourmet adventures leading you to the best, and most expensive, oysters. Huitres et Saumons de Passy. Today, France produces between 130,000 to 145,000 metric tons of Pacific oysters . During private tours, you can discover the very best places to eat, hidden away, and at the very least for the first time. Utah Beach is said to produce sweet oysters. They are raised in shallow water from 4 to 6 months, producing only two to five oysters per square meter of water, producing a nearly crunchy oyster shell. Go for a Brut (dry), bright, citrusy, non-vintage champagne. Pair them with a Guinness. Marennes-Olron is famous for its La Pousse en Clair variety, which is elevated in low density ponds and shallow waters. There are many oyster varieties to choose from, but the French oyster is the most popular. She is one of the few yachts able to cruise with more than 12 guests onboard and can welcome up to 40 guests for day charters. France is well known for its delicious oysters, which are prized by gourmands around the world. Each year millions of oysters bloom along the coast of Washington, California, Alabama, Maine, and other states in the United States. However, the reigning champion must always be true Champagne from the Champagne region, partly because it is grown in soil which is rich in marine sediments and chalky notes, creating a magnificent mineral, almost saline partnership with the salty oysters. Local producers such as Huitres Arin have fantastic tasting rooms/restaurants with sea views; take in the arresting natural beauty of the Bay of Paimpol as you enjoy a platter of the freshest local oysters, accompanied, of course, with salted Brton butter and bread. Enjoy. Some oysters in particular, known as La Gravette feed on local plankton that lend them a unique, highly-prized flavour. Then, bring the oyster shell to the . Oysters are popular among the French, and there are a variety of ways to enjoy them. A Guide to Oysters. The oyster is a French delicacy that has been popular among kings and peasants for centuries. Born in 1953, Savoy began training to be a chef at the age of 15 and spent the next few years working with chefs around the world. Comptoir Saouf, where a dozen oysters will set you back15.30. France is Europe's leading producer and consumer of cupped oysters. To reach the Saupin standard, oysters must be grown at level 9. There are many reasons why French oysters are the best. But some attain a gorgeous turquoise green hue due to their contact with a bluish-green alga. Though Bluff itself is a little off the beaten track, it's oysters are available across the country, so you should absolutely sail your superyacht to New Zealand Auckland and Queenstown in particular are of to some of the world's best restaurantsoffering this southern island delicacy. Oysters can be eaten raw or, if desired, eaten in warm temperatures, but true oyster lovers prefer to eat them raw. There, their golden flesh firms and the shellfish attain their full wild flavour. Bouzigues may not be able to compete with the above two producers for notoriety, but their name is growing. Delta de l'Ebre, Catalonia, Spain When you think of eating oysters in Europe, you may automatically think of France. Many people believe French oysters are the best in the world, and raw oysters are available at bistros and brasseries across the country. 22 boulevard Veyrier Montagneres, 33120 Arcachon, France. The waters are cold, fresh and salty and contain prawns, langoustine, lobster, mussels, oysters - and fantastic fish. They taste slightly different depending on where they came from: salty and nutty in Normandy, iodiney and delicate and invigorating in Brittany. For one, they are grown in some of the cleanest and most pristine waters in the world. According to Michelin, as a child, Savoy would peek into the pans in the kitchen of his family's restaurant, La Buvette de l'Esplanade, in Bourgoin-Jallieu.. Share. Possibly the most famous oyster of them all are the Speciales Gillardeau, grown by the Gillardeau family near La Rochelle in Western France. Sharpen your elbows, grab your shucker, and join the fray! Tut, tut.). The oyster can be served plain, with a splash of lemon juice, vinegar, or a shallots sauce, or with vinegar and a dash of lemon juice. Allow Necessary Cookies & Continue Mont-St-Michel Bay, located between Normandy and Brittany, is a stunning sight to see. We particularly recommend tables including Le Patio, a Michelin-starred restaurant on Arcachons main beach thats headed be French chef Thierry Renou and features outstandingly fresh oysters and creative regional cuisine, as well as the recently opened Skiff Club in gorgeous Pyla-sur-Mer, with fantastic views over the dunes, remarkable gastronomy from chef Stphane Carrade, and a superb wine list. The fresh ocean taste of an oyster while relaxing on a luxury yacht is hard to beat. This is an occasion where you dont need to fork out hundreds for a bottle of Cristal- and in fact shouldnt, as the complexity of a vintage champagne will only compete and clash with the oysters flavour profile. Rent the finest South of France villas and prestigious properties in St Tropez, Cannes, Cap dAntibes, Villefranche-sur-Mer and Cap Ferrat. The country has a long tradition of oyster farming"L'ostriculture," and eating them, of course. These French oysters are raised in deep waters, then transferred to less salty shallow beds called claires to mature. Aided by the significant tidal difference, the oysters filter plenty of nutrient-rich seawater every day. However, no country in the world can offer a more complete oyster experience than France. Because of their unique flavor and texture, this type of oyster will satisfy even the most ardent oyster lover. Learn about oyster farming practices in each of the 7 oyster farming sites in France (Normandy, North Brittany and South Brittany, Vende, Charente-Maritime, Arcachon, Mediterranean), along with the various methods employed. West Sweden. Limfjord oysters, dubbed "the best oysters in the world," are quite rare. By combining butter and salt, the oyster brine is enhanced and complimented by the richness and creaminess of the butter. Around 164,000 years ago, it was common for humans to consume oysters, which were introduced to Europe by hominids. On your private tour of the region and its noteworthy oyster farms, you can enjoy informal but authentic tastings at local sellers where you can order a few oysters accompanied by a glass of crisp white or try them cooked in apple cider and/or calvados, a local specialty. During your next private, high-luxury tour of Brittany, make sure to spend some time tasting and learning about their fantastic oysters. Cancale, Marennes-Olron, and Arcachondre are three legendary oyster cultivation areas in France. Oyster shells are usually oval or pear-shaped, but will vary widely in form depending on what they attach to. Oysters are typically consumed raw, in part due to their high nutritional value. Virtually anywhere along the French coastline (including the Mediterranean and of course Brittany) delicious French oysters are served, and at a fraction of the cost of those in Paris. The largest city in this region, Bordeaux, is located along the Atlantic coast. Although theyre raised in a few other coastal areas, plates are primarily linked with Brittany. oysters from France are typically served raw with a squeeze of lemon, but they can also be cooked in a variety of ways. Like wine, terroir and variety matters when . France produces over 50% of the worlds oysters, and the majority of these come from the countrys southwest coast. From North to South there are seven distinct growing regions: Normandy, North-Brittany, South-Brittany, West-Central, Marennes-Olron, Arcachon, and the Mediterranean. Cupped oysters come in a variety of sizes and come in a numbered box. The general rule for oysters is the accompanying beverage must be crisp, and it must be dry. The oyster business is taken very seriously by growers, marine biologists, and by French connoisseurs, which is basically everyone in France! There are numerous oysters to choose from in Alabama, but the Cancale oyster is by far the best. The family-run business delivers oysters with a big bold ocean flavour. Enjoying a suite of international oysters with friends in Hong Kong. Best Overall West Coast Oysters: Hog Island Oyster - CA. Why not hire a private boat and embark on a tour of the areas fascinating oyster farms, implanted around the bay and visible at low tide? In Brest, we recommend tasting the areas finest specimens at warmly authentic and lively spots such as LOyster Bar, a recently opened, sprawling space overlooking the Port of Brest and serving enormous platters of shellfish, including the oysters for which the area is renowned. Every coastal community in Brittany produces non-plus ultra oysters. If youre going to eat raw oysters, allow 6 to 8 oysters per person, and 5 if theyre going to be served warm. From Strasbourg to Colmar to Paris. Especially when you can look out and see the sparkling waters the shellfish were plucked from just hours before. The coast of France also offers fantastic oyster experiences. Brest: Distinctive wild harbour oystersThe northwestern harbour city of Brest is lauded for its superb wild oysters, which naturally flourish in the nutrient-rich waters around the area. Although France is normally the first place that springs to mind for the worlds best oysters, the Delta de lEbre, situated between Barcelona and Valencia, it a top contender. Oyster shacks are all over Paris, and Parisians have a lot of love for oysters. Read related: 4 Destinations for Luxury Travellers on the West Coast of France, Read related: Experience Our Luxury French Cheese Tours, Read related: Luxury Tours of Mont Saint-Michel, Normandys Natural Wonder, Protected: West Coast of France: 4 Luxurious Destinations, The Interview : Richard Pfister and the art of Oeno-Perfumery. These varieties typically. Joel Goldberg for The New York Times. If you are enjoying a private vacation or luxury yacht charter in Spain then your superyacht chef should be able to obtain fresh oysters from the Delta de lEbre. If youre looking for a seafood dish that has a French flavor, try French oysters. Oyster Reviews Julie Qiu May 25, 2020 Australia , France , Africa , Brazil , Ireland , Japan , Scotland , Tasmania , international , best oysters , Loch Ryan , Bouzigues , Senpoushi , Fines de Claire , Kelly Galway 31 Comments There is no finer experience than dining on oysters overlooking the Thau lagoon as the sun goes down. When I wasn't working or sleeping, I was hunting for oysters. Oysters Shallots Butter Flour Mushrooms White Wine Cayenne Pepper Salt Breadcrumbs Parmigiano Reggiano WHERE TO EAT THE BEST Oysters Bienville View more 1 Arnaud's New Orleans , United States of America 2 Felix's Restaurant & Oyster Bar New Orleans , United States of America 3 Antoine's Restaurant New Orleans , United States of America 4 You can very rarely go wrong with a Pouilly Fuisse when eating oysters, or a pale, crisp Provencal rose could also be considered. Cancale: La-Pied-de-ChevalAnother variety that seafood aficionados prize is from Cancale, and more specifically an oyster referred to as Le Pied de Cheval (the horses foot). The classics in Paris are oysters from legendary French oyster cultivation areas such as Cancale, Marennes-Olron, and Arcachon. You can even taste them onsite in the areas many informal yet wonderfully authentic cabanes huitres (oyster-tasting cabins), where you might enjoy breathtaking views over the Arcachon Bay, the astrounding Dune Pilat and the Cap Ferret. Small diced red meat radish (about 1 tbsp., with a little for a garnish) Salt, to taste. Olron and Marnenet oyster La Fine (the fine) is a type of oyster that is finished in old salt marshes. With over 2,000 miles of coastline, France is the largest producer of oysters in Europe. These oysters are lauded as being unusually sweet and as having a pleasing, complex texture. There are around 350 oyster farmers in the Arcachon Bassin and they produce 8000 - 10,000 tonnes of Pacific cupped oysters per year. "I had the oysters and the salmon.". Very rich in iodine, these popular oysters are very frequently featured in top shellfish and seafood restaurants around France, but sampling them straight from the source is recommended for ultimate freshness and to witness the artisanal way they are prepared for consumption. Norway. With a shared language of terroir and cru and descriptive terms like crisp, buttery, or fruity, the French appreciation of oysters goes hand in hand with their appreciation of wine. Matunuck Oyster Bar, where a dozen oysters will cost you $24. If you want the best oysters in the world, you must visit the Delta de l'Ebre, which is located between Barcelona and Valencia and is a top contender. "Best oysters in the world" Review of Huitrerie Regis 393 photos Huitrerie Regis 3 rue de Montfaucon, 75006 Paris, France (6th Arr. Sydney Rock Oysters are small and soft and have a distinctive taste although their flavours can differ depending on which location they have come from. Expect some competition, as for the French, getting the best oysters is somewhat of a national sport. by Margaret | Jan 30, 2023 | Popular Seafood Dishes. Finally, another destination in Nouvelle Aquitaine that reserves some of France's best oysters is the town of Marennes-Olron, famous for its "La Pousse en Clair" variety that is elevated in low density conditions and in shallow ponds called "claires". Bretagne produces a wide variety of oysters, many of which are prized by gourmets. He takes the time to appreciate the natural beauty of the region not only because it is rugged on the coastline but also because it is rolling and rural. The arctic temperatures and great depths of the southern waters in New Zealand contribute to the Bluff Oysters' rich and succulent flavours. Hennessey also provides the restaurant with big, meaty seven- to 10-year-old oysters, which chef Andrew Taylor roasts in a thick, Korean-style barbecue sauce. A platter full of oysters, as well as other seafood, is another excellent way to enjoy oysters. Utah Beach, one of the famous D-Day landing beaches and the westernmost of the five, is located on the Cotentin Peninsula. The quality of oysters in Brittany, like those in Aquitaine, is world-renowned. Known as the Royals Royce of oysters, these very fine oysters come at a premium. They have a slightly sweet flavor that is generously filling in their semi-round shell. Best for Beach Cultivated: Hama Hama - WA. The company is based near La Rochelle in western France and the oysters are cultivated over four years following strict rules which have been passed down by four generations. Where to Taste the Best Oysters in Normandy?Normandy is known for its unusual variety of excellent oysters. Keep in mind that the tides here raise and lower the water by about 15 meters. "One of the best oyster bars in Paris!". As coastal Normandy is home to some of the finest oyster beds in France, the region is brimming with raw bars, seafood restaurants and oyster farms that serve these local delicacies in style! The oysters grown in this harbor are some of the most flavorful and juicy youll ever taste. They are difficult to grow and are produced in small quantities, and so they are more expensive. This episode of How We Eat explores the complex history of this beloved bival. Best for Wild Oysters: Glidden Point Oyster Farms - ME. Oysters are grown in seven different regions in France, including Normandy, Brittany, Arcachon, and Aquitaine. mignonette, a tangy condiment made of vinegar and shallots, is typically served with oysters. The larger oysters are used in molluscan dishes such as bouillabaisse, while the smaller ones are used in chowders and Rockefeller oysters. When oysters spawn in the spring and summer, their meat becomes soggy and thin. Restaurants such as La Mare (in Grandcamp-Maisy) are reputed for their excellent, unpretentious and delicious cuisine, including fresh oyster platters. the oyster in France. We always aim to show our VIP clients the secrets of Frances best producers and top culinary talents. Fine de Claire, Spciale de Claire, Belon, Gillardeauyou name it! So if you love seafood, the west coast offers the finest available and is a beautiful spot to come and sample the seafood delights. If youre looking for the best oysters in France, head to Marennes. We and our partners use data for Personalised ads and content, ad and content measurement, audience insights and product development. Some kind of dry white wine or Champagne is generally suggested as an accompaniment. Loch Ryan Ostrea edulis oysters can easily be shipped to anywhere in the Mediterranean but a visit to Loch Ryan would be possible as part of a luxury yacht charter in Scotland or you could vacation like Abramovich and take your own superyacht to Scotland. Because French oysters are grown in France, they are considered to be the best. Use the small fork. Besides, oyster preference is an extremely personal thing, and one that does not always correspond with either fame or price tag. Oyster Rockefeller, a type of oyster that is popular in the United States, is also a native of France. They can be found in the coastal areas of the country, as well as in the rivers and lakes. There are many other deserving candidates further afield, such as in Australia, New Zealand and America, but as we know, the freshness of an oyster is paramount, so this list will concentrate on the best of European oyster growers.). . An American oyster, as opposed to a French oyster, has a distinct brininess. Oyster & Chop, where a dozen bluff oysters costs $54, Picture courtesy of / Farris Noorzali. A shigoku oyster is a suspension-grown oyster that is grown in bags suspended in water that moves with currents. Aged for an average of three years before being harvested, the oysters cultivated in this unique environment benefit from an ideal ecosystem: the relative calm of Bay waters fed by the wild Atlantic ocean on one end, dunes and pine forests on another. The oyster is Frances national dish because it was the countrys invention. Some of the world's best oysters can be found along the stunning coasts of Brittany and Normandy in France. For true oyster lovers, theres really nothing better than tucking into a dozen on the half-shell at a seaside bistro. Like Kelly Galways, Loch Ryans are native oysters of the European variety, and they have been grown by the Wallace family since 1701, when King William II gave the family the rights to harvest the beds. And if the world is your oyster then Galway, on Irelands west coast, is your home. Even though there aren't many of these oysters out . Huitrerie Regis. France produces two types of oysters: the flat oyster (in French known as the hutre plate), a variety native to the region, and the rounded oyster (in French, hutre creuse), which is imported from Japan.Though the flat oyster, also known as Belon, originates here, most of the oysters harvested in Cancale are the rounded style, with the flat-shelled Belon making up approximately 2% of . Oysters have been grown in France for centuries and it was the first country in Europe to begin producing them on a large scale. Due to their unique taste, their longer maturation (up to 6 years), as well as their relative scarcity compared to the Pacific oyster, the native Kelly Galway oysters are prized by connoisseurs and chefs alike. 6. The countrys long coastline and diverse climate provide the perfect conditions for oyster farming. "Always begin by loosening the oyster. Oysters are calibrated from 000 to 6, with the smaller number indicating the larger-sized oyster. Whether true or apocryphal, these are some mighty fine oysters, famed for their tangy, lingering flavour. The famous advertising slogan for Guinness Guinness is good for you rings true in this case, but Murphys or your preferred Irish Stout will be just as good. These oyster are best served raw with the meat being delicate and buttery with the texture of creaminess and rich mineral taste. They are typically served raw, with a squeeze of lemon juice and a drop of Tabasco sauce. These oysters cost a whopping $100 each. It's a French word that you may have heard used with wine. Your private tour might include a visit to the charming town, stopping to discover the secrets of its finest local producers and tasting rooms. The oysters from the glandardeau saucisson are among Frances best oysters, and they rank third among the top three. Bluff Oysters from the southern most tip of New Zealand's South Island are some of the most prolific. Ultimately, the best oysters in Brittany, France are the ones that taste the best to you. Calibre oysters have a tangy flavor that goes well with their succulent flesh. The resulting oysters are silky in texture, with an addictive sweet-salty flavour. Nouvelle AquitaineHeading to Nouvelle Aquitaine and the relaxed seaside town of Bourcfranc le Chapus, you can taste some of Frances most-prized and expensive oysters at Maison Gillardeau, established during the nineteenth century and lauded by gourmets as unusually flavourful, fresh, and aromatic. The oysters are famous for their meaty flesh which supplies an endless ocean of flavours. If youre looking for the best oysters in France, the Gillardeau oysters are an absolute must. Oysters are a popular food in France, and are often eaten raw with a squeeze of lemon juice. It is not uncommon to see oysters shucked in front of you while you eat them (to preserve their flavor), or to serve them on ice. There are numerous other good oyster farms in Europe, but the Delta de lEbre, a region between Barcelona and Valencia, is widely regarded as one of the best in the world. For centuries, oysters have been grown in France, and fishermen work within a rigid production cycle. In particular, the French coast is famous for its oysters, particularly in Bouziques, France. Oyster prices vary significantly from one location to the next. Australia is famed for its Sydney Rock oysters which are found in a variety of locations around the country including - Shark Bay, the Wingan Inlet and the east coast of New South Wales. Six of the best luxury hotels with private yachts, Why this private island in Tanzania should top your travel list in 2023, Why St Barths is the spiritual home of regatta racing, Why Norway should be next on your charter hit list, 7 of the best coastal hikes accessible by boat. Our private tours will unveil a host of secretive, exclusive and authentic places to taste the very best; these are just a couple we recommend in the area. France controls more than 2,000 miles of coastline, featuring some of the finest oyster beds in the world. The oyster industry is rich in history, as can be seen by dipping your toe into the briny waters. Where to Taste the Best Oysters in Aquitaine?Your private oyster-tasting tour in the region may include visits to producers and local gastronomic tables specialised in fresh shellfish paired with excellent wines. Artisanal oyster farmers and superb gastronomic restaurants and bars specialising in the delicacy thrive in Aquitaine, where prestige meets century-long traditions. Additionally, personal preferences will also come into play. Fresh Shipped; Oysters. The Glidden Point oysters in Maine are known as the gold standard, and they are some of the best oysters in the state. Fish and shellfish from West Sweden are some of the best in the world. Learn how your comment data is processed. Despite the fact that oysters are a small but important part of the French culinary culture, they can be quite pricey. Frances most renowned oysters are Speciales Gillardeau, which are produced by the Gillardeau family.

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